A tale of two passers

CFB Film Room tries to be fair with this:

The problem comes when you take a second glance.

It’s only fair to note that Georgia hasn’t played a ranked team yet, while LSU has faced two.  But if you strip that difference out of their numbers, it still turns out that Burrow’s passer rating against unranked opponents is nearly forty points lower than Fromm’s.

What’s got to be really scary for LSU, though, is this.

Fromm’s passer rating in the third quarter this season is a ridiculous 294.54.  (It’s a relatively paltry 246.27 in the fourth, but seeing as he’s only attempted six passes all year in that situation, I’m inclined to give him a pass.)  Burrow’s comparable passer ratings are under 100 in both quarters.

LSU needs to keep this game close in the second half so that it doesn’t have to rely on a passing attack to win.  That’s likely going to mean in part bringing Fromm down from his usual performance level.


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32 responses to “A tale of two passers

  1. Daniel Simpson Day

    SC was ranked when we played them AND there was something about a guaranteed victory in there too.


  2. Clayton Davis

    I am surprised at how many people have propped up Burrow. Ian Boyd posted this clunker about a month ago: https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/9/19/17870860/joe-burrow-lsu-quarterback-analysis


  3. Biggus Rickus

    People have been trying to tell me that Joe Burrow is actually good all season. I’ve seen nothing to back that up. He’s basically had one good quarter against Auburn.


    • Russ

      You have to compare him to the other LSU quarterbacks they’ve had recently. By that standard, he’s fantastic.


      • Biggus Rickus

        Etling was better. Of course, Matt Canada was also probably better than Steve Ensminger. Up is down over there.


        • Otto

          He is good but not great.

          If LSU can run effectively they can win, if the D forces Burrows to win the game they likely don’t get the W.

          The most critical is the ILBs and DLs shutting down LSU’s RBs. If that happens the other things will fall in place on D. As has been said a zillion times on the UGA/LSU game, it will be won in the tranches.

          If it is a stalemate between the UGA OL vs LSU D and vice versa, Fields may swing things in UGA’s favor by making the LSU account for his running ability.


  4. Russ

    I suspect they will run the ball on us, but I can’t see them passing for anything significant. However, I’m not sure they can stop both our run and pass. Minus the mistakes/turnovers, we win by 7-10. If we wear them out in the second half, I could see it a little higher.


  5. Walt

    “with 5 TD and 0 INT – meaning he has more TD passes than incomplete passes in the 2nd half…”
    Do people get paid for observations such as the above? Other than, Tony Barnhart, that is?


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Why is that such a Mr. Obvious point? It strikes me as a stunning figure. I wonder many other QBs have a similar stat? Ehhh, it’s probably not true – we all know Jake just stares down his primary receiver, never checks off and only throws short slants. 😉


    • Macallanlover

      No one complains about it when they use the same stat for Tua, his is whole of course, which is all he gets to play. It is an impressive stat for both.


  6. William (the other one)

    I would love for this to be the game where Jake has those 3rd Qtr numbers in the first half of the game, then come out after half and ground pound them ftw.


  7. D as in Dawg

    Along comes Debbie Downer… Everything I’ve seen from UGA this season says we win a close one. We will be behind early and maybe twice and we’ll score quickly when we get behind. After we get ahead we’ll keep stopping ourselves until we finally secure a two score lead late in the game. The same problems will be evident, but we’ll still win, just by a closer margin. UGA by 9 in Death Valley. I’m not talking their QB or team down because they could win this game, especially at home and us hurting on the already porous defensive line. We have shown flashes of greatness and moments of horror, but we haven’t played a really good team yet. LSU is not great, but they qualify as really good. Time to find out what 2018 UGA is all about. We have UF in two weeks and I really miss the feeling I had when they sucked.


  8. Bright Idea

    I think we all agree that on paper Georgia wins this game. Since the NC is the only thing that counts a loss would be devastating. Even a close win will bring out the naysayers. Can our young team hold up to that pressure on the road and not let the aura of Tiger Stadium beat us?


  9. HiAltDawg

    With the hostile environment of a day game in Death Valley, will LSU(x) even need to give us their best shot? I heard all the freshmen on our team flat out quit, rather than make the trip and when Kirbs found out Preacher Coach couldn’t beat them with Da U (let that one sink in 33-17), he just started phoning it in waiting for the buyout money to roll in. That’s the real reason why nobody on the team has blocked or tackled this whole season. Also, Chaney brought in Mark Sanchez as an analyst to teach Fromm how to butt fumble and all the receivers practiced in Bayou Tiger colors to make sure we miss zero opportunities to turn it over. Even more alarming Penn Wagers personally delivered the golden horseshoe Bamma had up their arses from the fake Championship Game that UCF didn’t get to win to Baton Rouge (and, only Sweet Baby Jesus knows what he and the other SEC referees did with it). Other than that we should all just piss ourselves and give up.

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  10. ChiliDawg

    I’m getting really tired of the new definition of “fair” being to offer false equivalence instead of stating the obvious.


  11. Down island way

    Should the defense match lsu for 60 minutes, special teams and our offense will carry the day…..GATA……GO DAWGS!


  12. Macallanlover

    Ranked, or unranked, occurs because of what teams do to each other. Beating teams that have a winning record is impacted by the 2,3, or 4 you beat resulting in making their record 6-6, or 5-7….which now means you played fewer bowl teams. All makes no sense when the data is spun to prove someone’s point. SC lost to us when ranked, then mysteriously disappeared. Had it not rained, Mizzou would have been ranked this week.

    If we win out, and beat Bama, will there really be any questions about who played the tougher schedule? Anyone who has to beat Bama or UGA to get to the playoffs had the harder path, period. Match that Clemson, or ohio. No free pass out of the SEC when that is your path. The argument gets silly when people weave the facts to suit themselves. All I know is SEc champs are best of the best. You don’t hold a playoff and exclude that program and expect to be credible.


  13. William Abbott

    UGA has a clear edge at QB over LSU. Honestly who doesn’t take Fromm or Fields over Burrow?


  14. James Payne

    Weren’t South Carolina and Missouri ranked at the time UGA played them?


  15. OrlandoDawg

    Using the “ranked now” or “ranked when they played” stat depends on which best fits the writer’s attempt to pump up or tear down a schedule.


  16. Mayor

    I don’t think the problem is Burrow. I watched LSU play FU and Burrow was throwing darts on the money but bouncing balls of his receivers’ hands, pads, helmets—you name it. The LSU QB is Ok. The receivers can’t catch. Let’s hope they don’t learn how to catch by Saturday.


  17. Maybe I am just wearing rose colored glasses, but my prediction is the Dawgs roll in there taking things very seriously and put things together better than they have all year.

    28-10 at the half. 45-13 at the end of the game.

    I think LSU’s pathetic offense does little or nothing the entire game. I think we move pretty much at will, and that’s it.

    It appears to me that Georgia has exactly what Alabama has had under Saban: vastly superior 1st string, and ridiculously superior 2nd and 3rd string. So we can always have fresh bodies that are better than the other guy’s folks. We also have our own version of “The Process” that is simply better than anything the other coaches in the conference are doing.

    I think 2 more years of recruiting and we will even surpass Saban, because Kirby’s fresh message will ultimately result in us winning recruiting battles against him. Also, our home state has more talent and we can more easily poach from Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

    College football programs follow cycles, and sometimes certain programs just have it. Alabama has had it for a while now. There was a time Florida “had it.” Now the stars aligned and we have it: the best recruiting and the best coach.

    When you have that, you take care of everyone and only lose occasionally due to rare fluke circumstances.