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A tale of two passers

CFB Film Room tries to be fair with this:

The problem comes when you take a second glance.

It’s only fair to note that Georgia hasn’t played a ranked team yet, while LSU has faced two.  But if you strip that difference out of their numbers, it still turns out that Burrow’s passer rating against unranked opponents is nearly forty points lower than Fromm’s.

What’s got to be really scary for LSU, though, is this.

Fromm’s passer rating in the third quarter this season is a ridiculous 294.54.  (It’s a relatively paltry 246.27 in the fourth, but seeing as he’s only attempted six passes all year in that situation, I’m inclined to give him a pass.)  Burrow’s comparable passer ratings are under 100 in both quarters.

LSU needs to keep this game close in the second half so that it doesn’t have to rely on a passing attack to win.  That’s likely going to mean in part bringing Fromm down from his usual performance level.


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Clean jersey

So, I posted this morning about the kind of season Jake Fromm is having when he’s not being pressured.  In light of that, you might find this of interest.


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Whatevs, Nick.

Let’s see… Georgia traveled to Missouri, played a game in which it never trailed, in which its win probability, according to ESPN, never dropped below 75% (and never below 90% in the second half), defended Drew Lock into his worst performance of the season and Nick Saban draws this as a conclusion:

Yeah, and monkeys could very easily fly out of his ass.

Alabama’s season is so good, it’s degrading Saban’s ability to po’ mouth.


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Bringing the (fake) juice

Georgia Tech is breaking out navy pants — “a rarity for Tech and possibly a first” — against Duke.  That’s right, Duke.

Welp, you know what they say…


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Your 10.10.18 Playpen

With a roadie this week, I’m kicking this edition of the Playpen off with something of a guide to Baton Rouge for those of you traveling to make the game.

First, and maybe most importantly, here’s the link to LSU’s parking guide.  I get the impression we should expect tough sledding when it comes to parking, so check it out carefully.

Second, courtesy of And The Valley Shook’s Billy Gomila, here are some dining suggestions for Red Stick:

Okay, Baton Rouge recs:

First and foremost, I always suggest The Chimes, which is the quintessential LSU bar, right off campus. Fantastic beer selection, seafood, burgers and great pub food/appetizers. It’ll probably be jammed on Friday and Saturday, but if you really want to get the campus vibe that’s my go-to suggestion.

Other places — if you’re into the usual seafood fair when in Louisiana:

– Parrains. Great oyster bar, fantastic seafood. Parking can be a problem on a Friday, so I recommend a cab or Uber.
– Mike Andersons. Yeah, it’s a bit of a cliche, but it’s that way for a reason, and it rarely disappoints.
– Jolie Pearl. Downtown Baton Rouge — straight-up Oyster Bar with a few other items. Very casual, but fun atmosphere and chargrilled oysters 13 different ways.
– Stinky’s Fish Camp. Newer place, but I hear good things.
– Roberto’s — it’s on the outskirts of town along the river and a bit of a drive. But very much worth it.

If you want to maybe step outside of the seafood realm:
– City Pork — they have two locations, the deli, which will have a limited menu, and the Brasserie, which is more of a full-sized restaurant. Fantastic smoked meats and charcuterie, with some exotic cheeses. They also just opened a new pizza place — City Slice, which is right by campus.
– Superior Grill — Mexican, great margaritas. Also a very crowded place.
– Flambe Cafe — More of a French/European vibe.
– Elsie’s Plate & Pie — Louisiana comfort food.

For higher-end places, Mansur’s on the Boulevard and Ruffinos are really tough to beat. French Market Bistro and Juban’s as well.

Eh, what’s that, you say? What about local beers?

For the local brews, I recommend: NOLA Brewing, Urban South, Port Orleans and Wayward Owl out of New Orleans. NOLA and Urban South both have great tap-rooms. NOLA’s has great barbecue as well. In Baton Rouge, we have Tin Roof, which has a nice tap room between campus and downtown, and Southern Craft, which is a little harder to find but will be in lots of stores/bars.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Hope it helps those going.  For the rest of you, on to your regularly scheduled political wankfest in the comments.


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A little nervous?

Okay, this is a fact, but maybe it doesn’t bother me too much.

One reason it may not is because Kirby had a role in the parenthetical data.  The team may not have a feel for what it’s like to play in that venue, but the head coach sure does.

On the other hand, this is a fact that does bother me.

Georgia could be down three defensive linemen at LSU, according to coach Kirby Smart.

Junior defensive end David Marshall has a left foot injury and is out indefinitely. Smart said following Tuesday’s practice that “it doesn’t look good for this game” where Marshall’s status is concerned.

Reserve nose guard DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle is also out, Smart said, without offering more details on the senior.

Smart said sophomore nose guard Devonte Wyatt could make the trip to LSU, where the No. 2-ranked Bulldogs play at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday (TV: CBS, Radio: WSB 750 AM, 95.5 FM).

Wyatt didn’t play in last Saturday’s 41-13 win against Vanderbilt on account of a leg injury he suffered last week in practice.

“Devonte is rehabbing hard, we think he might be able to go,” Smart said. “He’s been running for two days.”

No front line guys there, but depleted depth in an area where depth may be more crucial than anywhere is certainly gives me pause for thought, especially against a team that wants to run the ball.

The article goes on to say that Malik Herring and Jay Hayes will look to step up in the line rotation.  You also have to wonder if true freshman Jordan Davis, who, according to his head coach, “… hasn’t arrived yet”, is due for a larger role Saturday.

Good thing Georgia has a bye week after this.


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He doesn’t care for Auburn.

Can’t say I’m a Danny Sheridan fan, but this had me chuckling.

In December, Malzahn and Auburn agreed to a seven-year, $49 million extension. Malzahn’s previous contract at Auburn was for $4.725 million annually through 2020.

“It’s mediocrity at Auburn over the last four years,” Sheridan said. “It looks like they are going to lose three or four more games this year.

“The only person who would give a coach like that, with a mediocre record, is a president. A president has no business giving a contract to him. His agent, Jimmy Sexton, should be in the hall of fame for that contract.

“No president that I know of should ever make that decision because it isn’t his territory. Only a neophyte, an ignorant – ignorant being ignorant of the facts – president would make a deal like that. He isn’t stupid, just ignorant of athletics. He should be able to approve everything, but not make the deal.



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