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Some last minute Georgia-Florida reading

A couple of random posts about the game tomorrow worth your viewing pleasure:



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Poor, poor pitiful Vols

This may be the saddest quote about a rivalry game I’ve ever read.

Damn.  Just damn.


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Line play story

CFB Film Room stats don’t quite match up with this week’s narrative.

It’s not a statistically great difference, but Georgia is doing slightly better in that department than are the Gators.  It’s easy to overlook because most of the day was a giant disappointment sandwich, but Georgia did get good pressure on Joe Burrow.

It’s a flip story on the other side.

Considering the respective narratives for each team’s offensive lines coming into the season, that’s a win for Florida.

Cumulatively, it’s hard to say that one team is more likely to generate more consistent pressure than the other… but that’s why they play the games, ain’t it?



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“Pressure is a privilege”, a semi-existential post

I gotta give Chip Towers for expressing what I’ve been thinking in the time since the loss in Baton Rouge with this:

Whether it’s in life or as a football team, it’s important to be who you are.

I was reminded of that two weeks ago after watching the Georgia Bulldogs lay an egg on the road against LSU. That’s what was most disappointing about what went down in the 36-16 loss in Baton Rouge. I didn’t recognize the Georgia team I watched that day, what with the fake field goals, shanked punts and quick-passing game.

That’s also what made it different from last year’s regular-season loss to Auburn. The Bulldogs’ at least stayed in character that day on The Plains. They lost because they couldn’t run the football against the Tigers’ stout defensive front, not because they quit running it. Sure, once Georgia got down a few scores, it had to throw the football and couldn’t because Jake Fromm was running for his life. But that was never really the case against LSU. I mean, you’re sitting there down 19-9 in the fourth quarter with the ball at the plus-38, then you go jet-sweep with the flanker, handoff to third-string back from the backup quarterback, sack, punt.

Georgia’s been resting on its laurels all year and was talented enough to get away with it for the first six games.  LSU exposed the limits of that approach.  The $64000 question today is whether the Dawgs are ready to toss those laurels aside and get to work.

Because this year’s Cocktail Party, more than anything else, is a mindset game.

And let’s be clear about this: Florida is coming into this contest with a significant psychological advantage, in my opinion. The Gators are playing with house money, so to speak. Nobody expected them to be in this position, an SEC East elimination game. They should be loose as a goose. They have absolutely nothing to lose. Drop this game and the Bull Gators will say, “oh well, we’re still rebuilding; we’ll get ’em next year.” Win, and they’ll be giggling all the way back on their 60-mile bus ride back to Gainesville, thinking, “Ha, we’ve still got Georgia’s number and just ruined their season.”

Conversely, the pressure’s all on the Bulldogs. They’re the ones who were the runaway SEC Eastern Division favorites and supposed Top 5 team this season. As coach Kirby Smart pronounced at the outset of the season, “pressure is a privilege.” Well, Georgia should consider itself extremely privileged this weekend because all the pressure will be entirely on its sideline Saturday.

This was one of the Bulldogs’ issues heading into that ill-fated LSU game. They hadn’t faced any adversity, hadn’t been tested, hadn’t been challenged.

Saturday’s trappings are the same as they were against LSU.  Between Georgia and Florida, the Dawgs are the more talented team and they are the statistically superior team.  But those features were rendered irrelevant in the loss because Georgia lacked focus and the Tigers did not.

I don’t see LSU as a defining game in and of itself for this bunch; rather, it was a confirmation of a disturbing trend that’s marked this Georgia team all season.

There’s a lot at stake in this year’s Cocktail Party.  It’s time for Georgia to wake up and play.


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Throw Damon under the bus.

This seems telling.

The exhaustive 198-page external report that will help the University System of Maryland Board of Regents decide the fate of football Coach DJ Durkin paints a troubling picture of the embattled program but stops short of saying the environment in College Park was “toxic.”

“The commission found that the Maryland football team did not have a ‘toxic culture,’ but it did have a culture where problems festered because too many players feared speaking out,” according to a copy of the report obtained Thursday by The Washington Post.

Read the whole article and it’s hard to avoid concluding two things:  the writers are invested in saving Durkin’s job and the means by which that end will be achieved is by hanging Damon Evans out to dry.

The report also highlighted problems in the athletic department, saying “dysfunction was largely due to a chasm between Mr. Anderson and Deputy AD Evans,” referring to Kevin Anderson, the former athletic director, and his deputy who took over the department’s top post on an interim basis last year and was promoted to the position full-time on June 25.

“[This] schism caused the Athletics Department to operate at a suboptimal level for an extended period,” the report stated.

I’m sure that will work out well.


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