Housekeeping note: pop-up ads

As I’ve told many of you, I’ve had WordPress digging into the problem many of you have had with obnoxious pop-up ads ruining your time at the site.

According to Glenn at WP, the problem isn’t with GTP.  When I asked him to elaborate, given that many of you have registered the problem with me in the past couple of days, here’s how he responded:

This can also happen if you share your site link on other services. If the visitor is coming to your site from another page on a different service, then the pop ups could be coming from those. If you share a link to another site or a Twitter post from someone that has a link in the post and the visitor clicks on the link from your post, the site they are taken to can have pop ups as well. The ads on your site are not pop up ads. WordAds and do not allow for pop up ads on any screen, especially, mobile since this can damage your search engine results.

A way to test this is to ask the user to go directly to your site via the site address in a new browser tab on their device browser like Safari or Chrome. See if they get a pop up then and ask them to screenshot the ad and give the exact link they are on when they see the ad.

Those of you fighting with this, please follow his instructions and post your experience in the comments so I can forward them to him.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  I know it’s gotta suck.


UPDATE:  Your responses have helped.  One more request from Glenn:

Is it possible to get at least one of your visitors IP addresses so we can narrow this down a bit. 🙂

Have them visit this link and send a screenshot of the results to you so you can send it to us.


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45 responses to “Housekeeping note: pop-up ads

  1. mwo

    I just put Firefox on my iPhone and haven’t had one yet.


  2. I tried going straight to the site with my iphone using both chrome and safari, but kept getting the ‘congratulations’ pop up. After some research I downloaded a pop up blocker in called ‘stopad’ on my phone and that fixed it immediately. Hope it helps.

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  3. Boz

    Glad to hear it’s not just me.. I searched on ways to stop and nothing was working, so this morning I downloaded Firefox and have not had the issue since, though I went back and tested safari and immediately went to back to congratulations you’re a winner hell. Back to Firefox and all good.


  4. I use Chrome and have been getting the popups here. I just tried the Samsung browser on my Galaxy and no popups. Problem is, I like Chrome and don’t have this issue elsewhere.


  5. SCDawg

    Got it on both chrome and safari. Disabled java and it’s gone. But you lose content without java.


  6. MGW

    I go straight here via direct link through “favorites” and it happens. Only happens on mobile. Safari and chrome. The link to what pops up is as follows:

    Obviously, don’t click on that. Used to happen every now and then, but the last few days its been impossible to view your site on mobile for more than a few seconds without it popping up.


  7. AusDawg85

    Same here. Go directly to your site and “advert” site redirect occurs immediately. Tried FIrefox and that’s ok so far, but this doesn’t happen with any other site using Safari so somebody at WP be lying to you boss.


  8. CB

    My only issue was going trough DawgBone.


  9. Debby Balcer

    I am coming from the link in my email and this is the first time coming from that link it did not happen. I have not done anything else they said and do not experience polyps anywhere but this blog when I go to the comments. They may say they are not the cause but somehow it has to do with them since it happens when I got to the site from the email notification.


  10. 202dawg

    It’s … I have had issues with that site before.


  11. Debby Balcer

    I turned off my java and it did not happen so the issue is in java. It only happens on your site. It happened if I go to WordPress through the blog or the comment. I previously cleared my history and it happened the next time I went but so far with java off I am not having the issue. it the redirect I get.


  12. Garrett Williams

    I am viewing this post via the WordPress app. I clicked on the link through the post above and it opened in the WordPress browser and I immediately got the annoying pop up. I get it constantly through the safari mobile browser and I have your site bookmarked directly.


    • BrayMan1

      I’m set up on my iphone exactly as you are and have had the same issue since Monday.Only get 2-3 seconds of content before I’m congratulated on winning. I’ve done so much winning since Monday, i’m tired of winning…(should that last line been in the playpen instead?)

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  13. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    An option(Sorry senator) to block these pop up is to download a chrome or browser extension such as Adblock Plus or uBlock Origins. These will block those ads from ever loading. I haven’t had any of these pop up issues.


  14. JonDawg

    Literally had to close and reload this post multiple times, just to read it.. It is ONLY your site, and it has been going on for awhile now, but has recently only gotten more frequent. I have stopped Java in my settings, and the problem went away. Also, to those that may suspect thedawgbone, I’ve noticed that GTP is the only sites linked there that this occurs on.


    • Dawg1

      It is on others as well. Not only here.


      • JonDawg

        Which ones? I’ll try them and see if I get the same results. I would literally pay money to get my GTP without that obnoxious ad popping up. Strange part to me is, there is no consistency with which GTP posts I go to, that it occurs on. Some, I can load and it won’t show up, others, it will 2-3 seconds evert time I click that same article. Thanks Senator, for addressing this for us.


  15. SlobberKnocker

    I too have seen the significant increase in the popup over the last couple of days. I use the default Safari browser on iPhone. Today, I cleared my recent history (last two days), closed all browser tabs, then rebooted the phone. So far (fingers crossed) I haven’t seen the popups this afternoon.


  16. Dawg in Austin

    I did nothing different and magically, now that you alerted WordPress, it is no longer happening. Voilà! Thank you, sir.


  17. Kalamazoodawg

    I have your site bookmarked, go direct and have never had any pop ups.


  18. Bonedawg

    I was getting it yesterday even going to your website from my favorites link on my phone which is how I always access.
    After about five seconds on site would be taken to another site for some amazon ad. However this is not happening today.


  19. Timphd

    All I would say to Glenn is that it opens up within a few seconds of me opening the link to GTP. I don’t ever click on any of the adds (sorry you make no money on me boss) and never go to twitter or any other sites unless you link them in your piece. I have used chrome, the default samsung browser and one other and it happens on all of them.


  20. Jared S.

    I had the problem for a few days… and only on my phone. Seems to be okay when I come directly here from a blank browser, and not from another website….


    • Studawg

      I always get here directly via favorites and have not been able to view for several days due to the pop up. Magically working now so WP must have figured it out…


  21. Salty Dawg

    I use Safari (Mac) and have never had a problem with pop ups in five years.


  22. SCDawg

    Just turned java back on. Accessed direct, but I always do that, and no issues thus far. It was so bad yesterday I could not read a title of a post.

    This was the only site I went to on my phone where this occurred. And it is my favorite site so I hope it’s fixed and thanks for looking into it.


  23. It’s all good. Y’all keep disabling that stuff. Ima keep on rolling in all this loot. Got me bout three fiddy free Walmart gift cards.


  24. D Miller

    Norton VPN works great


  25. Will Trane

    No issues for me.


  26. AusDawg85

    Things are working this morning. Seems WP cleared something up. Wonder if the issue is not that many of us don’t access your site directly, but once we bounce to a link either you or a commenter posts, then we pick-up the “virus” and that causes the problem. And again, it’s only on mobile.

    See of Glenn can stop the political texts, debt collector calls and spoofed phone number calls to my cell now!


  27. Just to do confirm, no problems for me today either. Thanks for the diligence, Bluto.


  28. Debby Balcer

    Just now turning my java back on to see if it is fixed.