“I understand how much these kids have been through.”

Jesus H. Christ on a bicycle, is there nobody at the University of Maryland with the sense of decency to tell this self-centered ass to STFU?

“I’ve been on trips for 20 years. I’ll be on trips for another 20 years, hopefully,” he said. “They could have used me. I’m still undefeated when I’m on the sidelines. But I refuse to be selfish. I’ll do whatever it takes to support Maryland. If I can support them by not being there, I’ll not be there. It’s all about the players, it’s all about the coaches, it’s all about my Terps.”

I don’t know how much money he gives the school, but it can’t be enough to excuse this garbage.


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15 responses to ““I understand how much these kids have been through.”

  1. tbia

    How long until a competing attorney uses his just part of God’s plan line against him in court?


  2. Walt

    They’re undefeated when he’s on the sidelines. Does this jackass realky think his presence at the game makes one freaking iota of difference?


    • 904Dawg

      Obviously it does! I mean you can’t argue with stats like that. /s

      I’m sure this guy is a real pleasure to be around… I guarantee you that he’s the smartest person he’s ever met. Every time he feels the need to throw up in the media it just reeks of narcissism. I feel bad for his family. That is if they still talk to him and haven’t disowned the jackass yet.


    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc.


  3. Gaskilldawg

    The team could have used having him on the plane? If his presence at the game was so important to Maryland’s chances at winning why the hell didn’t he pay for his own flight to the game?


  4. MGW

    “I’m sorry if anyone misunderstood what I said and got offended.”


  5. NT1

    Maybe this is Maryland’s business…


    • Dolly Llama

      Do what? We talk about other schools’ business all the time, and they talk about ours. If it wasn’t for talking about other schools on one level or another, this blog wouldn’t exist.


    • The Dawg abides

      I though you checked out last week. Ass.


  6. Doug

    “They could have used me”? For what, as an additional mouth to hoover up canapés in the skybox?

    Man, some people have unbelievably out-of-whack perceptions of their own value add. Someone needs to tell this guy that if he ain’t hittin’ or coachin’, he’s just extra weight.


  7. ASEF

    Players come and go, but this dude, HE’S Maryland football. The fans are cheering for him. Maryland football reflects his greatness. His money makes Maryland football possible. Those fans, they’re in that stadium to appreciate his greatness.

    And then one of the dumb-ass players had to keel over and distract everyone from what was going to be a breakout year for him?


    • 904Dawg

      The audacity! What was that kid thinking? He obviously forgot about the most important person in the whole Maryland football universe when he was rude enough to work his ass off to the point of death.

      It’s people like this jackass booster that make me wish it was legal to just go up and sucker punch someone when they’re clearly being a complete ass. This guy would also deserve to be kicked when he was down. He just really pisses me off…


  8. Go Dawgs!

    “I’m still undefeated when I’m on the sidelines.”

    Well, brother, I think I just learned that you haven’t been to very many Maryland games on the sidelines in the past decade. Also, you have nothing to do with how Maryland’s team performs. Nothing. You neither play nor coach in the game.