Run the damned ball, Chaney.

Giving Elijah Holyfield seven carries against LSU was coaching malpractice.

Don’t do that again, Jim.


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  1. J-DawG

    Who’s to blame? Kirby or Chaney? I’ve seen a change in Kirby this year that bothers me. More arrogance and stubbornness than last year. Last year he was exuberant: this year just angry. Am I wrong?


  2. Athens Dog.

    Control the things you can control….


  3. Give it to him every time and he’s guaranteed to never be stopped on 4th down! #itsmath


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Holyfield’s limited carries made the offensive coaches look like they didn’t know WTF they were doing. You’d think an offensive staff with so much experience would know better. Offense has a chance to redeem themselves today and make LSU look like a hiccup. Without naming names, another questionable performance is going to put at least one assistant on the hot seat.


  5. Derek

    I say the original sin was faking the FG and going down 10-0. Makes you change what you’re doing and start chasing the scoreboard.

    Who knows how many carries the kid gets if we’re icing the game in the second half like we should have been doing?


    • gastr1

      The fake FG was certainly a sin, but 10-0 that early is not reason enough to chase the scoreboard….hence, TWO sins.

      That game will forever be in the mind of gastr1 as the most inexplicably coached since the 2015 WLOCP.

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    • Uglydawg

      I think the fake FG attempt was the biggest among many big sins that day, but the original sin was having Holyfield drive the ball down the field and then throwing it three times in a row. That happened first. But that was the second drive. Don’t really remember the first drive..think it was three and out…the one where Fromm barely missed Mecole on a streaker down the left sideline.
      Put them in any order you want but it WAS coaching malpractice.
      We need a great game out of the coaches today.
      1. Prepping the players and getting their heads right.
      2. Calling a very good game.
      (actually number 1 is a done deal. By this time the players are either in the right mental mode or they’re not. If they’re not, the defense better start working on GT this Monday because the SECE is lost and all that is left is the State of Ga. championship)
      But I think the Dawgs are going to hurt Florida’s feelings today.


  6. Macallanlover

    I don’t care how many carries Holyfield gets, and don’t care what the mix of Fromm/Fields is in today’s game. It could be Swift who is is the star, or the TEs or Cook who make the big passing plays we have so many options that could be the difference makers.

    Imposing our will is demonstrating that we will do anything we want because we have more ways to beat you than you have solutions for how to stop us. Could be 250 on the ground, or 375 through the air, there is no one way to predict how UGA will get their 400+ yards against Florida because our plan is to hit ’em where they ain’t. No plan should be pre-set when you have superior talent at so many places. Just push the buttons in front of you (known as use all your Crayons Chaney) and let the guys execute. It is time for this team to show up and ball out. We either win a shootour because of our offensive talent, or the defense plays angry and we win by 3 TDs. Losing is not an option. Go Dawgs!


  7. I am all for getting 4 RB’s equal carries in games that we have little chance of losing . Big, nasty, SEC wars we need to ride our horses.


  8. AusDawg85

    Grantham is going to bring pressure and probably load the box, daring Fromm to go deep and our OL to perform. Trap draws, screens and quick outs are the antidote to get them to back off. If our OL can just dominate early with the run, then things will be easy like last year, but I’m not counting on that. Chaney is going to need to be one step ahead of Grantham to get our offense rolling. Can he? Yes. Will he? What inexplicably happened in the bayou is what has me so nervous when I really shouldn’t need to be.

    I think Pittman and his boys plus the D need to take charge today.


  9. vectordawg

    A buddy of mine at work is an Arkansas fan. He said Chaney did goofy stuff like that there too.


  10. Salty Dawg

    My confidence level is low. Very low. Either the Dawgs get it together and perform up to the standard already set or it’s crash and burn. I hate being so negative, but the coaching staff, all season so far, has not shown me something to have faith in. This team from game one, has not performed like they should have and I’m looking at Kirby and staff on that one.