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Never give up.

Easily my tweet of the day…

“May have”?  You mean, like in the distant past?

I won’t be there in person to watch GameDay, but I sure hope there’s a witty 3d&G poster or two in camera shot Saturday.  We’ve earned it.



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Five-star BS

This quote from a former Vol ought to leave a mark.

Then again, Booch is pretty shameless.


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A play that Corch would like to forget

Watch the attempted tackle of the smallish receiver about halfway through this clip:

Need to work on that macho fling down move, brah.  Weak.


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Today, in think like a Gator

I’m using “think” in the loosest sense, of course.

“We have started looking at a little bit of Georgia film,” sophomore defensive tackle Elijah Conliffe said Tuesday, adding there’s an upside that comes with the bye week aside from the decompression aspect. “This bye week, we’re going to use this as an advantage over the Georgia team.”

Genius!  Because Georgia didn’t have a bye week… oh, wait.


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In a time of self-evaluation

With all due respect, it’s not what Kirby is selling this week that matters.

“Everything we want is in front of us,” Smart said. “If we let LSU beating us physically beat us twice, then we haven’t done our job. The key for us is to move forward. We still have a good football team, and we still have an opportunity to do everything we want to do.

“Every opportunity we had before is still in front of us. The margin of error is just smaller.”

It’s what his team is buying.

“On the inside, it’s a lot in the same to me,” Georgia tight end Charlie Woerner said. “We lost to Auburn last year, then came back and did great. We’re in the same scenario and can bounce back even stronger.”

This is also different…

Woerner admitted it was slightly different, because the senior leadership of Lorenzo Carter, Nick Chubb, Isaiah Wynn and others aren’t on the roster to take upon the role. But senior center Lamont Gaillard and sophomore wide receiver have become more vocal.

“We’ve got great leaders on the team,” Georgia offensive guard Solomon Kindley said. “When (the departed leaders) left, we just filled in their place. We will follow those guys with whatever they do. It’s their team.”

Let’s hope everybody’s paying attention.


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Extremism in the defense of LSU football is no vice.

James Carville urges Greg Sankey to reverse the targeting call on Devin White, compares the moment to Reagan’s “tear down this wall” (yes, somewhat tongue in cheek, but only somewhat).

Sometimes, it really does mean more.


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Time to get the Cocktail Party started!

Your morning appetizer:

Remember, we have to socialize with these people for half a day before the game.

My advice is to drink plenty of fluids.


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“Will you join us?”

Danny White, I don’t understand — the current College Football Playoff structure is a “broken model”?  But you’ve been telling everyone within listening range that Central Florida is the national champion!  Why would that need fixing?


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Larry Scott knows nothing.

Boy, this is embarrassing.

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott doubled down on Saturday night.

Late last week, when asked if the conference instant-replay policy existed anywhere in writing, Scott said, “I don’t know if there’s a manual or not, but there’s a well-established procedure.”

On Saturday, Scott said to media in Pullman for the Oregon-Washington State game: “I had a chance to look into it … there’s an NCAA rule in writing, but there is no manual. I’m not aware of any manual that exists in our conference or nationally.”

Turns out, Scott is wrong. The Oregonian/OregonLive obtained a printed copy of the 2018 version of that instant-replay manual, titled: “The Pac-12 Conference Instant Replay Manual.”

First Rule of Holes, Larry baby.

Another reason to keep your mouth shut is because the manual itself is nothing to write home about.

A close examination of the 11-page publication could help explain why the conference finds itself embroiled in this instant-replay public-relations nightmare in the first place. The conference replay manual doesn’t include vital components of the instant-replay procedure, is ambiguous and leaves a wide berth for interpretation and instruction that comes from the Pac-12’s centralized command center.

Eh, minor details.

On Saturday, Scott said he doesn’t believe the conference has a credibility issue.


This guy is the highest paid conference commissioner in the country.  Pac-12, I could do the job without showing my ass (or yours, for that matter) for half the price.  I suspect you could open the phone book and choose a name at random who could do the same.


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SEC Power Poll, Week Eight


Remember that whole “It is tempting to boil the conference down to Alabama and the thirteen dwarfs” I led off the Week Seven Power Poll post with?

It’s getting more tempting.

  1. Alabama.  It’s amazing that we’ve gotten to the point where what seems like a relatively ordinary goal, to prevent a team from scoring a touchdown on its opening drive, has become almost insanely daunting.
  2. Georgia.  We’ll find out in less than a week if this ranking is a sensible reaffirmation, or somewhat delusional.
  3. LSU.  239 total yards of offense, and they won by sixteen.  Think that’ll work against ‘Bama?
  4. Florida.  What I just wrote about Georgia applies equally to the Gators.
  5. Texas A&M.  Didn’t play, so they’re still underwater, points-wise, in conference play, but honestly, considering what’s below, I can’t rank the Aggies any lower than this.
  6. Kentucky.  I know Benny Snell is good enough to put this team on his back en route to a win over Vanderbilt, but against Georgia, a starting quarterback going 3-9 for 18 yards ain’t gonna cut it.
  7. Auburn.  Now the Gus Bus be rollin’, bitchez.  Pay no attention to that killer defense giving up almost 450 yards to Ole Miss.
  8. Mississippi State.  I think it’s fair to say Nick Fitzgerald isn’t the quarterback Joe Moorhead signed up for.  That’s a shame, because that defense is pretty solid.
  9. South Carolina.  Boom is having doubts about the offense.  That likely won’t end well.
  10. Missouri.  My, that was a tasty cupcake.
  11. Ole Miss.  Damn, that defense sucks.
  12. Tennessee.  They’ll always have Auburn.  And November.
  13. Vanderbilt.  The anchor is willing, but the flesh is weak.
  14. Arkansas.  Tulsa changes nothing, unfortunately for the Hogs.


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