One bad loss and they’re ready to write you off.

I guess this is supposed to be profound.

One little thing, though.  Saturday would be virtually an SEC Championship elimination game for both teams even if Georgia had beaten LSU.  That’s a tribute to the Gators, who have played themselves into divisional contention.

But in terms of the SECCG, Baton Rouge changed nothing.  I’m not trying to go all “goals are still in front of Georgia” on y’all; it’s just that the loss doesn’t put any added pressure on the Dawgs this week.  (Should it come to playing Alabama in December, that’s another story.  But I digress.)

Don’t get me wrong.  There are certainly interesting intangible factors in play, something that’s true of any bitter rivalry game.  Just don’t read too much into the consequences of the LSU game.


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11 responses to “One bad loss and they’re ready to write you off.

  1. Spike

    Didn’t he pick Kentucky recently to win the East?


  2. CPark58

    I hate losing but if it was going to happen, it couldn’t have worked out better for the season. The all world young talent on this roster (and the fan base) got a taste of success, then a bunch of hype, then a big kick in the ass and healthy dose of humility. Then they got a week to look in the mirror sans hype and a week to get up for their biggest rivalry game with high stakes. Don’t forget, the coaching staff got schooled and hopefully shored that shit up too. We’ve all watched and waited for this team to come out firing on all cylinders and annihalate someone, oh please let this one be it.

    This team isn’t lead by the 4 and Roquan aint flying around sideline to sideline this year and their is no margin of error anymore but if they have the talent and competitors they supposedly have, I like where UGA is at. Now run the damn ball, Cheney.


  3. AusDawg85

    Beating LSU would have meant we would have been the only real shot to take down Bama. Giving LSU the game (and man, did we ever hand it to them) means LSU has a silver bullet too. All part of the plan. That Kirby….


    • Ray Avret

      I have yet to see a team that could play there best game and beat Bamma on an average day for them.
      I don’t think Bamma will have a loss this season.
      Not that they are so great, I just do not see any team strong enough to exploit the weaknesses they have.
      Take the next 8 teams put them in a bag shake them up pour them out. No telling who beats who on any given day.


  4. Uglydawg

    The consequences of the LSU game…it’s true that the WLOCP will probably determine who wins the East and would have determined it regardless of what happened in Death Valley. And the same may very well be said of the Kentucky/ Georgia game depending, of course, on what happens between then and now. Those are the technical consequences
    The intangible consequences could flow either way or not at all. I think UF is playing with great confidence and Georgia’s self esteem may be a little bruised…but it could be that those two things help the Dawgs if it is just the right measure of both.
    Looking back on our early expectations..that this team would dance through the we still believe that?


  5. Ray Avret

    I think Georgia just needs a lil adjustment to the Offense. Get Fromm under center a lil more and back to the play-action passing he was doing last season along with twice as many touches for Holyfield go from (6-9) to (12-18) and still allow Swift his 10-12 touches a game and Georgia will be fine those simple changes might allow the offense to click instead of looking so out of place waiting on the big play all season


  6. dawgfan

    I agree with him. Florida has played three physical defenses and is 2-1 against them, all close games. We’ve played one and had our ass handed to us. The view from my TV showed LSU doing to us in the 4th quarter what we did to teams last year. Mullen is a good coach, Florida has good players, and they will be ready Saturday. Our front seven and offensive line better step it up or its going to be a long day in Jacksonville.


  7. Mike Cooley

    We are going to kick their ass. It won’t be a 2017 style ass whipping but we are going to kick their ass. Go Dawgs!


  8. nightnthebox

    Just wasted a few minutes trawling thru the articles on The Dawgbone and reading comments… some harsh critics, man… harsh.

    I watched the LSU debacle and I saw a good team that didn’t play very well against another good team that did play very well. I saw a good QB that wasn’t having a very sharp game. But it was nothing new. Seen it before.

    I’ve been watching kids play football for oh, a thousand years or so, even played a little myself, and that LSU game looked like one of the countless games I’ve seen where stuff goes the wrong way at the wrong time and it seems like nothing you do is working and then the doubt-cloud reeaaallly settles in but you’re sure that if you can just fix this or that, everything will be fine, but when you do, something else goes to crap and then your best player muffs a punt and WTF he’s NEVER muffed a punt, and you’re just like WTF and you feel like a loser and this ref has it in for us and of course they can run the ball off the edge if you’re gonna let them hold every damn time and why do we let those stupid road warrior d-bags into the stadium, need golf course dress code at Sanford and who drank all this bourbon, I had a full handle at 9am and I should probably eat but fuck this shit, I hate Cajuns and they’re stupid civil law and parishes and other stupid French shit, good sausage tho, and how the F&$K can that guy not see they’re holding us on EVERY DAMN PLAY and I’m gonna burn that cornhole board if that damn thumping doesn’t stop and Gary Danielson needs to just hit Brad Nessler with a metal-steel chair and that effing Auburn fan neighbor of mine is blowing his leaves into the street again, effin Barner… and you end up thinking, are we really this bad?

    The answer is no, we just played shitty. Go Dawgs.


  9. Mick Jagger

    I think the Dawgs win 27-14.

    I refuse to bow down to Spurrier’s observation – UGA has best players on signing day, FU on game day, etc.