Charity case

Taken as a whole, this may be the most pathetic justification offered for a powerhouse program to play FCS cupcake games I’ve ever read, especially given that it’s coming from a blog for a school where the head coach just blasted the students for leaving games early.


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  1. Heathbar09

    Why can’t both sides be right?

    I too, am tired of the FCS blowout games that aren’t fun to watch and simply take up space in a schedule. It’d be nice to get see Tiger Stadium/Baton Rouge more than once every 12 years.

    But the author makes some a very salient point about taking your family to a game. I know plenty of families who moved here from outside the South and always wanted to show their kids an SEC environment. Nearly all of then went to a cupcake game simply because of cost. Now, those kids are all wearing red hats with a “G” on them.

    As a diehard fan, I want all cupcake games gone, but I understand the argument for keeping 1-2 of them a year.


    • KornDawg

      We always chose one of the cupcakes games to bring my daughter because leaving early wouldn’t be a problem. So they are good for that. Her attention span has grown, so she can handle full games now. That being said, I’d love to go to a 9 game SEC schedule.


    • Comin' Down The Track

      That really isn’t an SEC environment though, is it? It’s a family-friendly day at the park with red clothes.


    • The cupcakes are valid for no other reason than those stated in his opening paragraphs. The walk-ons, tier three players, and their families and friends deserve the chance to experience being on the field. Yes, it’s more exciting for the fans, both in stadium and TV watchers, to see top notch competition but stop and consider others for a change. I’m in favor of keeping cupcakes for no other reason than that.


  2. A 9-game SEC schedule plus a Power 5 OOC game (or 2) still leaves 1 or 2 slots for a cupcake or 2.

    I don’t like paying for the cupcakes, but I understand why they’re necessary. If the university would relax the parking and tailgating restrictions for one of those games per year, I think they would find they would be popular.


  3. Russ

    Sure, play a cupcake game. Heck, play two. But no need for three cupcakes in a season.

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  4. TN Dawg

    Cupcake games are fine.

    I would not be in favor of removing Tech from our schedule.