As if Jim Chaney needs another reason to run the damned ball…

Two of Kentucky’s starting linebackers have a broken hand and will be playing with a club.

Elijah Holyfield is hard enough to bring down when you’ve got two working hands.


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13 responses to “As if Jim Chaney needs another reason to run the damned ball…

  1. Suite jesus

    Just one hand berween the two ?



    Elijah Holyfield is a club.


  3. Mick Jagger

    Let’s see how much smack Snell is talking after the game.


  4. UGA' 97

    This chart from CFB Filmroom shows them stopping the run. So it’s our passing vs their run. No doubt Kirby will load tge box and spy Wilson. If each team is 1 dimensional then whoever controls the clock, makes less mistakes, has the more complete team & depth wins. I think we can cover those bases. Go dogs beat these cats. GATA.


  5. The Truth

    If they’re going to have a club, I say Richard LeCounte gets to bring his bat onto the field.

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  6. doofusdawg

    Saw where Stoops called them the Q-tip brothers… lol.


  7. Muttley

    Boss Bailey wore one at Jax in 2001 and picked off Grossberger’s first two passes.

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  8. fred

    Just RUN the ball throw when you must!!!!!


  9. Bright Idea

    Already in Lex and these fans are clubbing me. They are indeed somewhere they’ve never been before. I hope they’ll be saying wait til bb season tomorrow night.

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