“I don’t think the better team won today.”

The only thing sweeter than watching your team beat Florida by more than two touchdowns for the second straight year is tasting those sweet, sweet Gator tears after your team beat Florida by more than two touchdowns for the second straight year.


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51 responses to ““I don’t think the better team won today.”

  1. Biggen

    They can’t seem to get used to their new overlords. Kirby will show them the way.

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  2. 81Dog

    I used to love to hustle back to Atlanta in time for the Charley Pell Show. We beat them 44-0 in 1982,and Charley whined and sputtered about how a break here or there and the could have won. Schadenfreude : it’s what’s for dessert!

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    • Wish I was around for those days


      • 81Dog

        Stick around! You may get a fair approximation if you watch the Dan Mullen Show this week. I’m not saying they will never beat us again, but winter is coming for the reptiles. We are the youngest team in the league, and Che Guevara Franks has Dos Mas anos as El QB de Florida.


    • Saxondawg

      “Take away the Lindsay Scott touchdown at the end and the long Herschel run, and it’s Gators all the way, coach!”–Cris Collinsworth, The Charlie Pell Show


  3. Awesome to hear.

    All of us can remember numerous times going down to Jax feeling like we could win but just could not get it done. To me, it was like the roles were reversed. I believe this will continue.

    I’m sure those 3rd downs, turnovers, and shitty QB play is highly frustrating.

    Got a big ol’ Gator tear for the entire program!


  4. Beer Money

    And isn’t this the same jackass that guaranteed a victory for UF this summer at media days?


  5. Kirby can be coach for life if he can keep the Gator tears flowing.


  6. Texas Dawg

    The win yesterday was oh so sweet. The whining, excuse making, and hand wringing today is running a close second.


  7. Granthams replacement

    The view is really nice from this side of the rivalry. I’d like to stay on the winning side for a few more decades.


  8. old dawg

    You know you’re getting to them when they go into damage control…Gators used to throw around the numbers 18 out of 23…they thought it was their entitlement…I’d like nothing better than to break off about 20 in a row in their butts…

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  9. The Truth

    I don’t have any problem with any of this. I think much of it is just what coaches say after a tough loss. I think some of it is true. He did call out poor execution by his team (blown coverages). We could just as easily call out poor tackling by ours. They did have some significant injuries. I’d have much rather played the game with Big Ben in the lineup and think it would have made a difference. Florida looked much better and performed much better than I thought they would before the season started.

    Bottom line: UGA 36 UF 17


  10. Uglydawg

    Mullens has ass-imilated well into the UF culture.
    Seems he’s a low class whiner and un-gracious LOSER. He blamed it on everyone but himself. Yes, he had players out..so did UGA. The refs gave him help on ball spots. His biggest problem is he didn’t get the lucky part of the wishbone for a change. He’s gotten by on turnovers and yesterday they bit him.
    I hope he plays UCF in a bowl and loses to them too.


  11. Bigshot

    Just shut-up!! Admit you got beat.Having Grantham as DC didn’t help their cause


  12. Dawgy1

    Florida…always trash talking before a game, always excuse whining after they get their ass handed to them. Been going on for years.

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  13. Gene Simmons

    “The goal-line stand where they had six opportunities to score inside the one yard line and they don’t,” Mullen said. “That’s what we expect to be.”-Dan Mullen

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    • Uglydawg

      Even if you double your score , you lost Danny Boy.
      And Georgia took a knee at the end when they could have easily pushed it over 40.
      The difference in UGA and UF? Lots of things but one big one is we gave LSU credit for whippin’ us even when we knew we had a bad game. It’s called “being gracious”.


  14. Tronan

    UF yesterday reminded me of UGA against LSU. They just couldn’t get out of their own way. However, at least until the 4th quarter, UGA didn’t look much better than they did a couple of weeks ago, either. Bottom line: An inconsistent UGA is better than an inconsistent UF.


    • Russ

      No, I think Florida played about as well as they could have. They could have tightened up a little bit, but they still would have lost by 7+.

      Against LSU, if we played like we did yesterday, we would have had a great shot at winning.

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      • The Truth

        More specifically, if Fromm played against LSU the way he did yesterday we would have had a great chance of winning.

        Wouldn’t have hurt for F Franks to be LSU’s QB.


  15. Bulldog Joe

    So he is saying Georgia did not get the Gators’ Best Shot®.

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  16. Russ

    Losing by three scores, but it was “oh so close”. 🙂


  17. Gaskilldawg

    Last 2 years UF said it was the best team.
    Points the last 2 years:
    UGA 78
    UF 24

    Yards gained the last 2 years;

    UGA: 824
    UF: 524

    Turnovers the past 2 years:
    UGA: 1
    UF: 1

    Yards per play:

    UGA: 8.24
    UF: 4.45


    UGA: 6
    F: 1


    UGA: 11
    UF: 21

    Yep. The evidence is overwhelming UF was the better team the past 2 years.

