Come for the blowout.

Stay for the eventual realization that the LSU game should have been much closer than it turned out.

When you look at the box score for the Georgia game, it perfectly encapsulates how you can upset a team that’s better than you. Big plays and turnovers.

Georgia’s overall success rate was 41 percent to our 35 on offense. The national average is 41% so we were way below that. Georgia was more efficient than us. Efficiency is the No. 1 factor in winning football games. Usually, you’re going to lose when you are less efficient. Where LSU really struggled in this category was passing downs. They came away with a dreadful 19% success rate on those downs with Burrow only throwing for 46 yards on 10 attempts while also being sacked 3 times.

LSU hit just enough creases, caught just enough deep balls on early downs that they were able to make their way into Georgia territory often enough. By the end of the game, LSU had 8 drives end up past the Georgia 40 while Georgia only had five. Both teams scored points every time they got down there, (NOTE: of course, I am stupid and forgot about the fake field goal which I diagrammed below) LSU was just there more because they had more possessions by taking the ball away.

It’s not so much that the Tigers dominated.  It’s that Richard LeCounte’s observation, the current Quote of the Day, marks the perfect epitaph of the game.

“They just did the right things at the right times…”

And the Dawgs didn’t.

Georgia didn’t get out-talented.  It got out-executed, at least when it counted, by a more focused, better motivated opponent.

There still isn’t a better team from a talent standpoint left on Georgia’s regular season schedule.  The question is whether this Georgia team shows up mentally ready to play.


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  1. Mayor

    And that comes down to coaching. The coaches lost this game. The team wasn’t ready to play and the in game coaching decision making was bad. End result—the team with the better personnel lost.


    • SpellDawg

      Cute play-calling against a team who couldn’t stop the run, the coaches over-thought it and our receivers couldn’t bail them out (Fromm was off, but Mecole was really off).


  2. 92 grad

    Yep, good summary. We all knew that there was a chance we could win that gam until the 4th quarter. Our guys kept it close and it was easy to see that LSU wasn’t dominating the play. Our guys just weren’t sharp enough, which keeps my anxiousness aimed at the coaches.


  3. AusDawg85

    19-9 in the 4th with the ball on their side of the 50. Yes, we seemed to get close. Score there and does Burrows get lose around the end for a big gain? I think yes. Does Mecole cough up a fumble on the kick return? I say no, but that still means we were chasing one score down and out of time. LSU outplayed us and it was not close.

    But…I think this was Kirby’s plan. The pressure of an undefeated season is too much. Take a loss you can afford and use it to maintain focus the rest of the way.


    • Jeff Sanchez

      Wait….you’re saying CKS planned this loss?

      This is some 4-D, inter-dimensional chess alright

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      • AusDawg85

        Worked last year. It’s worked for Bama. Only reasonable explanation. 🤔


        • Bill Glennon

          Well, another reasonable explanation is that we were poorly prepared and got our asses whipped.

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          • Comin' Down The Track

            Occam’s razor.


            • stoopnagle

              I don’t think Kirb-Dawg threw the game, but I think better than anyone else in the locker room he knew what was coming. He’s been trying to tell the team it was coming and because of their youth and perceived success they didn’t listen. The question for me is: do they listen now? Does Campbell improve? Does Cox get better? I’m not sure there’s anything to do about the soft center of the LB corps, but that’s why we pay Kirby the big bucks.

              What I can’t explain is the fake FG nor the emphasis on throwing the ball. Especially after our second possession.

              We score to make it 19-9 at the start of the 4th then held them to a 3-and-out. And then the wheels completely came off.

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          • Mark

            Seems to me to be the most reasonable explanation.


    • If I read you right, you are saying Kirby is a sly one.


  4. Big plays and turnovers were the difference. Cheap field position will get you beat every time.

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  5. ASEF

    Auburn and Georgia were both Ws for LSU while posting low win expectancy numbers. Is LSU lucky or just really good in ways the nerds can’t quantify?


