A layman’s guide to advanced stats

If you’ve never understood the way Bill Connelly’s S&P+ metric works, then this Texas Monthly article is just for you.


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  1. JG Shellnutt

    It’s not just the comments pages now…I can’t even read the front page of GTP without being rerouted to elsewhere advertising in about 2 seconds.


    • I alerted WP yesterday. They’re working on it.

      Is there something else you want me to do, or are you just kvetching out of frustration? (Not that I don’t understand that.)


      • Whiskeydawg

        “kvetching” – a great word choice. Perfect for such moments but seldom used.


      • JG Shellnutt

        I didn’t have the problem yesterday and didn’t know that others did. For all I knew, I was the first to alert you to it, since it started for me early this morning. Sorry that came across as kvetching. I was just trying to alert you to something that makes it hard for a multiple-times-daily reader to read your posts. Thanks for all you do.


    • Download the WP app on your phone. You can read, hit the links and comment without the other stuff.


    • Uglydawg

      Do a “restore” on your computer..Restore it to a day before you started having the problem. No promise that it will help but it fixes a lot of stuff.


  2. I use the app on my phone and it’s perfect.


  3. Salty Dawg

    It works now, and thank you Senator for posting that link. I’m not a stats person, but I really enjoyed looking at that! Bookmarked it, as a matter of fact!


  4. Russ

    A football article in Texas Monthly. Football really is king out here. (As it should be.)

    I read an article earlier in the week about how Texas was improving the home game environment with a tailgate style food truck area just outside the stadium that sells craft beers (whatever that means) for $5. They also have live music outside before the games, and inside the stadium, they’ve cut down on ads/presentations that slow down the enthusiasm. They also try to balance the canned music between students’ (crappy) tastes and old fans’ (usually excellent) tastes. It was interesting how they acknowledged that Texas always had the quietest 100k fans in CFB, which is what I’ve always thought. They said it was changing now, though.