“It was like a snap of a finger.”

Hey, guess what, guys?  Florida players say they were distracted before last year’s Georgia game and that’s what cost them.

Kinda like the Tebow shoulder excuse to explain the 2007 loss.

Remember, since 1990, Gator football can’t fail.  It can only be failed.


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16 responses to ““It was like a snap of a finger.”

  1. Spike

    And they wonder why we all hate them..

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  2. ugafidelis

    Gawd we have to beat them. Soundly.


    • Mayor

      ^^This. Georgia still leads the series overall and is 4-3 in the series the last 7 years so we are actually better than at parity with the lizards in recent games. We need to win and win big to re-establish domination in the series.

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  3. Gregdog63

    And what happened with the three losses before the UGA game? Maybe they lost those to make the Dawgs overconfident 🙄. Goodness I hate that team.

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  4. 81Dog

    The Gators are outraged. Never in the 29 year history of Florida football were they so unfocused!

    Talk is cheap. Glad we aren’t talking, hope we are preparing to unfocus them yet again.

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  5. I have a feeling Kirby is taking a team to Jacksonville that is ready to GATA. We’ve been waiting for the 2018 Georgia Bulldogs to show up and play to their talent for 60 minutes. We’re going to see that.

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    • JG Shellnutt

      Don’t forget the 2007 dogs barely beat Vandy right before the Cocktail Party. They were celebrating at midfield in Nashville and CMR broke them up. …which I think he later felt bad about and told them to celebrate their first touchdown in Jax.
      The 07 dawgs ended up being a pretty great team when all was said and done. We forget they almost lost to Vandy right before the Cocktail Party…


      • 81Dog

        When that game was over, I admit that I was concerned about whether we could win another game all season, much less beat Florida. Next thing you know, the UGA defense is clubbing Colt Brennan like a baby seal in the Sugar Bowl. Nostradamus couldn’t tell you what a bunch of 18-22 year old athletes will do week to week. Hope for the best, but keep lots of adult beverages handy.


  6. stoopnagle

    Yeah, I’d say you’re pretty much not focused if you get your ass beat like that. There are other things going sideways, too, so if they just want to ignore all of that important stuff and think it was merely lack of focus that led to losing by 35 points, I’m unsurprisingly OK with that.

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  7. Thorn Dawg

    Seeing a picture of your coach make love to a shark will do that to you….


  8. Pretty much everyone involved with Florida is talking serious shit right now. It’s really kinda mind blowing. You’d think it’s the mid-90s again.

    I expect the game to be kinda ugly if this transitions to the field. The coaches and players better be ready for to fight Saturday. I think we’re about to find out if this program is the same or not.


  9. Mike Cooley

    It’s amazing how quickly they went from being in a malaise to their old arrogant selves. Popping their stupid bubble is going to be sweet. They are the past. We are what’s happening now. Screw Florida and the mule they rode in on.


  10. The Dawg abides

    I really would’ve liked to see how things played out if Mac hadn’t made the death threats comment. Would they have fired him for one bad season after winning the division his first two? If Mac hadn’t weirded out and just stayed positive to the media, would the gator brass want to take the PR hit? It’s obvious Mac wanted out and gave them an excuse.