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Suppose they gave a shitshow and nobody came…

Here’s something you probably didn’t care to know.

I bet Mickey’s kicking itself for letting them go.



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All their goals are still in front of them.

Such as they are.

“Gotta get ready to play,” Johnson said Thursday. “You’ve still got five games left. Try and go on the road and win the game and make sure that we can get to a bowl game. That’s the goal.”

… A-back Clinton Lynch called it very important for the Jackets to get back to the postseason in his senior season.

“I’m not trying to be at home in December,” he said. “I need something. I want to go to something. That would be cool.”

You’re at Georgia Tech!  You can do that!


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Math that matters

This may be the ultimate bidness decision pitch to use on the recruiting trail.


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“It’s been a big plus that our guys have bought into that.”

It’s time to close the books on the debacle in Baton Rouge and get our minds right as the bye week nears an end, which means turning our thoughts to the hated Gators.

While I don’t want to beat any deceased equines in this post, I can’t help but wonder whether the Dawgs will have their collective heads on straight Saturday week.  Florida, since losing to Kentucky, has won five straight, including a win over the team that just beat Georgia by 20, and finds itself tied at the top of the division.  So, if Dan Mullen sounds like a man who thinks his team is feeling it,

“I like how we’ve come together as a team, because I think that was a really important thing for us as a program,” Mullen said. “Our guys are learning how to go play the team game. If you look at how we’ve won, it hasn’t been with just defense or just offense. We’ve found several different ways to win games, and we’ve done it as a full team…

“As the season goes on, you want to be playing in big games,” Mullen said. “When you’re playing in big games the second half of the season, the reason is you’ve made them big games. That’s the fun part, and if you want to continue playing in them, you’ve got to continue to succeed in order to make the next game bigger than the last one.

“I don’t know if I’m surprised, and I don’t know if this is where I expected us to be. It is what it is, and you adapt and move on. I’m not disappointed with where we are, but I think there are a lot of things we have to get better at in every phase of the game.”

… that’s understandable.

It’s also understandable that over the last decades of the series, it’s Florida that’s won more often with attitude than has Georgia.  Job One for Kirby is to get his team playing to that standard they all like to talk about.


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Musical palate cleanser, one more time edition

Evidently, a remastered version of The Beatles’ White Album is on its way, complete with 27 (!) demos of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.

Here’s a beautiful acoustic take Harrison recorded at his house in May, 1968.

And here’s the remastered version with the whole band and Eric Clapton of the song that appeared on the album.


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When Week 2 hot takes cool off

Hey, remember when Arizona State got off to that 2-0 start and pundits were gleefully telling folks that we’d underestimated the Herm Edwards experiment?

Good times, those.  The Sun Devils are 1-4 since then.


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Come for the blowout.

Stay for the eventual realization that the LSU game should have been much closer than it turned out.

When you look at the box score for the Georgia game, it perfectly encapsulates how you can upset a team that’s better than you. Big plays and turnovers.

Georgia’s overall success rate was 41 percent to our 35 on offense. The national average is 41% so we were way below that. Georgia was more efficient than us. Efficiency is the No. 1 factor in winning football games. Usually, you’re going to lose when you are less efficient. Where LSU really struggled in this category was passing downs. They came away with a dreadful 19% success rate on those downs with Burrow only throwing for 46 yards on 10 attempts while also being sacked 3 times.

LSU hit just enough creases, caught just enough deep balls on early downs that they were able to make their way into Georgia territory often enough. By the end of the game, LSU had 8 drives end up past the Georgia 40 while Georgia only had five. Both teams scored points every time they got down there, (NOTE: of course, I am stupid and forgot about the fake field goal which I diagrammed below) LSU was just there more because they had more possessions by taking the ball away.

It’s not so much that the Tigers dominated.  It’s that Richard LeCounte’s observation, the current Quote of the Day, marks the perfect epitaph of the game.

“They just did the right things at the right times…”

And the Dawgs didn’t.

Georgia didn’t get out-talented.  It got out-executed, at least when it counted, by a more focused, better motivated opponent.

There still isn’t a better team from a talent standpoint left on Georgia’s regular season schedule.  The question is whether this Georgia team shows up mentally ready to play.


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“I wish more than anything that I could be out there with my brothers tomorrow.”

This is something I brushed upon a few years ago when Johnny Football mentioned it, but here’s a question for you:  wouldn’t college football be better off if star players like Nick Bosa had a real financial incentive to remain?


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The great equalizer

Jeremy Pruitt may not be the football genius Gus Malzahn is, but the gap is certainly narrowed when he knows what’s coming.

The Gus Bus is definitely not a stealth vehicle.


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When you’re not having a good start

Jeez, Louise.

An overthrow, lack of patience waiting for the receiver to get open and a blatant missed PI call — all in the first quarter!


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