Your weekly dose of conventional wisdom

If you had Dan Mullen in the Tony Barnhart Obvious Observation Pool, collect your winnings.

Now that I think about it, a weekly contest to pick Mr. Conventional Wisdom’s top Sunday pearl seems like an obvious blog post topic.


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17 responses to “Your weekly dose of conventional wisdom

  1. Dolly Llama

    Number 2 — Auburn hasn’t been playing nearly up to preseason expectations.


  2. D as in Dawg

    I said that UF was playing above its talent level last night. Then someone pointed out they have the 12th ranked most talented team. Maybe McElwain had them playing so far below their talent level that it appears they are really good this year. Maybe LSU was overrated. I guess we’ll have a lot of answers over the next three weeks.


    • Uglydawg

      LSU got the short end of the stick on at least a few calls by the officials. Game was much closer than the score. What impressed about UF was the intensity of their play. But that was against an LSU offense with very limited capabilities. They will have a hard time covering all of Georgia’s firepower.


  3. Bill Glennon

    #3 “Alabama sure looks like the best team in the country. Is this Saban’s best team in Tuscaloosa? Time will tell. If the Crimson Tide stays healthy, they look like the favorites to win it all. It’s a long season though. Anything can happen.”

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  4. TybeeDawg

    My entry for the new blog post next week:

    What we learned in Week 7
    No. 1 – That 7 – 0 Georgia Bulldog team is pretty good.


  5. Pedro

    #3 every week, Tua = sliced bread


  6. Faltering Memory

    So simple, even a sports columnist can do it.


  7. Down island way

    Capt. tony is in mid season form on the SS OBVIOUS


  8. doofusdawg

    Keep it up Tony you are a dgd.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Stoops is getting far more production out of his players than Mullen is.


  10. D as in Dawg

    What we learned in week 6…

    College Football is played on Saturdays.


  11. Cojones

    Has anyone inquired as to the outcome of “The Gambler’s War” of free car use whenever anyone felt like calling him? You remember, the war with plastic guns frying pan and brain-draining excuses of how they were mixed up with a sports gambler and accepting gifts that hans’t seemed to draw NCAA attention. I mean, they all are back playing on a team that they didn’t practice with before the season, amirite? And I still didn’t catch the case ending concerning Scarlett and a couple other players accused of fraud and who didn’t practice with the FU team all summer and fall.

    I’m intentionally using some hyperbole in hopes of getting an updated response.


    • Cojones

      My FU friend and I watched part of that game together and he remarked about Mullen leading his troops in leaping high in the air with a wild glint in his eye as he demonstrably became a born-again Tebow (last was my description, not his). Sometimes makes you wonder how coaches mostly lie between Paul J and Mullen in comportment when those exciting games are on the line unless they take something to quieten down the nerves. Or maybe something to kick it up to Tebow territory when leading in the troops after hearing the Chosen One’s speech in the locker room.

      They had all better get on “Speedo” in two or three weeks before shit comes down the chute on their butts.