Behave, you scamps.

Welp, I’m about to head out the door and indulge my inner Champ Bailey for the 38th (!) time, so the header is now officially in effect.

Posting, as usual, will be less frequent, but I know you guys can deal with it.  GATA!


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21 responses to “Behave, you scamps.

  1. Salty Dawg

    Safe travels! Look forward to your perspective on it all!


  2. Leggo5

    38th time! Well played!


  3. Timphd

    Bring home a big W.


  4. Morris Day

    Hope there’s a point scored for every time you’ve been… and that the Dawgs get all 38 of’em! Enjoy!


  5. Godawg

    Guys, you need to check this out:

    These idiots are bringing buses, with kids, and camping out all night for CGD just to show their ass. I’ve, and some Gators, have tried to warn them that this is no place to bring kids and to be prepared for some ugliness. So naive…


    • Harold Miller

      SMH. If they come across as anything other than petulant crybabies, I will be shocked.


    • Hey man, every fan base should experience College Game Day once. Too close to Orlando to pass it up.


    • illinidawg

      We got to the Rose Bowl at 5am because we went to the parade and wanted to make sure we got down there in time with plenty of time to get back for the game. We weren’t the first ones there but it was close. A car full of guys from Texas who were big Dawg fans parked behind us and we shot the breeze for a bit. They were really jacked up and had all these big signs. “we’re going to Game Day”!!!! I don’t know when they found out but there was no Game Day at the Rose Bowl!


  6. mwo

    So I guess you’re not stopping in Statesboro on the way down?


  7. Harold Miller

    Safe travels. Me and the better half are headed to SSI in the AM.


  8. CLT Dawg

    Safe travels & have fun.


  9. Mallard-Drake

    I hate those people (Florida). Kick their asses, rub their face in the dirt …and leave them for dead. My blood boils this entire week. Kill them. To Hell with Florida and the mule they road in on! Miss you Erk!


  10. JG Shellnutt

    I’ll be at T-Rays at 7 in the morning


  11. illinidawg

    We’re at Edisto for a week of fishin!


  12. Debby Balcer

    We are coming not to game day to to the game. It should be a fun day.


  13. Athens Dog.

    35 for me. Playing in 30th annual “gators eat boogers” invitational today at St Simons Plantation course. Woof.