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A fine mess

I get that train wrecks happen all the time in the world of college football, so on one level, what happened at Maryland isn’t exactly a surprise.  But I am puzzled about where the Regents think the football program goes from here.

As Andy Staples points out, going forward, recruiting is going to be an absolute bitch.  Every rival program has enough material to bury the Terps on the recruiting trail for years and if Durkin can’t recruit, how’s he going to win?

Beyond that, there are three constituencies that have to be seriously troubled by the lack of accountability on display.  The first of those are the fans and students who support Maryland football but, unlike the Regents, aren’t invested in Durkin.  Where are they supposed to go now?  Welp,

Later Tuesday, the Maryland Student Government Association said on Facebook that it was “outraged with the decisions made by the Board of Regents” regarding the football program and announced plans to stage an on-campus rally Thursday.

Second, and probably the most important, are the players.  We’ve already heard that several walked out of Durkin’s first meeting with the team since his reinstatement.  There was also this:

There’s more integrity on display there than anything that was said at yesterday’s press conference.  What happens if the players decide it’s up to them to do what’s right because nobody else will act?

Third are the politicians.  Disapproval was expressed at virtually every level, by folks from both parties.  Granted, a fair amount of that was grandstanding, but that doesn’t make taking it to another level impossible; rather, I’d say it’s more likely.

Bottom line, by giving everyone involved a free pass, the Regents have managed to remove any margin for error going forward — for themselves, anyway.  Durkin, ironically, finds himself in an even stronger position than he was before.  A kid died on his watch and the Regents have bought into him so much the school president resigned.  Maybe he’s not capable of making any headway into the winds blowing strongly in his face, but who’s going to hold him accountable for that going forward?

You may think this is a bad look now, but just think how things will look a few years from now if Durkin is finally let go, not for managing a runaway program, but for failing to win like a big time program should.


UPDATE:  “Parents, don’t send your kids to Maryland to play football. Just don’t do it.”


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Musical palate cleanser, go down on me, baby edition

This remarkable performance was filmed for US television in 1971, shortly after The Rolling Stones had completed their 1971 Farewell Tour of the UK, and a month before the release of the album Sticky Fingers. The gig marked the first time tracks ‘Brown Sugar’, ‘Dead Flowers’, ‘Bitch’ and the rarely performed ‘I Got The Blues’ were showcased live; four tracks taken from the Sticky Fingers album. The line-up at this time was Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman.

From The Rolling Stones The Marquee – Live in 1971, here’s “Midnight Rambler”.

They’re at the height of their powers, with Mick Taylor taking them to some incredible places.  This version of the song features some remarkable harp playing by Jagger, as well as Keef’s playing slowly giving way to Taylor as the song builds.  All supported by that remarkable rhythm section, of course.

The intimacy is perhaps the coolest thing about the clip, though.  They performed this in front of a small club crowd, mainly friends, and you can tell they’re totally relaxed and into the moment.  Like I said, remarkable.


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