Kirby gets jiggy.

Tell me this game doesn’t mean a lot.

I don’t think those moves were imported from Tuscaloosa.


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  1. Uglydawg

    LOL! I’d say that game meant as much to the Georgia program as almost any game in my memory. The second half, our Dawgs finally arrived!


  2. Derek

    To paraphrase Judge Chamberlain Haller, what’s a “yeet?”


  3. Jim

    Was a lot of fun. I was skeptical at halftime and after their first drive of 2nd half

    Question for the group – remember in the NC game just before half when we ran the read option with Meco and Sony? Why haven’t we ever tried that again? Swift and Meco running that play would be like cheating. So much better than the speed sweep we keep trying and failing against decent teams.


  4. Will Trane

    More than likely Pittman and Chaney will work on A gap movement some more after this game. And some C gap.
    Gators stacked in there tight, and coach Smart set those cleats and push on defense. Even Smart would like to see his defense do that.
    Now many would leave you to believe that big mo had shifted when Dawgs had to settle for 3.
    Wait a minute. Not hardly.
    Who on the Gators was going to stop Fromm and Holloman. No one. That train was running wide open. Holloman has the size and hands for the vertical game, so vertical has more meaning than A gap.
    Dawgs passing game was spectacular yesterday.
    Fromm was spinnning the ball on time and with accuracy.
    UK has a very good defense under Coach House.
    3rd road game for a very young team.
    More so for that very young O line.


  5. Will Trane

    Lot of us thought Fields would play yesterday.
    He could have, but not when your regular starting QB is that hot, and Fromm was red hot yesterday.
    There are a lot of QB talent in the SEC.
    Frosh jones for gators has an arm. Takes more than that for PT.


  6. Whiskeydawg

    I’m headed to Kroger’s with my visor upside down.


  7. dawgman3000

    I’m as happy as the next guy, but I’m very concerned about the run defense and tackling (or lack of). Hopefully Kirby and Mel get that fixed asap.


  8. 81Dog

    I’m glad Kirby can recruit. He’s a 1 star dancer. Lot of enthusiasm, but zero rhythm Would not offer.


  9. Kirby gets the meaning of this game. It’s the most important game on the calendar every year (I would suggest followed by Fech).


  10. didntgotheredawg

    Did anybody else read Kirby’s lips as he was running onto the field to shake hands with Mullins? That… was… awesome!


  11. Russ

    Love this!


  12. I’ve read a lot of dumb comments about this since last night. Leads me to believe that there are many who really don’t get the series, what it’s like to experience and they certainly don’t get that Smart understands about as much as anyone could. I expect it from outsiders but not Georgia fans. Wait! Who am I kidding?


    • california_dawg

      A loud but hopefully small portion of our fanbase has been infected by Alabamian rat poison entitlement and has forgotten how to stop and smell the roses. If beating the Gators by 19 doesn’t make you happy what will? There is a way to celebrate and also acknowledge our flaws without catastrophizing.


  13. 69Dawg

    Kirby played and lost in enough of these games to know it is the ultimate high for the Dawgs. He did get a taste in 97 and that feeling can’t be forgotten.


  14. Gurkha Dawg

    Hell yea, it matters and I am very happy. Last night I was screaming at the TV: “We want Bama!, We want Bama!”