  6. Will Trane

    The LeCounte quote to the R&B is on point.
    Gets done to prep and to execution and to ongoing game adjustments.
    Do you see much of that in those clips which factor big time in that final scoreboard because won loss is not determined by a “41%” vs a “35%”
    The record books show the score for all time.
    When you have the opportunity to go on the road with all that alleged talent and depth, and you blow yourself up, well, guess what, many are not going to be thoughtful and forgetful.
    Oh the coaching on display.
    First the fake field goal. Did you notice who was responsible for the outside block to perhaps give “Flash” / Hot Rod a lane to the edge.
    Yep that be #89, Woener. Go back and read his comments post game.
    The time has come to bench # 89 and put an additional legit lineman in the game.
    The run up the gut. Notice how they were caught inside on that lane. Plus it is hard to close it when LSU # 65 could have been called for holding.
    The long passes are all on Smart and Tucker. Young group but there are some Georgia high school 7A secondaries better than that with players and coaches.
    Talent is coachable. So I do not buy talent, rather prefer performance.
    Expect a big beat down by the Gators.
    Mullen and Pruitt are bringing their teams a long. We even saw the Vols make strides in Athens if you would be honest about it.
    Best coaching in SEC are Fisher and Pruitt.


    • Brandon M

      Let’s just fire everyone and start over!! That’ll fix em. Last year was obviously a fluke and everybody forgot how to coach a winning team cuz no good team ever goes in to Death Valley and loses to tha Tigahs. INEXCUSABLE!

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  7. CB

    “Georgia didn’t get out-talented.  It got out-executed”

    Which is worse?


  8. Bill Glennon

    We fired Richt precisely because UGA routinely showed up unready to play mentally and emotionally, in cupcakes and rivalry games. Kirby was supposed to detox us from fake juice.

    Missouri and LSU were Richt-like efforts, and you could argue the same for TENN and Vandy, at least for significant stretches.

    Jax is a big game for Kirby. His narrative is starting to wobble.

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  9. Brandon M

    SMH. Coming off a season for the ages (which was ahead of schedule) where we lost A TON of talent and leadership and the torch bearers are already coming out in droves after a game many expected us to lose before the season started. If we lose in Jax, then yeah let the bitching and moaning begin because this season will have turned into an utter disaster… but until that happens…. Get a damn grip people!


  10. Macallanlover

    A loss is a loss, nothing changes that, but as I said earlier this week everyone is over reacting to the game. Scoreboard said a 20 point loss so freakout time bagan, but everything else shows the game to be much closer. It was one where everything that could go wrong for UGA was maxed out, LSU deserved the game, wanted it more after their Florida loss, and was very opportunistic. UGA on the other hand, made some key mistakes, didn’t play inspired, and the coaches pushed all the wrong buttons. Nothing devastating about the game but the inability to firm up the middle of our rush defense is very troubling and leaves the fear it will keep us from achieving our most basic goal. The Kentucky game remains a major concern because of our glaring Achilles Heel.

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  11. jonathanwatson

    Easy to blame coaches here. I can see that and I’m not totally disagreeing. Walking away from Elijah who was playing like the hulk was criminal.

    By my account, there were three plays (all on Jake Fromm) which could have turned the game in our favor. The first drive… overthrew a touchdown to Hardman. Sometime later, Fromm was scrambling and had Swift open on a dump pass. He threw it in the turf. When the cameras panned, it looked like Swift could have run back to Athens. Doubt he would have scored, but it would have been a long gain into Tiger Territory. And finally, the sack to take us out of FG range at the end of the third. (An arguable forth would be the terrible throw to DRob. We eventually scored. But sometimes a score is better than a score… if you catch my drift.)

    Incredibly noticeable these last two seasons has been the effect of momentum in football games. Teams who should not be winning are gaining momentum and using it. The Dawgs lost it last Saturday on the fake field goal (certainly coaching) and when they were getting it back, Fromm made the worst play of the season by taking a huge sack. It was the same in Auburn last year.

    Who knows how we will play in Jax. But we are CAPABLE of running UF out of the stadium. Gotta take what’s given to us.

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  12. Chopdawg

    If we got out-executed, doesn’t that mean we got out-talented? Doesn’t “talent” include the ability to execute?

    I think this team just isn’t as talented as a lot of people think. Still think we have a shot to beat Fla, but getting back to the SECC is low-probability IMHO.