Just like they drew it up.

In the aftermath of Georgia’s stunning win over Florida in the 1997 Cocktail Party, a theme developed among my group — did Jacquez Green play today? — because the Gators’ star wide receiver did almost nothing that day.

Now, I don’t want to put Josh Allen quite in that category, as he did manage two fumble recoveries (on plays that virtually fell in his lap, admittedly), but in places where it counted, he was pretty much a non-entity yesterday.

Throw in another sub-par performance from Benny Snell, and you’ve made a pretty good case for Georgia doing what it took to nullify Kentucky’s two biggest threats.  Helluva game plan there, Kirbs.


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  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Kirby has a clue. When he (or Chaney) can figure out what to do on first and goal inside the 3, the sky’s the limit. 🙂

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  2. Greg

    Shut’em both down, great job by players & staff. On a side not, Jacquez Green may have been one of the best, if not the best HS football played these eyes has ever seen. Fort Valley, GA…another one that got away.


  3. sniffer

    Yet, there were some here yesterday (you know who you are) that needed to be talked down off the ledge. It wasn’t always pretty, but we were taking it to a top rated defense and beating them consistently. It’s all good, now beat Auburn like they’re the ‘85 Patriots.

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  4. Muttley

    Having heard the debate and seen them both now, I’m still leaning towards Herschel Walker.


  5. Tronan

    What’s even more reassuring about yesterday is that the game wasn’t as close as the (not especially close) final score indicates. The two first half fumbles cost us at least six more points, and Georgia was clearly the better team almost from the opening whistle. It’s not a lead pipe cinch that we’ll win out the rest of the regular season but we should. After that? I’m less sanguine, but will enjoy the ride, regardless.


  6. Anonymous

    Bennie Snell fought like hell for all 73 of those yards. It may have been a sub-par result, but that was not from sub-par effort.


    • Russ

      True, and I hope the guy gets paid and invests well. I have no problem with him personally, but I don’t think he’s a feature back in the NFL.


  7. Brandon

    Ole “I’ll hurt your draft status” Jaquez was getting d’ed up by Champ.


  8. Russ

    Given time and good players, Kirby does a great job scheming around the other team’s stars. He’s also good at halftime adjustments.

    How do we scheme around Bama’s 22 players?


  9. ASEF

    Auburn, Mass, GaTech

    3 scrimmages to prep for Atlanta. How does Kirby use these 3 weeks?

    Is anyone even remotely worried about dropping Auburn or Tech? Think about that. ‘Cause the answer is no.


    • Jim

      I always worry about tech. Especially with a young defense and Brenton Cox deciding not to worry about contain sometimes. And If Paul Johnson can run the dive for 4 yards every play we’re going to have a problem. Our DBs are going to need to be more physical in run support too (looking at you Lecounte III)

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  10. Macallanlover

    Great job in minimizing Allen, and the run defense even looked better. (BTW, that third play was going nowhere even if Fromm And Swift had not fumbled the exchange, Allen was there before the ball hit the ground.
    We really need to pay attention to the backside rush end.) Tremendous effort by the new freshmen who played on defense. Outside of the bad snap, Hill turned in a remarkable effort at a damned tough position, thanks young man. Solid performance by the Dawgs, totally thwarted a team that had run over most everyone they faced on both sides of the ball. Their QB even had a better game than expected but they were still inept. Encouraging in many ways.