Line play story

CFB Film Room stats don’t quite match up with this week’s narrative.

It’s not a statistically great difference, but Georgia is doing slightly better in that department than are the Gators.  It’s easy to overlook because most of the day was a giant disappointment sandwich, but Georgia did get good pressure on Joe Burrow.

It’s a flip story on the other side.

Considering the respective narratives for each team’s offensive lines coming into the season, that’s a win for Florida.

Cumulatively, it’s hard to say that one team is more likely to generate more consistent pressure than the other… but that’s why they play the games, ain’t it?



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10 responses to “Line play story

  1. The Truth

    Bluto, does the weather have you blogging when you would normally be doing something else? How was T-Ray’s?


  2. ASEF

    Any buzz over the two 5 stars opening things back up? I know you don’t do recruiting, but I’m curious if it’s a conversation topic down there or not.


    • Crickets.

      My experience is that the average fan doesn’t really follow recruiting all that closely, with a few exceptions.


      • ASEF

        And nothing an offensive show can’t fix, right? Go Jake.


      • Macallanlover

        Honestly, while that is certainly a true statement in almost every case I have seen, the undercurrent could make this an exceptional case if they ever break the dam. Let’s get focused on football for the next 30 hours. If we show up focused, UGA should be do well tomorrow. Still calling for UGA by double digits in a rock ’em sock ’em forst 3 quarters. Hope it is easier than that, but it is CFB, anything goes with 18-22 year olds.

        Go Dawgs!!


    • Cousin Eddie

      Pretty good story about Emery on Dawgnation.

      Looks like he didn’t like the RB depth (someone got in his ear about it because nothing changed after he committed.)


      • Macallanlover

        There is some truth in that I am sure. I also think the success LSU is having has solidified the fan base and likelihood that Orgeron will remain. At the time he committed there was a lot of unrest about his future. Emery lives amongst the Tigers’ fan base and they were in his ear, I am sure he was hearing how he could be a hometown hero and help bring them back. Pretty good story, a lot closer to home, and a much easier path to playing time.

        He kind of fell into our lap during the uncertainty there, not all that surprising it would be possible for him to be snatched away given the way things have unfolded in cajun country. Problem is it puts us way behind in the race for another elite back for next year’s class. We have a great reputation for RBs, but this late change is tough for us overcome the headstart others have. Not knowing the status of Holyfield for 2019, and the injury to Zeus makes next year a little worrisome. KS will have to pull another trick out of his hat with only two months before signing day. Some W’s on the way in would be a big help. Lot of negative recruiting out there, and a lot of fans stirring the pot after the loss in Red Stick.


  3. Cousin Eddie

    Sadly, these teams seem to be preforming pretty close to the same in several categories. Before the season I didn’t think that was a highly probable possibility.


  4. D as in Dawg

    What the heck happened? Apparently, coming into this season, my horse was napping in the stable and my cart was somewhere around Neptune. Damn Gators.