In a time of self-evaluation

With all due respect, it’s not what Kirby is selling this week that matters.

“Everything we want is in front of us,” Smart said. “If we let LSU beating us physically beat us twice, then we haven’t done our job. The key for us is to move forward. We still have a good football team, and we still have an opportunity to do everything we want to do.

“Every opportunity we had before is still in front of us. The margin of error is just smaller.”

It’s what his team is buying.

“On the inside, it’s a lot in the same to me,” Georgia tight end Charlie Woerner said. “We lost to Auburn last year, then came back and did great. We’re in the same scenario and can bounce back even stronger.”

This is also different…

Woerner admitted it was slightly different, because the senior leadership of Lorenzo Carter, Nick Chubb, Isaiah Wynn and others aren’t on the roster to take upon the role. But senior center Lamont Gaillard and sophomore wide receiver have become more vocal.

“We’ve got great leaders on the team,” Georgia offensive guard Solomon Kindley said. “When (the departed leaders) left, we just filled in their place. We will follow those guys with whatever they do. It’s their team.”

Let’s hope everybody’s paying attention.


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20 responses to “In a time of self-evaluation

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Not sure which receiver Charlie is referring to…my guess is J.J., who has emerged as our most physical receiver.

    I am more interested in who our leader is on the front-seven ‘D’.


  2. 81Dog

    In some ways, talk about leadership reminds me of the annual talk about “this off-season was the toughest, most focused ever.” It’s all just talk until someone gets hit in the mouth. I hope our guys remember it’s better to give than to receive. Crunch time starts Saturday. GATA.

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  3. AusDawg85

    I wish we would approach this game like Bama did to us in 2015…pure business. Celebrate in the 4th Q when the game is well in hand, otherwise remain, calm, focused and committed to crushing them.


  4. ASEF

    Since everyone was doing the “Saban parallel” thing and thinking this would be Kirby’s 2009…. What if it’s 2010? The year Bama had an insanely talented team and still managed to find a way to lose 3 games, largely because the team culture had not figured out how to handle success yet?

    If it’s followed by a 2011/12, then it’s all good, right? 🙂


    • stoopnagle

      I think that was the year that Bama had 4-5 games against teams after their bye weeks. You know, like us in ’19?


  5. Macallanlover

    Thinking this will be the way Saturday goes, I believe our guys got the wake-up call. If our D doesn’t shut this FU offense down it will be a physical shortcoming indicator that it cannot be fixed this season. This Gaytor team does not have the OL, QB, or RB that could move the ball against a solid, motivated defense. We will find out a lot if UGA fails this weekend, and it will not be the last loss we will face this season. UGA wins, and covers on Saturday.


    • AlphaDawg

      This UF team has some pretty decent RB’s this year. IMO, The best RB they’ve had in several years.Their OL and QB are by far their biggest weakness.


    • Skeptic Dawg

      Mac, our D held their own vs LSU. Sure, there were a few coverages that were blown, a solid run or three due to poor LB play, but the D was left in the field far too long. The Dawgs lost in Baton Rogue due to offensive shortcomings and failures. I am more concerned with our o-line, their pass protection and Jake Fromm’s mental state this weekend in Jax. If this staff can either coach up this offense, or better yet coach around our deficiencies, we should be fully capable of beating the Gators. My fear is that Florida will load the box, stuff the run, and we are left with Fromm or Fields to bail us out through the air.

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      • Macallanlover

        Sorry, our defense is the primary concern this year, and it isn’t close. Jake Fromm’s mental state? Where is that delusion coming from? We are far better at QB with Fromm, might want to worry about the OC if you really want to point out the only thing limiting the UGA offense. More playmakers than any team we face, with an experienced OL, and a QB that has led us to a 19-3 record.

        The only issue we have on Saturday is the FU running game keeping us off the field by our softness in the middle; well, that and said OC wasting the opportunities we do get as an offense. If FU loads the box to stop the run, and they certainly will, we have the most talented group of receivers they have seen all year. I don’t think they will be able to stuff the run all day, they lack depth…assuming we get the ball back and they don’t get time consuming drives. No excuses for the offense, lot of options available to Chaney.


  6. Bill Glennon

    Run the ball;
    Stop the run;
    Make Franks throw long to beat you
    Don’t worry about the antigibles


  7. Uglydawg

    You could almost copy and paste all of these “statements” that coaches and players make after a bad loss and use them for the next one.


  8. 86BONE

    “Screw florida and the mule they rode in here on”


  9. If we can overcome the humidity I think we’ll be in decent shape.