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Beyond buy in

Jeremy Pruitt haz a sad after yesterday’s blowout.

But it’s clear Pruitt is losing patience as he eagerly awaits a recruiting season that could help Tennessee make up some of the difference that separates the Vols and Tide.

At one point, he even wondered aloud about his own players, telling the audience of reporters, “Maybe today they weren’t good enough.”

Fulmer looked on with the same look of revulsion, simmering in the background.

Had he stuck around after Pruitt finished his news conference, he may have lost it.

I can’t help but wonder what it must be like to play for a coach (and his boss) who have basically written the team off almost to the point of contempt.



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You get what you pay for.

Connecticut lost to South Florida yesterday, running its record to 1-6 (the loan win coming against a 4-3 Rhode Island squad), but that didn’t stop Randy Edsall from making bank.

Surprisingly, no mention is made there of holding the opposing team under forty points for the first time all season (yes, including Rhode Island).  I guess Randy’s contract will have to be renegotiated in the offseason.  Can’t let that low fruit hang, amirite?


UPDATE:  Shit, I thought I was kidding.


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Goose egg

For what it’s worth, per Seth Emerson ($$), Kirby Smart has never tasted defeat at the hands of Dan Mullen.

They have matched up in eight of the past nine seasons, and each time Smart’s team has won. The first seven times Smart was Alabama’s defensive coordinator and Mullen was Mississippi State’s head coach. Last year, it was Smart as Georgia’s head coach. The 8-0 record is one thing.

Mississippi State, in eight games against Smart’s defenses at Alabama and Georgia, has averaged just 7.9 points and 274.6 yards.

If they want to keep that going, I’m okay with it.


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You know the expression “water seeks its own level”?  That’s kind of the principle in play in big time college athletics, where there’s all this money rolling in, and no way allowed to spend a significant amount of it on the hired help… but it’s still gonna get spent somewhere.

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Bus juice

With Auburn’s season basically in the shitter, fans calling for his head, Alabama emasculating the same Tennessee team that one week before had rolled into Auburn to end a long losing streak, his team clinging to a one-score lead in the third quarter on the road against Ole Miss, Gus Malzahn stared into the abyss and found something deep inside himself:  an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for complaining about a holding call (yeah, I know this is the SEC, but stay with me here).

Here’s the sound of a team trying to convince itself this was a meaningful act.

“That was the first time I’ve ever seen Coach Malzahn just get that upset in a game for us,” Davidson said. “I mean, it was incredible. That gave us drive. When you see your coach fighting for you, you want to fight for your coach. I love Coach Malzahn. I hope he’s here for a long time, especially with me.”

Redshirt-junior left guard Marquel Harrell said he has seen that side of Malzahn before — just never on gamedays. That type of reaction has only been solicited in practices before, and even then, it is pretty rare to see.

Following the penalty, as Auburn’s offense marched back toward the new line of scrimmage at the Tigers’ own 32-yard line, several offensive linemen turned toward the contingent of Auburn fans in the southeast corner of the stadium and tried to pump them up.

“It was exciting man, because Coach Malzahn is usually like a chill person, but then seeing him get the 15 yards, I was like, ‘Yeah, Coach,’ and super happy because I was yelling at the sideline,” Harrell said. “I was like, yeah, just trying to get the crowd into it. I’m proud, man.”

Whatever floats your boat, brother.

“You could tell, I don’t know what he’s talking to himself about, but he has a different swagger about himself,” Davis said. “I don’t know if it’s because we’re in the position we’re in. We’re 5-3 or whatever our record is right now. But he’s a different guy, I can tell you that.”

“We’re 5-3 or whatever our record is right now.”  Wow, talk about being fully engaged in your season.

It’s almost a shame Georgia isn’t traveling to play there this time.


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Today, in all their goals are still ahead of them

TFW you wish the meds that affect your memory would kick in.

Better be careful, Urbs.  A couple more of those and the Ohio State administration may suddenly discover the spine it couldn’t locate last month.

Bonus take:  it only took a week for Georgia to no longer have the most embarrassing loss by the number two team in the country.  Thanks, Corch!


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Coming to your cit-ay

So, the circus is coming to Jacksonville…

Along with the fan equivalent of Jehovah’s Witnesses

ESPN is likely going to get a heavy dose of UCF fans when it brings College GameDay to Jacksonville Saturday for the annual Florida-Georgia rivalry matchup.

While lots of Gators and Bulldogs flock to Jacksonville for the rivalry game known as the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party thanks to the ability to consume more alcohol than typically allowed on a college campus, Knights fans are sure to visit ESPN’s GameDay set.

Oy.  Get a life, people.


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Five-star cigar

Judging from this…

… and this

… Booch appears to be a happy man.  Where’s the trash can, though?


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