A little nervous?

Okay, this is a fact, but maybe it doesn’t bother me too much.

One reason it may not is because Kirby had a role in the parenthetical data.  The team may not have a feel for what it’s like to play in that venue, but the head coach sure does.

On the other hand, this is a fact that does bother me.

Georgia could be down three defensive linemen at LSU, according to coach Kirby Smart.

Junior defensive end David Marshall has a left foot injury and is out indefinitely. Smart said following Tuesday’s practice that “it doesn’t look good for this game” where Marshall’s status is concerned.

Reserve nose guard DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle is also out, Smart said, without offering more details on the senior.

Smart said sophomore nose guard Devonte Wyatt could make the trip to LSU, where the No. 2-ranked Bulldogs play at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday (TV: CBS, Radio: WSB 750 AM, 95.5 FM).

Wyatt didn’t play in last Saturday’s 41-13 win against Vanderbilt on account of a leg injury he suffered last week in practice.

“Devonte is rehabbing hard, we think he might be able to go,” Smart said. “He’s been running for two days.”

No front line guys there, but depleted depth in an area where depth may be more crucial than anywhere is certainly gives me pause for thought, especially against a team that wants to run the ball.

The article goes on to say that Malik Herring and Jay Hayes will look to step up in the line rotation.  You also have to wonder if true freshman Jordan Davis, who, according to his head coach, “… hasn’t arrived yet”, is due for a larger role Saturday.

Good thing Georgia has a bye week after this.


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40 responses to “A little nervous?

  1. Brandon

    Here’s another record for your Twitter crowd, UGA is 5-5-1 all time in Tiger Stadium. Not that any of those records mean anything as it relates to the outcome of Saturday’s game.



    When Coach o finds a weakness he will exploit it. Clark and Ledbetter are going to have to play monster games and a lot of snaps.


  3. Paul

    I decided yesterday that we’re winning Saturday. I think we’ll see our strongest performance of the season. As the Senator likes to say, your mileage may vary.

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  4. ASEF

    LSU is the first team on the schedule who can match up along the line of scrimmage. Georgis has the better QB and coaching, but it still could get interesting. Rodrigo is going to get a work out.


  5. LakeOconeeDawg

    “You also have to wonder if true freshman Jordan Davis, who, according to his head coach, “… hasn’t arrived yet”, is due for a larger role Saturday.”

    I have never been in the arena and never claimed to be a expert but I actually thought Davis held his own last Sat in the few snaps he got. If nothing else, he eats up a lot of space .


    • Dawg1

      He may actually be playing very well, and Kirby is trying to keep a lid on the kid’s own bullishness. Still a lot to learn for a frosh, even if, maybe despite having had a good game. Just a thought.


    • SpellDawg

      99 is a fitting number for him, that’s one big boy!


  6. sniffer

    Tucker will dial up the corner blitz or bring a LB to rattle Burrow and make him uneasy. IMHO. Depth should win the day and this may not be decided until the 4th quarter. Ball control and time of possession will be the difference.

    That’s what Barnhart says.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Marshall has been a playmaker since his first game against UNC and will be missed. But we still have good depth across the line. When it comes to stopping the run game I’m more concerned whether ILB Monty Rice is playing.

    I guess I missed the memo where Keyon Brown changed his last name to Richardson. He’s much more productive under the new moniker.


  8. dawgtired

    “Georgia could be down three defensive linemen at LSU, according to coach Kirby Smart.”

    Well of course something had to happen to stir the nerves. I’m ready for just once to go into a game fully loaded (the team not me 😉 ).
    I still feel like it’s our game to lose but this could give them hope…”and hope is a dangerous thing”.
    I sure hope the youth steps up and shines in this one. It’s their chance to earn respect and PT. It may require more from the LBs. I’m sure Kirb and Tuck are scheming around any concerns.
    And, it just may not matter, if our offense scores like it has been to this point.


  9. Dave

    This is why we have so many guys cross-train at various levels of the defense. Michael Barnett has been decent when playing, Rochester has played multiple positions, and Herring and Michail Carter have played quite a few snaps over the past couple years. Gonna have to be some mixing and matching, but hopefully we’ll be ok.

    Of all the games we’ve played, I suspect it will be paramount in this game to get a few sacks or tackles for loss when we have an opportunity. If we’re giving them a lot of 2nd and mediums and 3rd and shorts, that’s when it may be tough to stop them.


