SEC Power Poll, Week Seven


It is tempting to boil the conference down to Alabama and the thirteen dwarfs, but that’s not accurate. What is accurate, though, is that there aren’t any teams outside of the Tide capable of playing consistent, quality football week after week, which is how you get the messiest case of transitive football we’ve seen in a while.

Right now, if you want to throw darts at a board to set an order from two on down to, oh, say, seven and then another round of darts to organize the bottom rung, I wouldn’t argue with you.  At some point, though, you have to think some semblance of a consensus will have to show, don’t you?  Don’t you?

Don’t hate me for what I’m about to post.

  1. Alabama.  Okay, fine.
  2. Georgia.  On talent alone, deserving of the two spot.  On game prep, you could rank the Dawgs in the bottom four and you wouldn’t hear a peep of protest from me.
  3. LSU.  Yeah, they lost to the Gators, but…
  4. Florida.  Yeah, they lost to Kentucky, but…
  5. Texas A&M.  3-1 in conference play, despite being minus-6 in points differential.
  6. Mississippi State.  The season’s first recipient of a bye week dip.
  7. Kentucky.  Georgia’s loss is just as big for the ‘Cats as it is for the Gators.
  8. Auburn.  The Gus Bus needs a tow truck.
  9. South Carolina.  In case you missed it, this is a pretty mediocre team.
  10. Missouri.  The Tigers are even more mediocre than South Carolina.
  11. Tennessee.  Ordinarily, you wouldn’t call a win over an Auburn squad that’s been falling apart for weeks a signature win, but when you get off the schneid from a losing streak that’s over a season long, hey, why not?
  12. Ole Miss.  Nobody’s gonna call a comeback win over Arkansas a signature win, though.
  13. Vanderbilt.  The ‘Dores go to Arkansas on 10/27 to play for all the marbles.
  14. Arkansas.  This week, in bad teams finding a way to lose…


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34 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week Seven

  1. Brandon

    Doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy that our conference wins are over 9, 10, 11, and 13 in your rankings.


  2. Rebar

    LSU should be ranked ahead of us; they just whipped our ass on national TV with all of our 5 star talent.


  3. Uglydawg

    I’m not a coach in real life, but I play one sitting in front of the tv on Saturdays.
    With that disclaimer out of the way, I think the Dawgs need to trim the offensive repertoire to a size that they can handle. Trying to do too many things when the few things they can do really well go wanting bit them.
    But one of the biggest, overlooked factors in LSU’s win..their QB was very good, relaxed and accurate.

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  4. gastr1

    Only a homer would put Georgia at #2 after that debacle.


  5. David K

    I thought you had accidentally cut and pasted last week’s list.


  6. TN Dawg

    After watching the replay and with much reflection, it’s hard to understate how damaging Fromm’s slow start was.

    If he doesn’t air mail Hardman on that double move and miss Godwin in the end zone, we are up 14-3, LSU is shell shocked, Orgeron goes into meltdown, the disastrous fake FG never happens and we pound 7 and 13 down their throat all day.

    Instead we go down ten, OC abandons run,
    defense eventually wears down, Fromm starts forcing, Mecole is forced to try to make a play and we never recover.

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    • Biggus Rickus

      Fromm was the biggest problem, but the fake field goal was a bad call and stole any momentum Georgia could have taken from that drive. And even if everything else had played out exactly the same way from there, 19-13 with the ball inside their 40 feels a lot different than 19-9.

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    • Sanford222view

      Exactly what I thought Saturday. I won’t put it all on Fromm but those two big misses and another bad throw to Swift in the flats were huge. I will also say I thought Chaney had a terrible day. Holyfield (especially) and Swift were both running the ball effectively. I thought we got away from the run too early. It seemed like each series he was only going to throw the ball or run the ball that series and the use of Fields on second downs was terrible. LSU what was coming anytime he was in the game.


    • In that sense the dynamics were much like the 2011 SECC struggle against LSU. Minus the surreal defensive performance of the 1st Half & subsequent meltdown at the hands of the Honey Badger. Among many mystifying moments of the CMR tenure, that game has always left its bizarre imprint on my gray matter.


