“We mess up a lot.”

For those of you fretting over Georgia’s inability to totally dominate a conference opponent from the opening snap, just imagine how you might feel if you were an Alabama fan today.

“I don’t think you really beat the other team when you give up 31 points like we did today,” Nick Saban said.

Poor Nick, having to settle for a 34-point margin in a road conference game.  I don’t know how the man gets out of bed this morning.



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13 responses to ““We mess up a lot.”

  1. Mg4life0331

    I figure you nice we get to 5 or 6 number 1 recruiting classes I will become that anal. Until then, I’m still trying to build confidence in a 21 point lead in the 3rd quarter.


  2. D as in Dawg

    I’m excited to see a sign of weakness from the Tide.


  3. moe pritchett

    Sometimes when I look at Bama I see he Death Star and sometimes I look at their schedule and think “oh it’s just a moon..”
    It’s just my backwoods opinion but so far their schedule appears equally as soft as ours.



    They gave up 31 points. There’s hope after all!


  5. TXBaller

    They’ve played NOBODY!
    Giving up 31 to Arkansas is shameful.
    This mornings talking heads are unanimous, “Alabama is superior in all three phases”…..huh?
    They are beatable!


  6. Jim

    Tua has played even less that Fromm. On the season he has 18 TD passes and 25 incompletions. Unreal


    • AusDawg85

      Tua’s 4th Q stats are terrible though. Hasn’t proved he can win one when everything is on the line. Except that one time….


  7. NCDawgMan

    Tua’s stats, we can pass on them, we just out score them. Ehhhhhh we gotta get out of the of Louisiana, Florida, a homer vs. the “Barn” and the state of Kentucky before WE can answer any of these questions. As I get on in years to my recollection General Sherman was the last to do so. Even he left Augusta alone because a fair Lady he knew was there and he just gave Savannah to Lincoln for a Christmas present cause it was to pretty to burn.
    If you read your history about Sherman he was not exactly sure he could cut and burn his way South till he looked behind him and saw the ashes. If I remember correctly he said “One road, One town, One city”
    The Dawgs are gonna get punched in the mouth with a gauntlet……… I hope the “Dawgs” can give us Atlanta again for Christmas !