Some last minute Georgia-Florida reading

A couple of random posts about the game tomorrow worth your viewing pleasure:


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7 responses to “Some last minute Georgia-Florida reading

  1. JAX

    Someone might remind David the scores to the UT, Mizzou, and Vandy games.


  2. D as in Dawg

    My wife just walked in the house and said all these people are decommitting. Kirby needs to get his sh*# together. Lol. She doesn’t watch or listen to anything related to football. The Gator ladies she works with are telling her this stuff. I hate the Gators!!


  3. 86BONE

    Boys these days want a soft deal…..have them hold out their hand and I will 💩 in it! They play the game with one 🏈 only, it’s hard to get on the field in Athens these days, get use to it!


  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Reading these articles just makes me more nervous. 😦


  5. Rob Mancini

    I don’t think the sons of bitches playing these games realize how important they are until it’s too late. If Kirby can only impart that, we win. By these games I mean the important ones. Not the random LSU. 25 years from now this game will have meaning, LSU will not.


  6. JasonC

    I read all this stuff about how we need to play Fields, Fromm has to play better (obviously), yada yada. Look, it’s the lines. If the OL imposes their will so Holyfield, Swift & Co. Get rolling and Fromm has time and isn’t in long situations, we’ll get it done there. If the D front can stuff runs and put pressure on their QBs the D will get it done.
    Kentucky beat Florida with a much worse QB than either of our guys. They did it with a strong running game and good D.