One of those years?

Just a summary of what it took to get Kentucky to a number nine ranking in the first selection committee standings (don’t get me started there, okay?):

0 First downs were recorded by Missouri in the second half of the Tigers’ 15-14 loss to Kentucky on Saturday. Missouri had 13 first downs in the first half, when it built a 14-3 lead. In the second half, Missouri punted on eight three-and-out possessions. In the first half, the Tigers’ series ended with two touchdowns, a blocked field-goal attempt and a punt as Missouri gained 200 yards on 38 plays. In the second half, the Tigers had 49 yards on 24 snaps.

0:00 Was on the clock when Kentucky scored a touchdown in its 15-14 victory over Missouri on Saturday — and when the ball was snapped for the game-winning play. With four seconds left and Kentucky on the Missouri 10-yard line trailing 14-9, QB Terry Wilson’s pass to WR Ahmad Wagner was caught out of bounds as time expired. But Missouri CB DeMarkus Acy was called for defensive pass interference on the play, allowing Kentucky’s offense to have an untimed down at the Tigers 2-yard line. On that snap, Wilson threw a TD pass to TE C.J. Conrad to win the game. The TD capped an eight-play, 81-yard drive over the game’s final 84 seconds that included two sacks by the Missouri defense. Wilson, who’d thrown an interception with Kentucky at the Tigers 15-yard line on the previous possession, completed five straight passes for 85 yards before the incompletion to Wagner.

That’s… not normal.  There are a few things about the Kentucky match-up that give me pause for thought, but that whole team of destiny thing makes me flat out nervous.


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13 responses to “One of those years?

  1. Hawaii was a team of destiny in 2008. Does that put it in perspective for you?


  2. gastr1

    I’m kind of glad they beat Vandy and all of this is on the line. Our players need to play with that pressure. Will make them better prepared fir the SEC Championship game, should we win. And the coaches need it too, frankly.


  3. Boz

    I thought that of us last year – it was our time, everything fell into the right place, at the right time, until 2-26 happened. This is a good KY team, but I believe that their defense will wear down over 4 quarters, and their lack of depth will become apparent, esp this late in the season, and the dawgs pull away, just like we’ve done against MO, Vandy, SC, FL. If we loose, it’ll be because we didn’t protect the ball and turnovers add up.

    Last week I felt like Munson, but this week I feel like Loran staring the obvious.


  4. St. Johns Dawg

    Marcus Spears said on TV the other day what I’ve been thinking all along this season with Kentucky … They make people play very ugly. Really concerned about their noseguard – Dude is a beast. Not to mention #41 roaming the line causing all kinds of havoc. We’re probably not going to run the ball well Saturday and I hope we have a quick-pass game worked out. This game will be close in the 4th quarter unless we’re gifted a bunch of turnovers.


    • Jt10mc (the other one)

      No. They also haven’t faced an OL and QBs like we have. As long as the OC doesn’t freak out and abandon our game plan we should be able to run on them between the tackles.

      This OL will be starting the same 5 for 5th time this season. It takes time to come together as a unit and they are.


  5. california_dawg

    Makes me nervous as well. But then I remember this team of destiny lost to a mediocre A&M squad and is playing its worst football late in the season.


  6. Jt10mc (the other one)

    I think the horseshoe may have run its course with them.


  7. As long as we don’t go into Lexington with swollen cranium full of “been there, done that” attitude, and treat Saturday as a business trip like we should, we will win this football game handily.
    Kentucky should be proud of their totally unexpected rise in the polls, but the plain truth is that they don’t have near enough talent or depth on their roster to play with us for four quarters.
    Their team is chock full of seniors, and that’s great, but really they have only two great players on this team…Josh Allen and Benny Snell Jr.
    Sorry, but that just ain’t enough to compete for an SEC title.
    If things fall right for the Cats, they could finish 10-2, and that would be their best finish in a very, very long time.
    Whatever happens with their program, Mark Stoops better enjoy this season, because they will be in total rebuild mode next year.
    Let’s face it, UK will never be able to recruit enough blue chippers from their state or from the states of Georgia, Florida or Ohio, to become a regular contender in the toughest conference in all of football.
    To the Kentucky Wild Cats and their starving fan base; Please don’t take this forthcoming ass whooping personal, it’s just business.