One other random Georgia-Auburn observation

If there’s one thing that surprised me about Georgia’s wins over Florida and Kentucky, it’s that neither team tried to exploit the Dawgs’ defense with pace the way LSU did so successfully.

I don’t expect Auburn to make that three in a row.  Hope Smart and Tucker are ready for that.


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9 responses to “One other random Georgia-Auburn observation

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    One would also assume/hope we practiced getting the defense lined up quickly.


  2. j4k372

    Agree. I was surprised they didn’t HUNH. On the other hand, we did mix up our pace against those teams with success.


  3. Greg

    They did, just not successful at it.


  4. AusDawg85

    This worries me the most, and for some reason, I’m convinced their first play will be the flea-flicker that was so wide open for the gators. But for these fears to come true, that would mean we start the game unprepared. I don’t see that happening…Kirby’s on the mother.


  5. Whiskeydawg

    I hope we strip and burn the Gus Bus and display the hubcaps on 316 like totems. I can’t decide who I dislike more, Auburn, Tennessee, or Florida. I guess it depends which one we’re playing.


  6. Inside Commonwealth Stadium (I refuse to call it Kroger Field), I saw 1 or 2 drives where we were playing with fire trying to run defensive subs in and out. Barely getting lined up in time.


  7. Mayor

    In order to play Hurry Up successfully you have to get first downs. How many FDs did FU get? UK? Just sayin.’


  8. Ozam

    LSU’s success in speeding up the pace was due in part to the score and the belief its defense was capable of stopping our offense. It was a higher risk proposition for UF and KY.

    All that being said…. We have zero chance against the Death Star unless we play to score 50….out D be damned!