Okay, maybe it’s been a strange year.

Common theme here has been that Georgia is one of the most talented teams in the country, but it’s had difficulty playing consistently up to its potential.  Some, especially after the loss to LSU, have found that profoundly disappointing.

Take a look at Brian Fremeau’s advanced stats for an analytical take on Georgia’s 8-1 start.

Georgia claims two of the top four performances of the season — and was the victim in the third.

The reality is that the team has performed at an elite level most of the season.  That the perception is different is due to some extent because of the inconsistent showing in Baton Rouge, and to some extent because Alabama has been performing at an other-worldly level all season long.

For a team still getting its proverbial shit together, that ain’t half-bad.


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21 responses to “Okay, maybe it’s been a strange year.

  1. Biggus Rickus

    I think it’s because the team won so easily, so often last year. Or at least that’s how everyone seems to remember it. That and this year’s defense is a little worse than last year’s.


    • mp

      “how everyone seems to remember it” – I think there’s something to that. There is definitely some more confidence in hindsight. People act like ND was a blowout instead of a 1 point win. USC was 14-7 at halftime. Even last year’s Missouri game was hugely stressful watching them throw bombs in the 1st half. Alabama blows teams out in the 1st half…UGA has been blowing them out in the 2nd half.


    • Greg

      True….the scoring defense is exactly the same as last year to date. Scoring offense has improved…so has Fromm’s QBR. But it does certainly feel that way.


  2. stoopnagle

    It’s Bama. Everything we are doing in football is measured against Alabama.

    And last year.

    The only way we measure up is to win the SEC, the OB, and in SF.

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m not gonna blame the ‘talent’ for LSU. That was all on the coaching going brain dead – that’s the disturbing part.

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  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    This stuff is way over my head (yeah yeah, what isn’t), but does the rating of the South Carolina performance take into account the entire season even after the game?


    • DawgPhan

      I believe that all of the data updates each week for those. Meaning that all of the rankings and percentages change each week.


  5. Jack Burton

    The weak East has played a part. Of course, we play a part in the east being weak. Domination in recruiting and on the field.

    This year has been almost identical to last. Faceplant on the road just happened earlier in the season (and no narrow road victory over a big name non conference opponent).


    • Biggus Rickus

      The East is dramatically improved this year over last. If it were most other years, Georgia would be getting about an even shot at winning the national championship. That’s how well they’ve played overall. Alabama has just been so good that everyone assumes the SEC championship Game loss is a fait accompli.

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      • watcher16

        Agreed. The East vs. West matchups is like 5-5 this year. The final four games? Ole Miss vs. South Carolina, Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt, Missouri vs. Arkansas, and Georgia vs. Auburn. FPI favors the East team in three of four matchups.


  6. willypmd

    So you are saying this young team is talented but inconsistent?


  7. kfoge

    The LSU game just seems like a big outlier. So many miscues that Georgia normally doesn’t make. If Fromm hits Mecole on that first drive its probably a different outcome. The fake FG, going away from running….I don’t like to usually play the whole “we gave the game away” and so on, but Georgia gave LSU so many gifts and to their credit LSU took advantage. Also pundits who say things like LSU ran all over Georgia for 275 yards completely miss context. Again, Georgia was so off (missed open WRs, stopped running the ball) that the D was on the field so much more than usual, the QB had a 50+ yard run in the final minutes, any one who takes that game out of context will be sorry when they play Georgia. Go Dawgs!!


  8. DawgPhan

    Georgia is in a great spot because they know how much they need to improve and they have 3 games to do it.

    Couldnt ask for a better setup down the stretch.


  9. Whiskeydawg

    Getting our injured players healthy will help improve consistent play. Among some of the other reasons, mentioned above, that Baton Rouge didn’t go well was injuries. It would be great to have a healthy team for the SECCG.


  10. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “That the perception is different is due to some extent because of the inconsistent showing in Baton Rouge”

    Yeah, ND was close and heck, and that OU game was a barn burner, but we came up big and answered the bell when we had to. We didn’t have to beat LSU but we had to act like we belonged on the field. Still, it’s one game, and we did beat two ‘top 10’ teams back-to-back. We are actually about where a rational person might have expected with a lot of young talent in a rebuilding year. I am not an unhappy fan in spite of LSU.


  11. UGA '97

    Shouldnt us over Florida should be ahead of USCe and on this list as well? I mean we should won by 23 or more.