Moar pesky stats

Kirby is doing good work, considering the effort made to develop the young talent.  What’s the opposite of a throwaway season?

Too bad Georgia’s being measured against the Death Star in Tuscaloosa.



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26 responses to “Moar pesky stats

  1. MGW

    Get ready for some “alternate facts…”


  2. Aladawg

    Nothing different than the last administration. Gotta find the plans to the Death Star and using the “force” destroy it based on its weakness and there is one of those somewhere.


  3. Puffdawg

    Bluto, wasn’t there an article here or somewhere else earlier in the year that noted Bama’s RSR/SR/JR/SO classes wee all #1 in country? Death Star indeed. We are right there, though.


  4. Maybe if we run right at Alabama they’ll be so confused they won’t know what hit em.


  5. Skeptic Dawg

    I will admit, this group has surprised the hell out of me. Early in the season the d-line and LB’s looked to be undermanned and lacked an identity. What I have seen the past few weeks is pretty incredible. Heck, I was even hoping to see Fields take over at QB. It appears as if Kirby truly has slow-played his hand. Excellent job CKS, CMT, and CJC! Now let’s stomp a mud hole in Auburn’s backside! GATA.


    • PTC DAWG

      I knew you’d come around….agree, need to put one on AU….


    • Macallanlover

      “hoping to see Fields take over at QB”, many you were depressed and over wrought, man you off your meds. We haven’t looked like a smooth, well oiled machine this year but we haven’t been that bad. I honestly think a lot of it was using the first part of the season to give too many players a live action try-out. LSU was a disappointment for everyone but hardly typical of what we have. Not there yet on defense, and may not get that all fixed but the offense is pretty explosive, considering the injuries, pretty darn good.


  6. DawgFlan

    I would have loved another crack as LSU.

    I’m afraid Bama is going to do to UGA what Duke did to UK last night in basketball – make a top 4 team look like a cupcake – but I’m not going to fret or let if takeaway from will be a great season assuming we win all the other games remaining on our schedule. GATA Dawgs.


    • BCDawg97

      Maybe I’m drinking too much Koolaid after the Florida and UK games, but I think we have enough offense to have a puncher’s chance of hanging around with Bama. I certainly like our offense’s chances more than what LSU showed. I wouldn’t necessarily bet that we’d beat Bama, but I think we could be close in the 4th quarter where a few bounces our way make it close.

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      • Russ

        If we continue to see some improvements and get players healthy, then yes I too think we have a fair chance. I’d say we probably have as good as chance as any other team in the country. I do think Oklahoma could score 40+ on Bama. The problem is Tua alone would score 50 on Oklahoma. The entire team might break 100.


        • JPDawg

          Right. Against Oklahoma, Bama would score: their number of possessions x 7 (minus three missed extra points).

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        • Macallanlover

          No one will shut the Bama offense down entirely this year. Only UGA, OU, and Clemson has the combination of passing and running with talent and speed to score enough to test Alabama. All should be underdogs, but each can make it a game if the floodgates don’t open early. Forget the rest of the Top 10, imo. Just not not enough offensive firepower. Look forward to seeing the MSU defense against the Tide, but not sure their offense can give their defenders enough time to rest up for a 4 Qtr game, same as what happened to LSU last week.


      • Mayor

        I know it’s early. The regular season isn’t even over yet. But about Georgia’s chances to knock off Bama in the SECCG… any of you guys remember the 2007 NE Patriots? Won all 16 regular season games. Won their division. Won the first playoff game. Won the AFCCG. Got to the Super Bowl and were upset by the 6 loss NY Giants. There’s a reason why you actually have to play the game. This Georgia team is better than it was a month ago. I like the Dawgs’ chances in the SECCG, particularly if the media keeps blowing smoke about how invincible the Tide is.


        • Tony Barnfart

          This. They still have to go out, play and beat our 5 star talent, who for the first time in college football history will be playing with house money as a, hopefully, 11-1 division champ. Mind you the East will likely have the better head-to-head record in inter-divisional play. We have the muscle to at least punch them back in the mouth enough to see if they flinch.


  7. Down island way

    Excuse me fella’s, i can appreciate the talk and comparisons concerning the #1 ranked college team in our nation……our serious focus is the flat liners from the little village blah, blah, blah…….do not overlook these ass wipes for 1 single second. Decembers date is cool, this Saturday evening is war and brutha’, i don’t want any f_ _ _ _ _ g prisoners……………..GO DAWGS!


  8. ilini84

    UMass and Tech Tix just dropped for $55 and $75 each.


  9. William (the other one)

    Senator, I would also add UGA is being compared to last year’s team as well (fair or not). We expect to see opponent’s drives die rather abruptly. We expect to see large chunk plays down the field with ease. As much as we live in the shadow of the Death Star, last year’s team cast their own shadow. The bend-don’t-break defense is a little bit of a stark contrast from last year, and its hard to come to grips with the change for some.

    Also, Bama has a DL every bit as good as the kid who single handedly shut us down in the second half of the MNC game. May not be Payne, but he sure causes his share of it.


  10. PTC DAWG

    F the barn…


  11. Cojones

    Moar pesky facts: Jake and Tua are the SEC reps for the Davy O’Brian award.


  12. The Dawg abides

    Bye Fallica!


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