Time to get the Cocktail Party started!

Your morning appetizer:

Remember, we have to socialize with these people for half a day before the game.

My advice is to drink plenty of fluids.


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5 responses to “Time to get the Cocktail Party started!

  1. Got Cowdog

    Good movie, Great book. Jeanine Garafalo is really funny in a girl next door hot in a uniform kind of way.
    Whatever happened to Dave Barry? Does he still write?


  2. Jt10mc (the other one)

    Ok. That is hilarious. What movie is it? I have never seen it.


  3. Down island way

    Had planned on consuming large quantities of adult beverages, but Senator, am a front pew sittin’, card carryin’ member of the gator hater nation!!!!!!!!!!!! Color me red and black, i prefer to stick with my own kind for this event thank you! GATA!!!