  7. Macallanlover

    I agree that it is hard to assign specific order in the top half below Alabama without incurring some rational dissent. I would also have the same Top 3, in the order you have them. I would put Kentucky at 4th, A&M at 5th, Florida at 6th, Mizzou at 7th, and SC at 8th. After that, all of those left are on a day by day basis as to who would, or will not, prevail. Arkansas deserves the cellar position but can contend with the others in the bottom half.

    At this time of year, a lot of this comes down to injuries and which players are available in certain matchups. SEC is deeper than most all of us thought at the beginning of the season.


  8. Bright Idea

    After Bama no game results would shock me. Only Arkansas seems incapable of winning a game. As for Georgia, we’re playing uptight, thinking too much, including the coaches. Unbelievable that somebody sold Kirby on the fake FG and that HotRod should ever run with the ball against any SEC defense.

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    • Derek

      Even if you had every reason to think it would work, there was no reason to do it in that spot. Going down 2 scores was a killer. They got momentum, their stadium and we puckered.

      Ridiculously bad football decision. Among the very worst I’ve seen in over 40 years of watching football.

      The good news is that I feel pretty confident that we can finish out this schedule and every thing has been about 12/1 anyway. Does this one really bad outing help us for that one? It just might.

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  9. TXBaller

    Do I believe LSU is BETTER than Georgia – No. But I saw with my own eyes a Georgia team that was TOTALLY outcoached, and the net results are unquestionable – therefore: Alabama, LSU, Georgia. I am confident Kirby will adjust in time for Florida.

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  10. Go Dawgs!

    I’ve read your writing enough to know that you aren’t a ridiculous homer, Senator. You acknowledge Georgia’s warts and you write sensible analysis while admitting that you root for the Bulldogs..

    That said, it’s nothing short of ridiculous to try to rank Georgia head of LSU tow days after they pulled Georgia’s pants down on national television. Leaving aside the lopsided score which likely could have been different had Georgia made some better gameplan decisions and had the jimmies and joes made some plays, LSU’s body of work includes Top 10 wins against Miami and UGA (along with wins over Auburn and Ole Miss which admittedly look less impressive by the week). Since January 9th, what’s Georgia’s body of work in 2018? A #1 recruiting class and some fairly dominant wins over teams that are proving to be deeply mediocre (with periods of shakiness which have had most of us deeply concerned for weeks). In short, Georgia’s got impressive talent, a win over an Outback Bowl-at-best South Carolina team and not a lot else right now. Second best team in the conference? Not on October 15th. Third best? Maybe so.


  11. Mayor

    The Dawgs should be behind Bama, LSU, Florida and Kentucky at this point. LSU best them in front of the entire world, FU beat LSU and UK’s only loss is in a close game against ATM which is a pretty damn good team. Until they prove otherwise, the Georgia coaching staff is such a liability that it drags the team down to #5 at best.


    • Until they prove otherwise, the Georgia coaching staff is such a liability that it drags the team down to #5 at best.

      You mean the staff that coached the team to a national title game… *** checks notes *** … nine or so months ago?

      They had a bad game, Mayor, but let’s not go overboard after one game.

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      • Uglydawg

        While I think the Mayor is laying on a thin layer of hyperbole, this is not a problem that just showed up in this one game.
        The offense has been a sputtering, schizophrenic unit all year. I think it was Chili that made the comparison to a retarded person (his words not mine) driving a Corvette.
        What we have here is a bad trend that we all naively believed would somehow be fixed by this game. Instead, it continued and the ‘vette is over the cliff.
        Now we’re (me) telling ourselves it will be fixed in two weeks. I hope and believe it will. This loss can be built upon and it’s better to have it happen against LSU than any conference team on the schedule.
        We will know what we have and what we do not have after the WLOCP.


        • Mark

          “We will know what we have and what we do not have after the WLOCP.”

          Not trying to be a jerk – although it will probably sound like it – but I see this statement all the time, and it always strikes me as a case of constantly moving goalposts. We said we’d know what we had after S Car. We boat-raced them, and many said it was not conclusive evidence of anything: it was too easy a win. So the narrative then shifted to ‘we’ll know what we have after Missouri.’ Same thing. Then it became, ‘we’ll know after LSU.’

          I think we’ll know after the tech game, myself. Just my $0.02.


