“We are worried that this narcissistic sociopath is going to come back.”

Sounds like things are going swimmingly with the McNair investigation at Maryland.

Some are worried that Maryland’s decision to place Durkin on leave is planned simply to appease the concerned public.

“We’re worried that it is all predetermined,” one parent said. “That this is a whole charade meant to appease the people who feel like they have to say something.”

Gosh, I’m shocked, shocked anyone would think that.  I mean, this is Big Ten football.  Who sweeps anything under the rug in Big Ten football?



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6 responses to ““We are worried that this narcissistic sociopath is going to come back.”

  1. ASEF

    The parents see the equation swaying the decision making.

    Checks Durkin makes Maryland write vs. Checks Durkin helps Maryland cash.

    I don’t know if Mouthy Booster who blames it all on the entitled players is indicative of the Maryland booster culture in general, but if he is (and he had to be getting some affirmation for those sentiments behind closed doors to take them to the press), then I can see where the parents are coming from.

    From Maryland’s POV, how in the heck can they see Durkin ever being effective in recruiting again? I mean, sure, every P5 program is going to find willing participants, but the ones with options have to end up somewhere else, don’t they?

    Just bizarre that Maryland would let this fester this long. Then again, Maryland athletic administration is stupid even by college athletic administration standards.


  2. Macallanlover

    Funny, that last question. Big 14 may not have the dirtiest team in CFB, but as a conference they are the runaway leader of scumbag programs.


  3. Erk's Forehead

    Imagine my surprise when I clicked the title of this and found out it wasn’t about Nick Saban & Alabama returning to Athens for a game.


  4. Thorn Dawg

    Isn’t Durkin from the Irvin Meyers coaching tree?


  5. Macallanlover

    Don’t see any chance Durkin comes back as HC at MD. Might be some legal advice to keep him under contract until a settlement is reached.