You get what you pay for.

Connecticut lost to South Florida yesterday, running its record to 1-6 (the loan win coming against a 4-3 Rhode Island squad), but that didn’t stop Randy Edsall from making bank.

Surprisingly, no mention is made there of holding the opposing team under forty points for the first time all season (yes, including Rhode Island).  I guess Randy’s contract will have to be renegotiated in the offseason.  Can’t let that low fruit hang, amirite?


UPDATE:  Shit, I thought I was kidding.



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8 responses to “You get what you pay for.

  1. Dawg1

    Do they have to give the win back?

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    • Down island way

      Under current contractual outlines, the loan win can be repaid based solely upon the coaches annual percentage of wins. Now, under recent loan win interest rates, that loan win can be spread over the life of that win. In an attached addendum, it is noted that should said coach be terminated that loan win really did mount to anything at all………….


  2. Doug

    So Edsall could (and probably will) go 1–11 this season without a single win over an FBS opponent, and still potentially bank a $100K raise next year.

    But A.J. Green selling his own jersey, THAT’S what’s gonna destroy college football as we know it.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Is there an incentive clause for being the first HC to get fired?

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  4. AusDawg85

    What’s the amount for winning the coin toss?

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  5. Chopdawg

    Hell, give him and his agent credit for negotiating that contract.