SEC Power Poll, Week Six


It may have been another wacky week, but it’s clear that the SEC East is gaining ground on the West.  Florida’s win over LSU marked a sweep by an East team of its cross-division games to go along with Kentucky’s split with the West.

That being said, I’m not sure it’s ever been harder to put together an order between the top two and the bottom three.

  1. Alabama.  The Tide is averaging​​ 9.8 yards per play when Tua Tagovailoa is playing quarterback.  I ask you, is that fair?
  2. Georgia.  The pessimism in certain quarters over a team that’s started back-to-back seasons 6-0 and is currently running a points differential of almost 30 a game is precious.
  3. Florida.  Believe me, I didn’t want to place the Gators this high.  But any team you pick for the third spot has warts.
  4. LSU.  I’m not sure why anyone should be surprised that mediocre quarterback play will only take the Tigers so far.
  5. Mississippi State.  The zen of accepting that Nick Fitzgerald isn’t a passing quarterback.
  6. Auburn.  Auburn’s gone three straight games rushing for under 100 yards, as the glow of the Washington win grows ever dimmer.  Oh, in case you’re wondering, Gus’ buyout as of December 1 is over $32 million.
  7. Texas A&M.  No big wins, but no bad losses, either.
  8. Kentucky.  Kentucky didn’t run a play in Texas A&M territory until overtime.
  9. South Carolina.  The ‘Cocks ain’t pretty, but they do show a measure of resilience.  I guess they’ll find that reassuring over the winter.
  10. Missouri.  A decent team wins that game against South Carolina.
  11. Mississippi.  The Rebels are minus-84 points in two conference games and +41 overall in six.  These guys sure can pound a cupcake.
  12. Vanderbilt.  Well-coached and a little ornery, the ‘Dores just don’t have the talent to be competitive week in and week out in the SEC.
  13. Tennessee.  I’ll be damned if I’m giving the Vols a bye week bounce.
  14. Arkansas.  Nick Saban may claim that you don’t beat a team that scores 31 points, but what do you say about an SEC team that gives up 65?


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29 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week Six

  1. Biggus Rickus

    I’d put Kentucky third based solely on results so far, but everyone in that middle group is basically the same team..

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    • I felt worse about ranking UK at eight than I did about Florida at three, to tell you the truth, but the offense was so bad at TAMU that I can’t help but think it’s a harbinger of things to come. The ‘Cats passing game is really flawed and Wilson looks like he’s regressing.

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  2. JasonC

    That 3 spot is really tough to call, but I think your flat our wrong about Miss St at 5 and Kentucky at 8.
    1. Both teams have solid defenses, a good ground game and no passing game.
    2. Kentucky solidly beat Miss St.
    3. I know this was an up week for Miss St and a down week for Kentucky, but Kentucky lost in overtime to a pretty decent A&M team. Miss St beat a struggling Auburn team. I’d still have the ‘Cats a peg higher even though this is a power poll and not resume ranking.
    I guess we’ll know more around Halloween after A&M plays Miss St and Auburn.


  3. gastr1

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen ties in the power poll before, but Auburn, MSU, UK, and Texas A&M should all be tied for #5, IMO.


  4. Macallanlover

    Mizzou wins without the torrential rain storm, imo. But you are right, not a lot of distinction in 4-5 of these teams so it will continue to shuffle as we move along. I would put LSU above, basically a one point differential on the road but FU is moving up a little in everyone’s estimation.


    • gastr1

      Well, and as teams change over the season, you’re exactly right. Would UK dominate UF if they played this week? I bet not. UK’s in unfamiliar territory, now being a team that can’t sneak up on anyone. That alone will test them.


  5. ASEF

    Kentucky lost their left tackle before TAMU, right? Anyone know when they get him back?


  6. ChiliDawg

    I think Kentucky should be ahead of both Miss State AND Auburn. I’d even make the case they should be ahead of LSU. Playing really good defense with questionable offense. Which team am I talking about? Could be any of the four. But one of those teams is 5-1 and has beaten two of the teams ranked ahead of it. The others have not.


  7. ChiliDawg

    Texas A&M
    Miss State
    South Carolina

    Believe that’s about how I’d rank ’em this week.


  8. The other Doug

    I love that Malzahn extension. Jimmy Sexton will negotiate the buyout in a year or two and find those morons their next coach.


  9. Uglydawg

    We need to get a DNA sample on Tua. I think he’s human, but so far his performance and skills say, “Superhuman”.
    Sooner or later, he’s going to have an off day.
    My take on Alabama is that they are a great offense, operating on the cushioned road of a defense that gets them the ball a lot.
    But Arkansas did score over thirty on them. That’s a “tell” and Nicky knows it.
    They are almost undoubtedly going to win the West..
    This young Georgia team, if it manages to win the East, will be trouble for Alabama’s defense, which will not have seen the likes of Georgia’s offense.
    And Georgia’s defense will pressure Tua to be every bit as great as he’s been against weaker opponents. Georgia’s defensive backs are going to play ‘Bama’s receiver’s tighter than Tua is used to seeing. Georgia has the defensive tools to at least make him sweat a little. That may be all it takes.


  10. HiAltDawg

    Wow! The elbow grease involved in polishing the turd that is kentucky, smh. Benny “the greatest Herschel Walker, ever” Snell can’t rush for a hundy on 28 carries vs a bad socar run defense. No passing attack. Josh Allen could play on any other team – – a rarity for them and everyone is getting hurt (just like every year), now. I know they usually lose out after becoming bowl eligible but this year is different! Can we just give them UCF’s made up title now?