SEC Power Poll, Week Ten


You want to know how crazy Alabama’s season is?  Right now, Georgia’s points differential in conference play is a stout +108.

Alabama’s point differential is +206.  With one fewer game.

  1. Alabama.  “Mark my words, special teams are going to cost this 2018 Alabama team a game this season,” said nobody ever.
  2. Georgia.  The Dawgs cut their asses loose, ‘yo.
  3. LSU.  Listening to Gary Danielson assure the viewing audience that LSU’s defense was doing its best en route to giving up almost 600 yards was surreal.
  4. Kentucky.  So much for that season of destiny narrative.  Now we find out if the ‘Cats are a good enough team to deal with the aftermath of a disappointing loss.
  5. Mississippi State.  Had to put ’em here, but it won’t last long, seeing as whom they’re playing Saturday.
  6. Auburn.  Won a home game despite rushing for only 19 yards.  The Gus Bus is humming now!
  7. Texas A&M.  You had that game, Aggies.  You had it.
  8. Missouri.  Monster bounce back for Derek Dooley.  And, yeah, it felt weird to type that.
  9. Florida.  Is it worth mentioning that ever since Florida brought up third-and-Grantham in its game notes, the Gators’ defense is 19 of 32 on third down conversions?
  10. South Carolina.  Hey, remember when the ‘Cocks were the toast of the “biggest threat to Georgia in the East” crowd?  Good times.
  11. Vanderbilt.  Didn’t play, but nothing happened to make me think the ‘Dores still don’t have a shot at bowl eligibility.
  12. Ole Miss.  Gashed Boom’s defense for 616 yards and still lost.  Mississippi may be the worst tackling team I’ve seen play this season.
  13. Tennessee.  Scored one offensive touchdown and didn’t manage 200 yards of offense… against Charlotte.
  14. Arkansas.  The Hogs only wish they were as good as Tennessee.


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27 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week Ten

  1. Spur 21

    “The Gus Bus is humming now!”

    Made me chuckle


  2. Spike

    Dan Mullen..”The Quaterback Whisperer”?!?..


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    It’s obvious Grantham’s signals are being stolen and he desperately needs towel guy back.


  4. Turd Ferguson

    Anyone got injury updates? Gaillard? Hardman? Cleveland? Etc.?

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  5. Mg4life0331

    Until the LSU game, the best defense bama played was ranked 90th.


  6. Got Cowdog

    I had hoped when tuning in to LSU/Alabama I would see Bama exposed as who I hoped they were: A good team, somewhat over hyped and untested.
    I figured the Fighting Mikes would have a puncher’s chance anyway and give Ol’ Nicky something to worry about.
    I was wrong.


  7. gastr1

    Ahhh, Sakerlina. What is the name of that chatroom that was rivaling StingTalk for unsubstantiated hubris and clever prose? Who has a few good nuggets from Cocky these days? Is Boom on the hot seat yet?


  8. Biggus Rickus

    I actually preferred Gary harping endlessly on LSU trying to get to Devin White’s return in the second half, as if it was going to have any bearing when LSU’s offense could barely make it to midfield.


    • Russ

      You know those guys hate calling Bama games (and have nearly said as much) because the games are never competitive. You run out of BS to spew after a while.


      • Anonymous

        It isn’t just Bama games. CBS has shown 11 Georgia games in the past 2 years. Two were decided by 14 points, last years victory over SCar and the SECCG. The rest were decided by 3+ scores. How many competitive games has CBS shown in the past 2 years? If people wonder why the announcing hasn’t been great, I imagine it is quite hard to be entertaining after watching almost 20 blowouts in a row.


  9. Mayor

    The Florida game afforded a glimpse of what might have been for Mizzou if the Tigers had played up to their potential all season. But then, why didn’t they? The answer is bad coaching and you can look right at SOD when saying that.


    • gastr1

      I think a lot of that was the schedule. They were 0-4 in the SEC versus us, Alabama, Kentucky, and Sakerlina. SCe maybe they should have won, and they did have the Kentucky game in hand; but that was three top 15 teams out of four. From here on out, Vandy, Tenn, and Arkansas. Watch them end up 4-4/8-4.


  10. Macallanlover

    Kentucky -4 against TN this weekend is my heavy bet of the week. I don’t think the loss Saturday will deflate the Wildcat players as much as it would others. This is still a big-time season for that program and the players aren’t likely to let it go to waste. Plus, Pruitt threw his team under the bus, not sure how motivated they will be with a coach belittling them and fans booing them. That Vol performance was just off the charts bad.


    • I think you’re right. Big difference between Athens 2016 and Knoxville 2018. Other than the 2nd half of the 4th quarter against Fech, the team was building and buying in even as Kirby was talking about culture change and roster challenges. Pruitt seems to be alienating his fan base, pi$$ing off local high school coaches, and running his current roster into the ground.

      I think the Cats will roll unless their fans have packed it in for hoops.


    • gastr1

      I think so too. I hope this team does go on to win 10 games for only the second? time in school history, because I think it;s good for the east and it’s good for our profile. Satisying as it was to see FU get face-planted by Missouri, it really does our profile no favors to see our own conquests go down in flames to weak teams.

      Kentucky has a very win-out-able schedule the rest of the way. Here’s to the ‘Cats.


  11. AusDawg85

    I’d like to see Kentucky vs LSU as the undercard for the SECCG. The rest of the league needs to go into hiding.


  12. LSU’s defense was absolutely worn out by the middle of the 3rd quarter. Bama exposed LSU’s offense. In particular, Bama consistently put LSU in 3rd and long. Burrow couldn’t manage the game at that point.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, they LSU defense was playing with piss and vinegar early on. The offense couldn’t carry their share of the load—not surprisingly—and they finally broke. Doesn’t mean they had much chance to win that game given the limitations of the QB. Holding Alabama to 29 is pretty commendable but had the offense gotten them better field position and more time to rest, the game would have been competitive.


  13. Go Dawgs!

    Boy, the Ole Miss marketing folks have some great timing, trotting out a mascot to salute the Land Shark defense about the same time they become the worst SEC defense in years.


  14. Got Cowdog

    Well, the Ole Miss defense was about as effective as a fish out of water, so there is that.

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  15. Jru

    Dumpster still burning at UT


  16. ASEF

    It’s kind of interesting to watch which conferences go into conference play off a strong OOC performance and then beat each other up, versus the ones that can’t beat anybody OOC but suddenly look strong by November.

    As much as we rag on the SEC below the top 4, all the other conferences are demonstrably worse this year. Outside of Georgia, Clemson, and Alabama, just about any match up would come down to, well, individual match ups.

    I suspect the SEC is going to look pretty good once all the bowl results are in.


    • Biggus Rickus

      I don’t think bowl results matter with all of the weirdness involved, but the SEC already looks pretty good compared to other conferences. If everything plays out as expected, the only major out of conference loss is going to be Clemson over South Carolina. Ole Miss can barely win a game in-conference, but they beat a Texas Tech team that’s going to end up in the top four or five of the Big 12, probably. And that’s the second best conference by S&P+ right now.


  17. UGA '97

    Landsharks? No scratch that, groundflounders.