          • Uglydawg

            I understand what you’re saying. But the truth seems to be we are not an elite team..well, the truth IS that. When I say, “we’ll know what we do and do not have” I simply mean it’s a tell all for the East…until we play Kentucky. If we don’t beat UF, Kentucky becomes a footnote and probably a loss.
            UNLESS somehow CKS figures out how to fly this F-22 in the next two weeks.


      • Mayor

        Senator, after the series of coaching screw-ups I witnessed last Saturday I am searching for a way to juxtapose the staff that coached game with the staff that coached last season. My conclusion is that the real coaching staff last season was Chubb, Michel, Carter, Winn, Wims and Quan. Chaney had Fromm hand off the ball to Chubb and Michel and pass just enough to keep opposing Ds honest. Those players led the team last year not the coaches. They are gone and the team is now rudderless. A bunch of 5 stars running around without direction. I am as pissed off now at Kirby as I ever was at Richt when he blew all those games with bonehead decisions. I thought we were past that. I guess not.


    • PTC DAWG

      I would be willing to accept a tie for 3rd or so with UF/KY and UGA….no way I think those teams are hands down better than UGA. We’ll know for sure soon enough.


  12. PTC DAWG

    Talk to me in two weeks…

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  13. HiAltDawg

    Let’s put away the anointing oil on LSU, they gravy-trained Fromm’s historic and rare bad day to a LATE pullaway win. Our horrible defense kept them out of the endzone 5 times in THEIR house to keep UGA close through over three quarters. Nationally, the polls dropped us into striking distance and the perception the Dawg Fans travel helps down the road in the popularity contest that is post-season CFB . Good gracious this little game of little nobodies trying to top each other on how bad we are really gets old. Can we go back to crying about Tyler being onsides? At least that was funny.


    • Macallanlover

      True, this game was only 36-16 on the scoreboard. I understand that is where it counts but sometimes the headline isn’t all you need to know. No one should fear UGA playing LSU again. It was closer than that, and it is unlikely the same stars would align again. Certainly more plausible than last year with us running The Barn out of MB 3 weeks after they actually did dominate us in all phases, and for almost 60 minutes.


  14. 69Dawg

    Well lets see, where to begin. 1. Our OC gave up the run in favor of the pass too soon; 2 Our QB and WR started the game like usual which has been bad. 3 Our Special Teams coach should be fired for two plays he had to have suggested to Kirby, the onside kick against SCU and that fake field goal. 4 Back to the OC, he has become too cute by half in his play calling. He needs to run until they stop it then play action until they stop that the repeat. 5 Our DL is not deep enough to keep rotating them constantly. If they are too out of shape to play a series then our crackerjack S&C guys need to fix it. 6 While Kirby has repeatedly said that he doesn’t think sacks are that important, that disruption is better, we had neither in good enough dosage. 7 LSU knew that No. 3 was our weak link in the defensive back field and they destroyed him. We either need to really give him some help or we are in deep trouble. 8 and finally, this was the first game this year were the coaches looked like they had no answer to what the Tigers were doing to us. If smash mouth football is what Kirby wants then yo better be able to take a hit and hit back. Kentucky, for their lack of 4 & 5 star talent, will hit you right in the face and keep hitting you for 60 minutes. Florida’s edge rushers make LSU’s look slow, so Fromm had better be quicker or we will get to Fields, not because he is better but because Fromm will be KO’ed.
    Having channeled Larry I will now say Go Dawgs.


    • Mayor

      I pretty much agree with everything you said 69. Let me add, I agree it is good for players to get game experience. But somebody has to be the starter and somebody has to be a back-up. This myth that Kirby and Co. are creating that everybody is supposed to play is counter productive. If Herschel were on this team would he only get 7-8 touches in a game? Holyfield was running like a 2018 version of Herschel and the coaches pulled him from the game–total 8 rushes. How stupid was that? Run Holyfield and Swift like they did last year with Chubb and Michel. Herrien and Cook as backups. Same with the OLs and DLs. Play the first stringers more. There is a reason why that system evolved in football.


  15. BowlDawg14

    UGA parted ways with Mark Richt because there were just too many times the team had better talent than their opponent and the coaching staff didnt seem to have the team prepared or in the right mind set….but now thankfully we have Kirby and kind of stuff wont….. oh wait…..


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