“Let’s all get after that ass.”

It’s one thing to recognize what should be in a game plan.

It’s entirely another to execute that game plan.


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5 responses to ““Let’s all get after that ass.”

  1. J-DawG

    The best battle plans go out the window once the first shot is fired. We need to get them in total reaction mode against us while UGA does what a great army does: “Shoot, move and communicate”.


    • Macallanlover

      I think we are all in awe about what UGA has done in the 3rd quarters against, almost, every opponent these past couple of years. So adjust and tweak is outstanding during our halftimes. My question has always been, why wait until we go n the tunnel at the halfway point? All but Chaney are down on the field, we have overhead pictures of what alignments everyone has against us, and know what is working,m and what is not. So can’t we make some changes before an hour and a half have gone by?

      Yeah, I know we actually do some of that, and have discussions after every series, but it just seems strange how it takes doing in after we go potty before it takes full effect. You never know what you are going to get until you are actually in the arena, but you have seen enough film by now, develop a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C, and prepare to tweak those. Lord knows we have enough advisors!


  2. The other Doug

    What I hope they don’t do….
    1. get UGA in one of those ugly games. “When you wrestle a pig you get covered in shit, and the pig likes it” This is how they keep it close until halftime.
    2. Start running the QB a lot in the 3rd qtr. I have a bad feeling a mobile QB is Kirby’s Achilles heal.
    3. The above will get them into a close game in the 4th qtr. They’ll still need some luck to win it, but they’ll have a chance.

    UGA wants to slow grind them to death, and eventually they’re down 2 TDs and they’re forced to get desperate.


  3. Mike Cooley

    So why not take to the air and get them in a hole early and force them to try and beat us with Burrow?


  4. Erk’s Forehead