Two random Cocktail Party thoughts

Third-and-Grantham amusement aside, I can’t bring myself to get that worked up over the fearsome Florida pass rush, mainly because Grantham had a better defensive line at his disposal last season with Mississippi State and the Dawgs found a way to handle that.

On the other hand, what does cause me some concern is the field position game.  Brian Fremeau’s current starting field position ratings have Florida ranked 14th and Georgia **scrolls down**  ** scrolls down** **scrolls down some more** 89th.  Yecch.

Now, if Georgia manages its fair share of explosive plays, the importance of that differential shrinks.  But if Saturday turns out to be a pure grind-it-out affair, the cumulative effect of that could be problematic.

Then again, the Dawgs’ special teams could show up and make it a moot point.  How ’bout it, fellas?


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17 responses to “Two random Cocktail Party thoughts

  1. 81Dog

    We seem to need a better punting game. Short punts by us and a lack of returns by us help put us in a field position disadvantage. Rodrigo Suave has been money all year, hope he’s kicking off a lot this week.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I can understand part of the punting game being an issue since Camarda is a true freshman. We still cover well though. So this part of the game should continue to improve as Camarda acclimates.

      But the punt return problems are purely self-inflicted. Is it really that hard to get the return man into position? One would think you only need to move up, back, or sideways about 5 yards or so on any given punt. Our guys could also do a better job blocking.


  2. gastr1

    This defense could use some turnovers.


  3. DeanO

    You can count on HotRod being consistent (hopefully). Punting has been suspect at best.
    Our return game could be a difference maker if given an opportunity. However hopefully we have 1 opportunity to return a kickoff!!!!


  4. Uglydawg

    I’m betting that the punting game is much better this Saturday.


  5. ASEF

    Fromm needs to hit some guys downfield. If he throws like he did against Missouri and SC, it’s all good. If he throws like he did against Tennessee and LSU, things could get dicey.

    So, yeah, some special teams plays would depressurize things for Fromm considerably.


  6. I’m counting on the Dawgs shredding Florida’s defense with Holyfield/Swift and then hitting several explosive plays with our receivers. All about balance.


  7. Spike

    Need some punt returns!!!!!! I’m looking at you special teams and Mecole!! Get it done!


  8. Jack Burton

    An easy way out of poor field position is to feed the back that AVERAGES EIGHT YARDS A CARRY

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  9. Dawgy1

    This game will come down to one thing….can Georgia run the ball with success. If we start ending up with 3rd down and 5+ yards, we lose.


  10. Granthams replacement

    I recall 4th and Grantham being the issue. 3rd down was Willies’ down to fail.


  11. Russ

    Someone needs to tell Camarda to lay off the directional punting and just kick the crap out of it. If it’s a touchback, so be it. Better than a shank out at the 35 or 40.


    • Macallanlover

      I think the punting fall off is that simple, kick it long and high. We can work on backspin, side bounces, and different ways to drop the ball in the off season. That, and a few key stops by the bend-don’t break defense before they cross mid-field, will change the field position dramatically.


  12. 86BONE

    How bout we just come out and play a complete game while stomping a mud hole in their ass, that is exactly what I believe we will see Saturday afternoon!


  13. DawgPhan

    that’s a ton of lost yardage from last season where I think we were #1 in field position for most of the season. At least near the top.


  14. W Cobb Dawg

    We can neutralize that pass rush with heavy doses of Holyfield and Swift – who are virtually a lock to average 5+ yards per run. Here’s hoping we left the trickery in Baton Rouge.


  15. DawgByte

    Field position is one of those constants in football, like winning the LOS. Having said that, over his career Fromm has been dynamite when handed a shorter field to work with, so if we’re looking for an edge against the Gator’s, field position could be key.