Today, in let’s play Mr. Conventional Wisdom

You guys seem to get a such a kick out of fleshing out Tony Barnhart’s hot warm lukewarm room termperature takes on college football that I thought I’d turn that into a semi-regular feature here.

With that in mind, here’s today’s pearl of wisdom:

As we in Dawgnation have been known to say on occasion, finish the drill in the comments.


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28 responses to “Today, in let’s play Mr. Conventional Wisdom

  1. AusDawg85

    Sports fans, let me help you decipher this upcoming SEC contest. It might be a little closer than the experts think… goes behind paywall …or it might not. Thanks for your financial support!

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    • Saxondawg

      I’m not sure everyone understood the assignment. We’re supposed to do it like Tony does it. “Why this might be closer than the experts say.” Even though the experts are already saying it will be closer than the experts say.

      Mark Stoops and I spent time over a fine steak dinner and a pitcher of peach tea this off-season. We took a leisurely walk together afterward, the moon was full, and Mark looked me in the eye and said, “Tony, my boys just want this thing more.”
      Hold onto your seats, folks: The Wildcats have a LEGIT defense. They don’t want to let you Run The Ball.
      The Wildcats like to Run The Ball. Remember this name, my friend: Benny Snell. You heard it here first!
      Friends and neighbors (punch table), Kroger Field will be Up. For. Grabs come Saturday afternoon. It will be LOUD. Remember I told you.
      For Georgia, their strategy will be to Run the Ball and Stop the Run. That’s what I’m hearing from the Georgia camp.


  2. Derek

    Offense will have to crap the bed like BR for this to be close.

    Just don’t see how UK can put up points.

    3 points in the first 54:30 at Mizzou is not that great.

    We can play our regular two-deep safety look. Have the LB’s sell out on the run. D-bake has his guy.

    Make their qb earn the yards and count on him making some errors.

    Meanwhile we crest 35 on offense and win by plenty.

    That’s how I see it.

    UGA – a lot
    UK – not so much

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    • california_dawg

      I want to believe you, but it’s no secret we are soft up the middle, and we haven’t faced an RB like Snell this season. It’s easy to play uninspired on the road against a team like Mizzou (hell, we did for long portions of that game). I can see how UK could make it a long day for us.


  3. SSB Charley

    I’m wondering whether he was always this bad, and I just didn’t appreciate it 20 years ago, or if he’s just mailed it in as retirement approaches. Either way, I think I feel pity as to what he’s become. Just no interest in reading anything he has to say anymore.


  4. We are going to have to have a TON of things go wrong including several turnovers and something flukey to lose this.
    It could happen but I give it about a 10% chance.

    USA wasn’t going to lose to Finland after beating Russia and the Dawgs aren’t losing to KY.


  5. Here’s what I want to know – who on Earth would subscribe to a site that looks hastly put together with a clip art looking logo at the top? Seriously, the HOA website for the fairly small subdivision I live in has a far better looking site than that hot garbage.

    As far as the game being closer than the experts think, most already think it could be a nail biter, so I’m not sure how much closer it could be. Oh, I can already see next week’s headline:

    “Will Justin Fields get meaningful snaps vs UMass? Could it disturb Fromm’s rhythm?”


  6. Greg

    If’n Kirby leaves the offensive lineup alone (see UF), we beat them by 21+. Bring Fields and other backups when game gets out of hand.


    • 81Dog

      Agree wholeheartedly about the offense. Quit trying to trick f*** the opposing defense and do what it is we do: establish the run, look for opportunities to throw. Have faith in what got us here. This is UK we are playing, not the 76 Steelers. They have a very solid D, Benny Snell is a talented back. Respect them, but don’t fear them.

      This is the kind of game an elite program isn’t going to lose. If we are what we think we are, we go out there and grind them into dust. Sorta like we did with Florida. Be patient. Make them do what they don’t want to do. Make them deal with what we want them to deal with. Figure out who gives us the best chance to win, and then go with that guy. Everyone wants to make it complicated, but some things are really simple.


  7. Russ

    I’ll play.

    “Why @FootballUGA vs. @UKFootball might be closer than the experts think. Kentucky has a pretty good running back in Benny Snell, running behind an experienced line. Georgia has struggled against the run. Plus, the crowd in Lexington will be fired up for this one. Don’t be surprised if it’s much closer than the experts think.”

    You can send me the money I saved you on a subscription.


  8. Uglydawg

    I wonder if he knows he’s become a meme. If you’re reading this TB…tell us if Rodrigo’s leg might make a difference in the game…oh..and turnovers…will they matter?


  9. Many may think that Kentucky is farther west, but in fact it is just above Georgia on the map.

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  10. 81Dog

    Is Boyd Crowder suiting up for the Cats? I understand his brother was a heck of a player back in the day.


  11. Little Tony Barnhart

    Getting to Mars is going to be more difficult than many of us thought.


  12. Even John Calipari has to admire the job Mark Stoops has done this year. But the bright lights and hardwood of Rupp arena are going to have to wait at least 1 more week–because it’s all about the blue grass for Big Blue Nation.
    /hot take


  13. Texas Dawg

    “Georgia will win if they can outscore the Cats”
    That is my sample submission for the readers consideration in the search to replace Mr Conventional Wisdom


  14. Napoleon BonerFart

    Will we see the Jake Fromm of the LSU game? Or the Fromm of the Florida game? That may determine the outcome as Kentucky tries to stop the run.

    Disclaimer: I don’t have a degree in journalism.


  15. The other Doug

    Has anyone been behind the paywall? Obviously I’m not paying, but I’m curious if the content gets better. I have a feeling it’s a lot like the VIP backroom at a strip club. The best bits were before you paid the money.


  16. W Cobb Dawg

    I thought the headlines were bland, then I heard one of the radio stations interview him. The station should warn drivers about falling asleep before transmitting the interview.


  17. D as in Dawg

    It comes down to this. 3:30 kickoff. Four quarters of football. Plus halftime. There’s a winner. Hint: It’s not the loser.


  18. Bulldog Joe

    “Kentucky bluegrass is not really blue. I’m here to tell you first hand, it’s green.”


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