Is it really that hard to say, “we screwed up”?

Eh, who am I kidding here?  This is the visionary Larry Scott we’re talking about after Pac-12 athletic directors were forced to step in and clean up the instant replay mess his office created.

“It is clear that a mistake was made and that action needed to be taken, as nothing is more important than the safety of our student-athletes and the integrity of our competition,” Scott said in a statement. “We have been leaders in both of these essential areas. We are determined to learn from this episode and strengthen our officiating processes as a result.”

“… a mistake was made”.  Is there anything more chicken shit than hiding behind the passive tense when you fuck up?

Gosh, I hope this whole unfortunate episode doesn’t come back to bite ol’ Larry in the butt when it comes time for his next review.


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12 responses to “Is it really that hard to say, “we screwed up”?

  1. Uglydawg

    Commonly a mea culpa is almost immediately qualified with “but if you” or “however”.
    I know this.
    One of my titles is “husband’.


  2. AusDawg85

    No fan of Larry Scott, but the Director of Football Operations and guilty party Dixon should be the one facing the press and answering questions.

    “Sir, did you order the Code Red?”


  3. WH

    “Buck Stops,” from high integrity to low:

    “I made a mistake.”
    ” made a mistake.”
    “We made a mistake.”
    “A mistake was made.”
    “Everyone makes mistakes.”
    “This mistake is on the victim.”


  4. kfoge

    Who did the replay call benefit? USC or WSU? Just curious what was the driving force between the Third Party involvement.


    • Russ

      USC, of course.


    • Russ

      Here’s the textbook example of targeting (launching, lowering head, blow delivered to head with crown of helmet) that was overturned by a PAC-10 bureaucrat calling into the replay booth.


      • The bureaucrat was “the Pac-12’s general counsel and senior vice president of business affairs.” The overrule was a business decision to be sure. I’m sure that dude will get a firm talking to!


      • Uglydawg

        That’s what was overturned by a non-official? That’s the very definition of targeting.
        How about an apology like this, “We apologize for being cheating bastards, but that’s who we are”.


        • ASEF

          Actually, that was the second missed call of the evening.

          The first was a Wazzu player who hit a kneeling USC QB. Not a vicious hit, but otherwise textbook – lowered crown of helmet, player kneeling. The Wazzu player might have tried to pull up – hard to tell – but that apparently was the original call Woody overturned. Which benefited Wazzu.

          Was the video above a make-up call? Who knows?


  5. The Pac 12 officials can not get out of their own way-which is a shame. Hell, let some of the coaches run it.