Such a deal; do it today!

Before you grab that SECCG application, just be aware that if you don’t have (1) a minimum of 30,000 priority points and a $100 Hartman Fund contribution for 2018; or (2) a Magill Society minimum contribution of $25,000, operators will not be standing by to take your call.



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26 responses to “Such a deal; do it today!

  1. Sean

    The Bowl Game request doesn’t require 30k in points, but if you don’t have them, you’ll probably be out in the cold.


    • illini84

      I know it’s tricky to travel to a game without tickets but I’ve been to ONE game where I couldn’t get better and cheaper tickets at the site. There were plenty of Rose Bowel tickets for face the day of the game. The National Championship between Virginia Tech and FSU was the one game I saw no tickets for sale outside the Dome.


      • Sean

        I couldn’t bring myself to travel to SoCal without tickets last year, so I bought my Rose Bowl tickets through a third party and paid close to face.

        Local games, no problem. I’ll always try my luck day of the event if I haven’t already found tickets.


        • illini84

          I paid more for the damn parade tix than the game!


        • Otto

          What kept me form going to the Rose wasn’t the price of tickets as they were surprisingly reasonable. It was the cost of airfare, hotel etc, and from talking with other fans I was not alone.

          Your best bet on most neutral site games is to buy on the second hand market as the stadium sells tickets to people who are season ticket holders for other teams who call the stadium home.


          • illini84

            It was nuts, I’m lucky to have family out there but the airfare was brutal.


            • Ozam

              The airfare was beyond brutal…. So much so that the Delta agent on the phone actual said to me “man…. Delta is really screwing you on the cost of these tickets!”


              • Athens Dog

                The only bowl game i ordered was the national championship. The rest will be easy. I walked into Rose Bowl with extra tickets that i couldn’t give away


              • Chi-town Dawg

                Maybe Delta would’ve offered a price break for sitting in poop….then again they’d probably charge the same price either way;-)


          • smgattorney

            I could not afford the trip but found a great way to save money on travel and had the GREATEST game day experience I ever had.


  2. Mayor

    Watching game at my house. Concessions: Free; Tickets: Free: Bathroom: Clean and no line; TV: Big Screen to rival what’s in any stadium. And no travel expenses.


  3. 79Dawg

    Surprised you didn’t highlight the multiple e-mails 2 or 3 weeks ago pimping donor’s ability to make a contribution to “enhance their post-season opportunities” through November 1…


  4. The Georgia Way

    Due to the overwhelming response received this week, we have raised the SECC ticket threshold to 40,000 points.

    Rest assured until game time, we reserve the right to adjust this threshold as only a limited number of tickets are available.



  5. Biggus Rickus

    I will never understand this complaint. They have an item in high demand and make money on it. If people are willing to make the donations required to get the tickets, then who cares?


    • jrod1229

      I’m with you here. Are they supposed to keep some for “diehard fans”? Students already have a block there. I get that the most wealthy generally aren’t the loudest but I expect this one to be solidly pro UGA if only because Bama has been there a bunch and feels more than confident about their chances.


    • Gaskilldawg

      The fact that higher Hartman Fund scores get tickets when lower ones do not isn’t the complaint. It is the deceitful emails from McGarity last November stating the SEC CG cut off was 30,000 points and asking folks to contribute to get over the 30,000 level, KNOWING THAT those folks just under 30,000 giving to get over than benchmark would never qualify for tickets. It was misleading at best and deceit at worst.

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    • Bulldog Joe

      Because 30,000 points is only an estimate. You can ‘contribute’ to that level and still not be eligible for tickets.

      Shell game.


  6. Argondawg

    I meet all the requirements but I am holding out til they offer 4 cokes, 4 hot dogs and an autographed picture of me with CPJ or am I on the wrong blog comment section?


  7. Athens Dog

    Must be big demand. I’m in top 10 and in Magill and could only order 2. After the fiasco at the Natty i decided i would never go back to MB. And then yesterday i got invited to sit in a Suite.

    I am sooooooo weak.


    • PTC DAWG

      The POTUS, don’t care who the POTUS is, needs to stay away from games like this…makes it a nightmare…oh yeah, plan to get in the venue EARLY…


  8. Chi-town Dawg



  9. CB

    You mean it only costs $30,000 plus another $100? Sign me up. This is why it’s so much more cost efficient to by them second hand. $300 a piece done deal.


  10. texdawg

    I’m f-ing dying on the last line. Bwawawhahahaa!


  11. Hahaha. I remember way back in ‘ought-2, the Sugar Bowl was commanding $65 and we were like “WOW!!! For a football game!?!”. – Grandpa Simpson, aka Me.


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