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  18. CPark58

    This has to be what Florida felt like all those years.

    They came in having to beat UGA to get over the hump and win the east with high expectations to do so. They had a bunch of chances to win the game but wound up losing by 19 and went home with a whole lot of “if onlys” and just enough good to look forward to next year even though deep down they have a sinking feeling in their stomach. It finally looms large in their head that the road to Atlanta runs through Jacksonville.

    As icing on the cake, the gator players are blaming shit like poor prep and overconfidence for the loss because they were the “better team”. I’ve read the same article 10 times over the years except this time it’s them.

    Mullen will make them good again and raise expectations but Kirby has the horses and hates Florida like Spurrier hated UGA because he lived it. It all sounds so familiar and it is oh so sweet.

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    • CPark58

      Bonus: They are gonna tout their superiority and these losses are flukes. All because they’re Florida and we’re UGA due to their dominance in the 90s and 00s like we hung our hat on the dominance of the 70s and 80s.

      All we need now is to whip their ass over and over and in about 5 years listen to the gator rumblings and about it not being neutral site and clamoring for a home and home.

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  19. Biggen

    I’m sure the Senator will touch on this during the upcoming week, but are we done with the Justin Field experiment where we put him in for a single play? It sure looks like its now Fromm’s job to lose and Fields only seems mop up duty from here on out…


  20. Dolly Llama

    I am going to voluntarily bleep out parts of my initial response, out of respect for the Senator’s house.

    F*** that guy. He can eat the peanuts out of my s***.


  21. Here’s the thing: even when Richt won 3 in a row, none were convincing wins. Ditto the 2004 game.

    Florida has it baked into their DNA that they are entitled to win this game.

    Two thorough beatings in a row is new territory for a lot of them.

    May they continue to suffer.

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  22. Gaskilldawg

    Further proof UF has been the better team the past two years.

    UF and UGA played 9 common opponents in 2017 and to date. Average score against common opponents, rounding to closest interger:

    UGA: 38-17
    UF: 26-23.

    Yep. Clearly UF was the best team in both 2017 and 2018!!

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  23. Will Trane

    Mullen hags his visor on the Gators 6-7 play goal line stand as what the Gators are or want to be.
    Look, Mullen, you substandard HC, the Dawgs were simply wanting to run the clock, yep, that early in the game.
    Injuries are part of the game, so is game prep and practice, execution, and all that “football stuff”.
    The Gators and Mullen are in denial.
    3rd and whatever the yards were is simply beside the damn point Mullen.
    Dawgs executed and you did not.
    Most folks who watched the LSU game thought the Gators were very lucky to win that game.
    Remember this Mullen, two teams you beat this year are going to drill you next season…Tennessee and LSU.


    • Anonymous

      Dawgs were simply wanting to run the clock, yep, that early in the game.

      LOL. Kirby and Chaney wanted the F’n touchdown. Grantham has always coached a stout goal-line defense. His issue has always been the simplistic coverages his exotic fronts necessitate.

      This is simply an area where Pittman needs to do some work. It is great that the Linemen are 6’6″ and 330 lbs, but goal-line running plays are about leverage and angles… the low man wins the down. Go back an watch it again. On each play, Florida’s D-line gets under out OL and we can not push them back. Now, contrast that with how Mike Bloomgren had Stanford do goal-line plays:


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      • Mayor

        The other thing….#92 for FU was quick enough to run around the block and tackle our RBs from behind in short yardage situations. He did it all game long and about 4 times during the FU goal line stand. Chaney and Pittman should have adjusted our blocking assignments to double team the guy. If they had Georgia would have scored instead of FU getting that goal line stand. We did that to ourselves or rather the coaches did.


        • AusDawg85

          He was never blocked. Should have just put a motion man over into him. For everyone who hated the infamous PA fails at the goal in the past, it would have worked perfectly yesterday. Gators were selling out in the middle and Fromm was locked in throwing.

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  24. Down island way

    Hey UF……FU…….GO DAWGS!


  25. Dante

    Injuries? With a healthy o-line we beat them like a rented mule. Corners don’t matter if you never have to throw.

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  26. Doug

    After losing to Georgia by 35 last year, they went into this game “overconfident.” They proceeded to lose by 19. If trends continue, then by my calculations, this means they will be 45.7% more overconfident going into the 2019 game.


  27. Rampdawg

    That would be “by more than three TDs the past two years.”