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Drop this.

Mighty impressive, this.

I keep saying Hankton’s doing the Lord’s work this season.


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Reason #58492 why I don’t follow recruiting closely

High school player has a suggestion for Georgia’s coaching staff.

I would love to be a fly on the wall whenever the kid tells Kirby that.


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Housekeeping note: pop-up ads

As I’ve told many of you, I’ve had WordPress digging into the problem many of you have had with obnoxious pop-up ads ruining your time at the site.

According to Glenn at WP, the problem isn’t with GTP.  When I asked him to elaborate, given that many of you have registered the problem with me in the past couple of days, here’s how he responded:

This can also happen if you share your site link on other services. If the visitor is coming to your site from another page on a different service, then the pop ups could be coming from those. If you share a link to another site or a Twitter post from someone that has a link in the post and the visitor clicks on the link from your post, the site they are taken to can have pop ups as well. The ads on your site are not pop up ads. WordAds and WordPress.com do not allow for pop up ads on any screen, especially, mobile since this can damage your search engine results.

A way to test this is to ask the user to go directly to your site via the site address blutarsky.wordpress.com in a new browser tab on their device browser like Safari or Chrome. See if they get a pop up then and ask them to screenshot the ad and give the exact link they are on when they see the ad.

Those of you fighting with this, please follow his instructions and post your experience in the comments so I can forward them to him.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  I know it’s gotta suck.


UPDATE:  Your responses have helped.  One more request from Glenn:

Is it possible to get at least one of your visitors IP addresses so we can narrow this down a bit. 🙂

Have them visit this link and send a screenshot of the results to you so you can send it to us.


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Your 10.31.18 Playpen

No doubt after yesterday’s scintillating racism discussion, we’re all fresh out of political outrage, right?  So, talk about movies, books, music or whatever tickles your fancy today in the comments.  Or racism, I suppose.


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The intangibles of acting like you’ve been there before

If, as I just posted, the Kentucky, team of destiny thing makes for a nervous blogger, there is a countervailing consideration that gives me some comfort.

Georgia may be young and Kentucky may be experienced, but that only goes so far, at least when it comes to playing in a game with huge stakes.  Nobody on the Kentucky sideline has been in a game with that kind of pressure on the line.  Georgia, on the other hand, can fall back on plenty of first hand experience with those kinds of games from the 2017 season (not to mention, sadly, the inevitable result of what happens when you don’t show up ready to play against a good team on the road).

Maybe this is all off base and the ‘Cats will come out well prepared to take a punch and roll with it.  But I sure want to see it happen before I give ’em credit for it.


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Macho, macho man

If there’s one niggling thing Kirby Smart does that drives me a little crazy, it’s this.

The physicality part remains a work in progress. And that’s the biggest concern for the Bulldogs heading up to Lexington on Saturday.

The Gators exposed Georgia’s weakness in that regard last Saturday. Lest we forget, the Bulldogs failed to get into the end zone on seven plays from inside Florida’s 1-yard line.

You can gripe about Georgia’s play-calling on that possession, but those calls reflected those core principles.

Oh, I don’t think anybody’s gonna forget any time soon, Chip.  But that’s not the lesson to be taken from that, unless you’re Todd “That tops the hat for me” Grantham.

I get the whole impose-your-will philosophy that’s Kirby’s working mantra.  There’s nothing that says you can’t be physical and smart at the same time, though.  (Let’s not forget that Georgia’s offense eventually ground down and wore out Florida’s defense in the fourth quarter, just like the boss man drew it up.)

Sure, you can run into a brick wall six times, but, after a while, wouldn’t it be a whole lot more productive to dodge around that wall?  Repeatedly running out of a power set — with a freshman tight end trying to play fullback, to boot — simply allowed Grantham to do what he likes to do best, sell out.  What was particularly frustrating in that setting was knowing that Georgia had converted other short yardage situations earlier in the game running plays out of its standard formations.

Sometimes, it doesn’t take rocket science.  It just takes a willingness to leave the testosterone in the pre-game locker room and take what the defense gives you.  As physically as possible, of course.


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Easy peasy

“Just focus on stopping Benny Snell” sounds great, until you try to do it.

That missed tackle stuff… after what I saw in Jacksonville, let’s say I’m not confident things are going to be better in that department this week.


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