Stats every Dawg should know.

Man, the things Kirby’s gotta school the young ‘uns about

“Coach Smart showed us a statistic in the Monday meeting,” Patrick said. “The past 10 years, whichever team had more rushing yards has won the game. That just explains it all. This game is going to come down to the front seven.”

It turns out that a rushing yardage advantage has decided the victor in the last 12 matchups between the Bulldogs and the Gators.

I’ll give you a better one than that, Natrez.  You know how many times a team in the Cocktail Party has scored more than thirty points and lost?  Once.  (And that was in overtime.)

There is no reason to think this year’s Gator team is built to win a shoot-out, so, just score and score some more, Dawgs.



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  1. sniffer

    There is no good reason why UGA loses this game. None. We have better talent and more of it. It will come down to “want it”.

    While I think about it, we are superior in every way. Prettier girls, better BBQ, nicer people, mountains, Athens…
    That place is so shitty, nature is attacking it with red tide.

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  2. Cpark58

    So you’re saying we should just run the (damn) ball? It’ll never work.


    • Thorn Dawg

      Can someone forward this to Chaney? Write it on his darn hands.


      • Dawg in Lutz

        Totally agree with running the ball down their throats; however Chaney didn’t miss Mecole wide open in the first quarter or Godwin wide open in the endzone. He did call those plays and Fromm missed them. Fromm makes those two plays and it’s 14-3 UGA in the first quarter. I think it’s a much different game if those two plays are made. I’m not putting it all on Fromm either. That was a team-loss as many players missed assignments and plays. It’s just the glaring mistakes were on Fromm. I say he’ll bounce back with a solid performance in Jax.

        The only way the Gators win is by winning the TO battle and scoring on defense or special teams. They cannot beat us without a little extra.

        Go Dawgs!!

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        • J-DawG

          Don’t forget that we have lost games there due to the “home-cooking” refs.


        • Anonymous

          I don’t think you understand how the average fan things playcalling works. They think Chaney should call the plays where Fromm doesn’t miss the receiver or the receiver doesn’t drop the ball. Blaming the playcalling is almost universally a sign of frustration for a fan that doesn’t know enough about football to understand the execution failures.


          • Macallanlover

            I agree on individual play calls, that is much, much more about execution. But the offensive philosophy and game plan/personnel utilization can most certainly be blamed on the play calling and OC. Depends on how you interpret the term I guess. Individual play calls are about the results of how one play was executed, rarely the reason for the loss, just easier to blame.


  3. Jack Burton

    So what you’re saying is running the ball down their throats will not only be successful and lead to victory but also help protect our run D weakness? GENIUS


  4. An Asshole

    As I understand it, in every single game of the rivalry, the team thtat scores the most wins. Sounds like a plan to me.


    • Dawg1

      I did a study and I concur. It is even wider than just the rivalry however, it seems to appear to me that in every games a team scores the most — wins!


  5. AlphaDawg

    I wanna see a remake of Knowshon’s 2007 stat line Saturday night for Holyfield. 188 yards and 3 TDs.


  6. Sweet D

    I say flea flicker on the first play of the game to set the tone. A successful one, and Grantham loses his shit.

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  7. Dave

    I re-watched last year’s GA-FL game (well, 10-minute highlights). I realized that, defensively, there wasn’t a whole lot of what I would call “great” plays being made. It was just good, sound defense. Good coverage, good recognition, sure tackling, and pressure that was what you’d expect (we brought an extra man here or there, too). We didn’t just dominate the line all day, but we rarely let Franks just sit back in the pocket.

    Gotta get back to that style of defense. Roquan or no Roquan, we still have the horses to play Georgia Football.


  8. Russ

    Run. The. Damned. Ball.

    That is all.


  9. MurphDawg

    Wheel route, screen passes, and a heavy dose of Holyfield and Swift.


  10. AusDawg85

    Like at LSU, the only way we lose this game is come out jumpy on O and have some early quick 3 & outs, make mistakes (forced or unforced) get behind and let their crowd into it while we stubbornly try to do something out of character. I trust that lesson has been learned. If I’m Mullen, I see if I can’t go HUNH, pound the middle, and take some deep shots maybe with some razzle dazzle to throw us off our game plan. Stats say we win.

    I’m nervous but I’m going all in on Kirby that he has this figured out and LSU was just part of the plan.


  11. Otto

    I don’t like the shoot-out comment as it encourages the play calling we saw in Baton Rouge. Run the ball, using the quick passing game to keep the box from being loaded, and don’t chase points especially in the first half. 30 will come if the team wins the line of scrimmage.


  12. Randall Adams

    I think it’s clear that both teams are going to go old school and try to establish the run to support the pass – deep shots from both teams. I think Georgia is much more balanced on offense and it’s going to show in this game.

    Georgia will win this game by double digits.


  13. doofusdawg

    Quarterback running yards count too.


  14. William (the other one)

    This would be a game for Big Boy Cleveland. sigh. A control the line of scrimmage game, and we are using some FR (granted, talented FR). Fromm needs to start sharp too. build a lead and road grade after halftime.

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  15. stoopnagle

    So, the last time we faced a Dan Mullen coached team that beat LSU, we crushed the living shit out of them right? And the last two times we’ve had the privilege of going against a Todd Grantham defense we’ve RUTSed him, right?


  16. CB

    Score more points, win game.