Damn, Mel, I thought you had more sense than that.

I get having the ambition of wanting to be a head coach… but MarylandMaryland?  Why in Gawd’s name would you want to tackle Maryland?



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20 responses to “Damn, Mel, I thought you had more sense than that.

  1. Spike

    Yea , that’s a real headscratcher.. but at least he would not be coaching against us if it happens..


  2. Salty Dawg

    Maryland has some bad juju goin on up in there.


  3. The logic is, if you actually want the Maryland job, you should be immediately disqualified due to evidence of bad judgement.


  4. Or, he could be testing the waters for a pay raise with a job it would be easy to back out of.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Virtually no one expects much success and the pay is outstanding. I’d take Maryland in a NY minute before I’d consider utk.

    But I’d much rather Mel stay in Athens. We’ve still got a lot to accomplish and we need him.


  6. I don’t see him taking that job given the problems there. I wouldn’t touch that job until there’s a president in place.


  7. kfoge

    He could be using it as leverage….other teams see that he is drawing interest but they are considering him, maybe they make a higher offer and quicker to nab Mel before Maryland does. Just saying


  8. ASEF

    Maryland’s dysfunction dates back at least a decade. Jordan’s death put a spotlight on all of it, but their booster culture is pure poison right now. That only gets fixed when programs reach a point of abject desperation, and that’s not Maryland right now.


  9. Go Dawgs!

    Be right back, I’m just plugging Mel’s address into Waze for the Brinks truck driver.


  10. SlobberKnocker

    I had the same reaction when I read that today. “Why in God’s name…….”


  11. Codie Alan

    Money talks


  12. Bill Glennon

    Big money with low expectations is a nice combo.


  13. gastr1

    Just yesterday I heard local talk radio going on about how badly the University of Kansas needs to hire someone with head coaching experience for its next coach. (They announced they’ll let go of the current guy at the end of the year). Of course they mentioned that hiring Kirby Smart, for example, was so easy fro Georgia because Mark Richt had left such a good situation there– no understanding at all of the idea that having seen how other successful HCs did it and what it takes might translate. No understanding of what Richt didn’t do– which was a little bit analogous to what the next HC at KU faces (they have no support staff, no analysts, etc).

    Bottom lines are that a power 5 job at almost anywhere is an opportunity for a long-time assistant, and even the most pathetic programs shockingly overestimate what they can attract to fix their mess. I hope we keep Mel but if he thinks he can succeed there, who’s to say he can’t? It’s not Kansas.


  14. dawgman3000

    I hope he doesn’t take that job as the administration and some boosters seem to be fairly toxic at the moment. Maryland football has the potential to be very successful with right leadership as they are near fertile recruiting grounds in the Virginia and D.C. area.


  15. Bill M

    I can live with it. Promote Schumann and give me a young, hungry DB coach. Wouldn’t skip a beat.


    • Anonymous

      Is Schumann ready though? He has yet to finish his third year of coaching. I’m not sure who else Kirby would pick. I know his ideal coordinator is Muschamp, but is doing OK over at South Carolina.


  16. Whiskeydawg

    Damn is right. Why would you go to Maryland? Mel is certainly talented and experienced enough to land a better gig.


  17. Dawgy1

    Possibilities….Fla. State……Louisville…….North Carolina….?Auburn?


  18. steve

    Personally, I can’t believe we have been able to keep him for two years.
    But to Maryland in the middle of an institutional identity crisis and working for a guy with red panties hanging from the rear view and a 5th of Johnnie Walker Red Label on the car seat???? Isn’t that like someone who needs a transplant and finally finds a compatible, willing donor and tells the transplant surgeon “can I get a few kidney stones thrown in?”


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