  10. Biggus Rickus

    Because games played between 2011 and 2015 against completely different teams (LSU even has a completely different coaching staff now) are totally relevant to Saturday’s game.

    I’m a little worried about the run defense holding up, though. If Georgia loses it will be because LSU can chew some clock and play enough defense to squeak out a win. Ultimately, I think Georgia will win this game fairly comfortably, by 10 to 20 points depending on how it breaks.


    • dawgtired

      It’s never good going into a game with your OL and DL limited. We should still be as good as UF and Aub on defense and certainly better on offense. I think our D holds them to similar scores they had against those two teams, low 20s. Our offense should have no problem scoring at least 10pts more. And, that would take holding us to our lowest of the season.


      • Otto

        LSU’s OL has been fighting their own problems, a kid kicked off the team before the season started and then some injuries.

        In theory I agree with your post and what I was thinking before reading this. The DL looked better against the run in the Vandy game but the story does make me a little uneasy. UF, Aub, LSU, UK, and Miss St are all about even overall but LSU should be the best of those at the OL. UGA should be better.


  11. The Georgia Way

    I get that the coaches know way more than we do, but Jordan Davis arrived last Saturday night in a big way on 4th and 1. I suspect he’ll play a big role this coming weekend. I do hate seeing all those d linemen out, though. That’s exactly where we’re soft.


  12. Jared S.

    I think we’ll limit their big plays in the air, I’m more worried about their ground game. If we keep them under 150 rushing yards we win. Anything over that, flip a coin.


  13. Bill Glennon

    Our 2nd and 3rd string would start if Richt was coach. They are good players. Richt’s 2nd and 3rd string were not SEC quality players. We are conditioned that losing a starter is a HUGE dropoff. It’s not under Kirby.

    You lose David Marshall, and Jay Hayes and Malik Herring play 15-20 snaps. Not a huge deal.

    Kirby realizes the importance of depth and roster management.


  14. Mayor

    I wish we had an off week before this game to get healthy.


    • Otto

      The good news is one is coming up and UGA can split the West games while still controlling their own destiny, not that I want that to happen. Naturally I want to go beginning to end with nothing but Ws.


      • Ginny

        This! I’d much rather have it before Florida. In the grand scheme of things, we can still achieve our goals with a loss to LSU.


  15. Mayor

    I wish we had an off week before this game to get healthy.


    • Uglydawg

      LSU had a much more physical game last Saturday. Georgia, though banged up some, got to rest their legs for the second half..and threw it so much that the O lines legs aren’t as used up from a lot of run blocking. Don’t know about LSU’s injuries, but they have to be a little more weary that the Dawgs.


  16. 1smartdude

    I’m worried. We’re playing a top 10 team, in Death Valley, with injuries in the trenches on BOTH sides of the ball. LSU was going to be a battle in the trenches from the start of the season. If there is any weakness, they’ll find a way to target those. Usually I’d like our passing game to be the advantage but LSU has some real playmakers in the secondary. The key to winning this game will be whether a banged up offensive line can give Fromm enough time for our receivers to find separation. If they can do that, we should be fine. If not, this one might go down to the wire.


    • Macallanlover

      I am with you as a worried Dawg fan. We clearly have the better offense but their power running strength is going against our weakest area, and that was before the injuries. Our passing game is good enough to test, and beat, their secondary enough but they will have success on the ground all day. With the DL injuries I think KS may want to shorten the game by running more than he planned, hope our run blocking in the first half is as good as it has been in the 2nd halves this year. Don’t like having to impose our will so much we miss our best opportunity. I would put this game at 50/50 now; that’s pretty worried given where I was two months ago about this game.


  17. The other Doug

    I’m actually not that worried, and I’m a card carrying Larry Munson worrier. I think the atmosphere works in our favor and the players bring it. 1st half is a mixed bag, but the halftime adjustments slam the door on their offense and we start to pull away. LSU’s biggest problem in this game is there aren’t any adjustments their offense can make. Just a few trick plays here and there to try and get some momentum.


  18. Thorn Dawg

    Davis and Herring played well last week. Let’s see what these youngsters can do.


  19. Dawglicious

    Mark Richt has lost control of my inner Munson


  20. DawgPhan

    Georgia team on the road where they are the clear favorite.

    Avoid injuries and turnovers and they win easily. Our offense is the best offense that LSU has seen this year. Can LSU score 30 points? I dont think so. Can UGA score 30? easily.