Jim Chaney’s Job One

Is this good?  Asking for a friend.

Stupid goal line play call aside, focusing and excelling at the run game is what Georgia needed to do on offense to win.  Georgia did it.  So, yeah, that’s good.


UPDATE:  Two stats from Seth Emerson ($$):

  • “Georgia is one of only two SEC teams to rank in the top 20 nationally in both yards per rush and pass attempt.”
  • “Georgia has 48 plays that are 20 yards or longer: 28 passes, 20 rushes. Only 20 FBS schools have a closer split than Georgia’s 58 to 42 percent.”


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52 responses to “Jim Chaney’s Job One

  1. sniffer

    Isn’t this kinda like “tallest midget” debates? We clearly have better backs than any of the other schools and it’s to be expected that Swift & Co. would put up the better numbers. Give Chaney his due but he only did his job Saturday.

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  2. The other Doug

    That stat is why Smart hired Chaney and Pitman. Smart didn’t have any HC experience, but he sure knew how the SEC worked. RTDB.

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  3. ugafidelis

    But Kentucky ain’t played ‘bama yet. PAWWWLLL!!!


  4. ASEF

    LSU: 113 and 209 versus 281 and 295

    I stil don’t get it.


  5. Mayor

    I think Kirby and Chaney learned from the Georgia-LSU game. The off week was well spent. And for the record, Fromm scored on the QB sneak in the WLOCP the refs blew the call.


  6. truck

    Armchair critics never cease to amuse.


  7. AusDawg85

    Still think we should promote our TE coach to replace that idiot Chaney. Isaac Nauta approves this message.

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  8. JasonC

    So I didn’t read the comments about the last Cheney post, but here’s the thing- when have we not experienced a time when UGA fans were dissatisfied with their OC? Second question: Other than yourself, who would you rather have as the OC? Asking for a friend.


    • stoopnagle

      Kirby would (have) rather have (had) Dan Enos.


      • DoubleDawg1318

        Still hoping we fire Chaney and hire Enos away from Bama this winter. The dude has done great work with Tua, and that offense. We could easily replicate Bama next year with Fields and Co. with proper coaching.


        • Derek

          Look at what Gus did with Cam Newton. What coaching! That guy is like a magician!

          Look at what Ray Goff did with Herschel! He was unstoppable!

          Look at what Charlie Weis did with Tom Brady. That guy is amazing!

          Seriously? Tua is good because Enos? Sure.

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          • california_dawg

            An OC has nothing to do with an elite player playing up to his potential? Damn we could have saved a lot of money had we just kept Schottenheimer around then.


            • Derek

              It’s a black and white world dude. Either Enos would turn Fields into Tua or Schotty would turn Tua into Greyson. There is no middle ground here.

              I’m saying that coaches get WAY too much credit for how well a particularly talented kid plays football and WAY too much blame for how poorly a terrible player plays.

              Goff didn’t fuck up herschel. Good for him.
              Weis didn’t fuck up Brady. Good for him.

              Can we honestly say that any other swinging dick would have done better or worse? Didn’t both do just fine after their position coach moved on. Did anyone even fucking notice that their position coach wasn’t there anymore? Nope. The player just somehow kept playing at a high level.

              Great players make average coaches look great and bad players make great coaches look like idiots.

              Hire Butch Harmon as your swing coach and tell me when you break 65 from the tips. Hell why not? You could make millions! Because coaching!


          • DoubleDawg1318

            Derek, that’s a gross oversimplification of my point. Bama is doing otherworldly things on offense this year in ways they haven’t previously done under Saban, and Enos is a big part of that. Enos also did good work at Arkansas which is why Kirby wanted to hire him instead of Chaney.


            • Derek

              Oh I’m the gross oversimplifier! The missing element isn’t the kid who throws 60 yard dimes and 4 bad ass wideouts, it’s Enos!

              Please. As soon as Tua moves on, Enos will suddenly not be as good. Believe me.

              As soon as Enos has another qb throws 25 or more td passes before he throws a pick, let me know.

              I’m not saying the guy can’t coach but the idea that somehow, Enos is the reason the guy is lighting it up IS the oversimplification.


              • california_dawg

                He’s not THE reason. He’s A reason. Also Locksley is the OC, Enos is the QB coach, something we could use as Fromm continues to struggle with basic things like handoffs and PA.

                I’d wager if you hand over UGA’s current offense to Locksley/Enos, we wouldn’t have to settle for a field goal after 8 goddamn tries from the 1 yard line.


          • Bruce Lea Lauriault

            Dang man do you really think Goff coached Herschel ?


        • Silver Creek Dawg

          If you get your wish and Chaney gets let go, say adios to Pittman also.

          Still willing to make that move?


    • MooseDawg

      Based on years of fan commentary, here is what I believe are the MINIMUM qualifications for a UGA OC:

      RTDB while also taking advantage of our elite skill set players
      Rotate backs but only so far
      Get everyone involved (especially the TE) in the passing game in the 20 or so throws each game
      Never get stuffed on short yardage
      Run the Jet sweep but only when it works
      Run the WildDawg but only when it works
      Run the occasional trick play but only at the right time

      Score at least 30 on the good teams, 40 on the Cupcakes and the occasional 50 on one of our rivals.
      Get the backups into every blowout and have them able to continue to run up the score (without appearing to do so)
      Never call a bad game (although a bad series or two is OK)
      Start and end each half strong and maintain our momentum
      No Turnovers

      Recruit at an elite level
      Accept being yelled at over the headset by the HC on National TV
      Politely turn down other HC opportunities if it is the “wrong” time for UGA

      Did I miss any?

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    • Anonymous

      I am quite happy with Chaney as OC. I caught a huge amount of shit here for defending him and Pittman after the 2016 season. We do have to recognize that Chaney was, at best, Kirby’s 4th choice. His ideal OC is Mike Bobo. Since Bobo was HC at CSU when filling out his staff, Kirby’s first choice then was actually USC interim HC, Clay Helton. Helton told the USC admin if he didn’t get the fill-time job, he was headed to Georgia. The no-compete clause with Enos was quite public. That is still a lot better numbers-wise than Tennessee has done for the HC position the last four times they went looking.


  9. Russ

    It IS good, no doubt. But turning 14 points into 6 points is not a good thing. That needs to be fixed before Atlanta, if not sooner.


  10. Erk's Forehead

    I just hope Chaney was on the receiving end of the Dawg cussing that Kirby was giving the booth during the KY game. It would make me feel better.


  11. DawgPhan

    Chaney is doing a solid job. I dont think he is getting the absolute most out of this offense and that maybe by design to some extent.


  12. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I don’t see Chaney going anywhere unless he gets a better offer from someone. Why? Because no one person fits every situation perfectly. Bobo did a great job, but still there were references to his box of crayons. Then, when he left, we got Schittenheimer. Bobo said, “Miss me yet?” As long as the numbers this team is putting up continue, he is not going anywhere. Kirby is not stupid.


  13. NoAxeToGrind

    I never could fathom why some coaches never realized the importance of a dominant offensive line. Thank God Smart does. How satisfying. It seems common sense would indicate that.


    • 92 grad

      I don’t understand the breaking point, where a Mullen and Pruitt come to the realization that they’re no going to recruit 8 five star players every year and need to build a program that works around what they do they both, especially Pruitt, appear to be hedging their futures on copying Alabama and Georgia. It’s not going to happen for a long time.


  14. Hal Evans

    Enos also rode with his daddy chasing the Bandit in Smokey and the Bandit. How did that work out?


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