Aaron Murray hasn’t forgotten the 2013 Auburn game.

Or, more particularly, the lack of defensive support he got in that game.

He’s entitled to complain.  (h/t)


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43 responses to “Aaron Murray hasn’t forgotten the 2013 Auburn game.

  1. gastr1

    And then you came right back down the field and almost took it back anyway, Aaron, and they roughed you at the end and got away with it. I remember that too. What a DGD you were.

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  2. David K

    If the LSU receivers could catch there would’ve been a whole new chapter to 3rd and Grantham.

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  3. One Buckhead dawg

    Given the topic of that cow town…. is anyone else enjoying their implosion as much as I am? I hope they go 6-6 and end up in Birmingham bowl or whatever bowl game is in Montgomery….. all while Gus is cashing those big checks.

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  4. Huntindawg

    I’ll always remember that game. My 8 year old (at the time) son ran up the stairs so upset and yelled “Todd Grantham belongs in the TRASH CAN of bad defensive coordinators!”

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  5. Bright Idea

    While on a sentimental journey with Aaron Murray…. does it seem every time Hubert Owens calls our game it becomes bastardized?

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    • Minnesota Dawg

      Hubert Owens and crew like to turn all the games that he calls into showcases for referees. Happens every time.


      • Mayor

        Absolutely right! Now that Penn Wagers is gone Hubert Owens is the worst ref in the SEC, plus his crew is a flag-happy bunch–I suspect because he sets the tone himself. Time to retire him too.


  6. Anyone catch Grantham walking off the field spewing F bombs? Dude cannot control his emotions .


    • DT

      I did. What a perfect fit he is for that swamp. I hope we give him the choke guesture all afternoon.

      Did anybody notice the gator kick the ball into the stands after the pick 6 that sealed it? Wasn’t the one that ran it in, next guy down there picks it up and sent it all the way to 37f. unbelievable. All I could think about was our “celebration” against LSU… still fuming….


  7. Derek

    If only we’d had a couple of guys in position to make the play…

    Blaming that play on anything but Trigga and JHC is just ridiculous.

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  8. HiAltDawg

    Lol, what would Murray and Stafford’s legacies be if they demanded to play Safety the last series of every 4th qtr on their respective watches? Probably a couple rings here and there


  9. Go Dawgs!

    In fairness, that’s not the FULL story of that play, Aaron.


    • Granthams replacement

      Amen. After that play I was ready for a coaching change. Best play trigga tre ever made for awburn.


  10. We stunk on both sides early in that game. The comeback led by #11 and #3 almost became a part of Georgia lore (Grantham’s defense played well in the comeback before you know …).

    Penn Wagers, you still suck.


  11. Greg

    “Fields is still learning the game, but, man, the physical tools he’s got are ridiculous. That overthrow to Stanley was a perfect example of both; with more experience, he nails that bad boy.”

    Thought Fields made a good decision on that play (penalty) to take a shot downfield…..nothing to lose. He has a helluva arm


  12. Macallanlover

    Putting some pressure on a QB in every passing situation is a must. Maybe not an all our blitz, but at least get in their eye. Looking at the Dobbs Hail Mary and the last play of the title game as examples where we let QBs stand uncontested and step into the throws, especially the Dobbs play. Prevent defense issues are especially a time to being some heat (if you insist in a prevent defense at all.)


    • stoopnagle

      As a died-hard Houston Oilers fan, “prevent defense” are trigger words. Thanks for the warning.


      • Macallanlover

        That was a memory to be forgotten. You sometimes see the huge momentum comebacks in CFB, but rarely in the NFL. You will get over it…in your next life….maybe.


  13. JCDawg83

    I wish Murray would have kept his opinion to himself until after our game with Florida.


  14. W Cobb Dawg

    To be fair, it was CTG’s defense that stepped up in Jax when AM threw 3 first half INTs and appeared to be doing all he could to blow the game.

    AM seems to have issues with our former DCs. One would think he’d be much harder on our former OL coaches.


  15. Macallanlover

    And Auburn didn’t win that game, UGA lost it.


  16. CB

    Lost in all of this discussion is that Murray was apparently pulling for Florida to win?


  17. CB

    Also, not sure how much an extra rusher really helps against Nick Marshall, if Georgia has faced a faster qb this century I can’t think of who it would be.


  18. Minnesota Dawg

    And that’s coming from a QB who well understands what the offense prefers to face in those situations. No rush, loose zone where everyone is trying to avoid getting beat.

    Hail Mary by UT was another fine example of what the 3 man rush gives you….All day for receivers to run down the field, and all day for QB to wait…scan the field, get a running start, and lob the perfect jump ball.


  19. AM is a DGD but he blocked me on twitter for simply replying to him picking Miss (or was it Miss St) last year against the Dawgs and I simply said “How could you do this??”….. blocked. That’s soy juice in the veins right there.


  20. DoubleDawg1318

    I hate hate hate prevent D. It burned us there (although they could have easily knocked the ball down, and R. Drew was held so so so bad on that play) and against Dobbs.