“Why hasn’t Tua thrown any interceptions?”

Gotta love Grant Delpit’s answer to that question.

“Maybe because he hasn’t played anyone like us yet,” Delpit said with a smile before giving his proper respect, “or just maybe because he makes smart decisions. He’s a great quarterback.”

True, LSU plays the best defense of any team ‘Bama has faced to date this season.  The flip side of that particular coin is that LSU’s defense hasn’t faced a quarterback this season with a passer rating of — gulp! — 238.85.  Tagovailoa has only had one game this season with a passer rating under 200, that is, if you don’t feel like rounding up his 199.68 against Tennessee.


No sweat, Grant.

It should make for a fascinating game.  As somebody who watched the Tigers dismantle Georgia in Baton Rouge a few weeks ago, I certainly give Coach O’s bunch a puncher’s chance to pull the upset, but I can just as easily see a game that spirals out of control as Alabama’s offense doesn’t slow down.  Joe Burrow is a consummate game manager; he’s not somebody who’s gonna hold his own in a shootout.

Boy, did CBS fall into it this Saturday, with a double header of games deciding both SEC divisions?  Starting at 3:30, world, please don’t bother me.


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18 responses to ““Why hasn’t Tua thrown any interceptions?”

  1. Got Cowdog

    Hear! Hear!
    But what to imbibe? Something dark and malty, perhaps? Yes, the Turbodawg I think. Homage to both my Dawgs and Grandaddy Cowdog’s Tigers.


  2. Dave Aranda is a certified bad mofo, so I expect him to actually rattle Tua quite a bit.

    I just don’t know if LSU offense can score more than about 17 on them.

    And it’s probably still going to take 28+ to beat Alabama.

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  3. Uglydawg

    ” a certified bad mofo”
    Sometimes it’s the little quips that say the most.
    But Saban has an advantage
    .Alabama’s O linemen are allowed to tackle pass rushers.

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    • ASEF

      They don’t call holding anymore. Alabama’s 2016 and 207 defenses, which featured a first rounder at half of the front 7 spots and a 2nd rounder at most of the others drew about 1 holding call every 8 games.

      Yes, Alabama’s OL holds and gets away with it. Show me one that doesn’t.

      Officiating is a competency issues, not a conspiracy issue. Sankey and Shaw can ignore the latter. Not the former.


      • Macallanlover

        Everyone does have holding, you are right about that, and it doesn’t get called most of the time. That is fair, and I feel there should be some leniency until a jersey is held away from a defender’s body or he is basically tackled. But there is no denying that Bama is given far more cushion in this area than any other team, and has for many years. I have never bought into all the conspiracy theories on officiating, but this one seems real. It may be deliberate, or just an example of how a team with a specific reputation gets more leash. Bama has had some great OL players, but not all are great enough to never make a grab, but they don’t get called the same way as other average dudes. Something smells on this one, and it makes plays (QBs & RBs) more successful.


        • Russ

          To be honest, I’ve seen Bama called for holding this season. Twice, in fact. I know because I passed out after seeing it.


        • ASEF

          The numbers don’t bear this out. Alabama is not getting called for holding less than its opponents. Its opponents are being called for it less. Despite what is usually a severe talent differential in Bama’s favor.

          This is already an issue for Georgia and will become even more an issue as the front 7 develops.


  4. ASEF

    There was supposed to be a wedding this weekend. My nephew called it off (he’s doing great and moving on, btw).

    Silver linings in every misfortune.


  5. Greg

    It will be a close game imo. Bama has not seen corners like LSU has, LSU keeps it close with a chance of an upset.


  6. Whiskeydawg

    I’m afraid Bama is going to make LSU look like a paper tiger. It’ll be over by the middle of the third quarter. The horror….the horror……



    Technically, LSU can’t clinch…..

    That said, I don’t think it matters, Bama is going to clinch, convincingly. I want them fat and happy in The Benz.


    • snark

      to mop the turf with us….if we make it there


      • PTC DAWG

        I fart in the general direction of your comment.


        • Macallanlover

          Yeah, everyone knows we will be swimming upstream, but we were last year too; and if we hadn’t given it away we would have won. But we did, and we will have another shot at them if we win Saturday, and they do as well. Why would anyone think LSU and we aren’t capable? Even if you did, why would anyone come on a blog about UGA and say something like that. Miserable folks are everywhere.



    I hope the refs letem play. Don’t need any shitty calls going aganist LSU. But we know that Sagan’s on the sideline.