Ixnay on the ackblay.

Kirby ain’t havin’ none of that blackout talk.

In other words, that fake juice cocktail won’t be served Saturday.



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40 responses to “Ixnay on the ackblay.

    • Russ

      Agreed. Sure, black is one of our colors, but our uniforms are red home jerseys and white road jerseys. That’s the point of a uniform. Heck, there are a million ways to put a “G” on the side of the helmets. Why not mix those up, too?


  1. Salty Dawg

    I don’t know why Kirby doesn’t realize that the fans like how it looks, not that it is needed to juice the Dawgs up. If the players don’t need it for Aw-barn, then how about when we play ‘Bama? Couldn’t hurt to have some extra juice for that one!


    • Spike

      I’m with Salty.. no fake juice..those black jerseys just look good.


    • Biggen

      I hope we never see them again. Burn them in pit for all I care. We aren’t Oregon for god sakes.


      • 202dawg

        Black is one of our school colors. Some of y’all act like it’s hot pink. It shouldn’t be this big a deal.

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        • Macallanlover

          I agree. It is a significant UGA color, we aren’t TN bringing out gray unis from absolutely nowhere. Black is worn by every other UGA athletic teams. Where does anyone get “oregon” out of this discussion? I get not calling for a blackout, Kirby shouldn’t be telling fans for to where, just let the players wear them once to twice a year. If not, stop having every recruit that comes to campus have a picture made in a black jersey.

          Black jerseys aren’t fake juice if you don’t spend a week talking about it, just take the field wearing them occasionally. If it didn’t look so dang good people wouldn’t be clamoring for them. Seniors got to decide Kirby’s first year, will they again? I still think he will let them wear black this year, just seems that night games are the best time.


          • Greg

            Sorta like the idea of bringing’em out for the UMass’s or Louisiana Lafayette’s…..if you need juice, those are the ones you need it for.


        • David K

          Navy blue is one of the NY Yankees colors and you don’t see anyone trying to get them to wear blue uniforms.


      • You must be thinking of the Power Ranger uniform of 2011. The black Jersey is a great look with the red helmet and the silver britches.

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      • J-DawG

        There is no more classic and great looking uniforms than the red jerseys and silver pants!!!!!!! It’s who we are!


    • Derek

      Why don’t we tell Bama all their girlfriends are fat and ugly?

      They are.

      But the reality is that “fake juice” has two sides.

      We need Bama thinking they’re two td favorites and no one on the planet thinks we’ve got a chance. That’s the best we can do. Let’s stick to that.

      CKS should say: Bama is the best college football team ever. Just hope we can make it through 60 minutes.

      And then SHAKE UP THE WORLD!!


      • We need Bama thinking they’re two td favorites and no one on the planet thinks we’ve got a chance.

        I don’t think that’s gonna take much work.


      • Sam

        All this talk about the black jerseys but all I want to see is the red pants. I am 50 and remember them in Knoxville in 1980 and a few other games I think but can’t remember the years before if they wore them. Either way the Red Pants look great and are a tie back into our gloried history. Let’s pull them out against Alabama. Let’s crush their ass. Go Dawgs!


    • DawgByte

      I tend to agree Salty. A fan blackout and players wearing black jerseys really has nothing to do with juicing the team up. It’s for the fans and recruits.


  2. Got Cowdog

    Fuck auburn. We don’t need no stinkin’ jerseys. Lets play shirts and skins. We’ll spot them shirts. Just give us the ball and get out of the way,coach….


  3. Derek

    You should want to pummel auburn even if you’re wearing pink…. or even yellow.

    I don’t care for auburn.


  4. Austin

    BACK in BLACK should happen every year. It is great for recruiting, Kirby admitted it himself.


  5. The Truth

    Much of what I think has been said. Looks good, one of our main colors. I think this is just another example of Kirby being hard-headed, much like imposing your will on the goal line instead of scoring. He has an idea of who he wants us to be and doesn’t care about the results. We shouldn’t be a team that needs “fake juice” so he’s not serving fake juice.

    BUT, what if a blackout is just what the team needs to gain an extra edge and connect with the home crowd in a positive way, needed or not? If your team is prepared to perform at x level, why wouldn’t you allow something that might have them perform at x plus? No, by god, let’s just keep running it up the middle on 3rd and 1 on the goal line because that’s who we want to be.


  6. Mayor

    Thank you Kirby!


  7. Rob

    I think we are the only team in the country who’s fans think it’s fake juice to wear one of their teams colors. Clemson wears orange and purple. Florida wears orange and blue. On and on and on…. Our colors are Red and Black and we should wear both. Think we are above alternate jerseys is a pompous and hardheaded stance and thinking they are bad luck is just plain ridiculous. It’s good for fan experience, good for players, and good for recruiting. There is absolutely ZERO downside and I would love to hear someone make a real point against them.


    • Randall Adams

      It’s all about Branding. Stick with the traditional colors in traditional games. If you want to roll out something ‘fun’ – do it against Virginia in the opening game; where the game draws viewers you do not see during the regular season and also makes it fun for the players and recruits watching. But against the regular schedule and major bowl/playoff games – stick with your tradition. That’s part of selling who you are on a national stage.


  8. HiAltDawg

    Black jerseys probably do more for recruiting (as lots of recruis tweet out their picture in a black jersey during their official visit) than moving Ga/fl from Jacksonville.


  9. kfoge

    If Kirby wants to nip this in the bud, then set a designation for the black jerseys. Either wear them every year as the homecoming jersey, or every other year as the home jersey for Ga Tech. It takes the mystique out of the jersey, it gives the players and recruits something to look forward to and there is no fake juice attached to it.


    • Macallanlover

      This would be the best, but no the Tech game, imo. I would like it for any home night game, make it the standard. Nothing fake, or unnatural about it, and it doesn’t say anything about the opponent. Don’t get the fake part if it is one of your colors, and you do it tastefully.


  10. 79Dawg

    Am I the only person who prefers the white tops with red helmets and silver (ahem, maybe grey) pants???


  11. dawgfan

    Always wear red jerseys at home. I remember one of the bama coaches saying before the 2008 game that Georgia was dressing for their own funeral. Kirby was in on that whuppin. It motivates the other team too.


  12. Athens Dog

    As long as we never wear Power Rangers again, i have no opinion


    • Russ

      The Grambling uniforms we wore for that ass-whipping Florida put on us in ’08 at least will confuse people in the future from thinking it was Georgia that got beat like that.


  13. Anonymous

    We need to get rid of the “fake juice” stink that is present on the black jerseys. I think Kirby tried to do that with the “blackout” against ULA-La. The difference between fake juice and tradition is rules. If we wear black against Auburn when both teams are ranked in a night game, i.e. the original parameters of the first Blackout, then it becomes tradition.


  14. CB

    I’m all for tradition, but I like the black jerseys. Just spare me the speed skater uniforms for 2011 or the black pants/helmets from 2009. Not that Kirby gives af about what fans think, but the recruits might like the way it looks. And we know how Kirby feels about recruiting.


  15. CPark58

    I’m sure Kirby tells all the recruits when they pose with their position coaches in the black jerseys that they will only wear them in the snicklefritz games.


  16. steve

    I would rather see them all run out wearing black rec specs…..pink shoes…..and an infectious, grateful attitude. ….bada bing bada boom, Hot Rod


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