Some random Georgia-Auburn stats

A few advanced stat snapshots about the next game…

First, note that Mel and Kirby coaxed four sacks out of the defense in the Kentucky game.  It seems the timing may be fortuitous.

Auburn’s offensive line hasn’t played well this season.  Aside from pass protection issues as noted by Chad, the Tigers are also twelfth in the SEC in yards per rushing attempt against conference opponents.

One area where Auburn has excelled — it was mentioned during the broadcast of the game with TAMU — is in red zone defense.

I’m guessing this would not be a good week to go power formation on their one-yard line, but, then again, I’d rather score than impose will.  Of course, the real solution to the Tigers’ red zone defensive prowess is simply to go around it.

Coincidentally, Georgia’s doing that 10+ yards and 20+ yards thing pretty damned well this season.

The Dawgs also have that bend, but don’t break thing down pretty well, too.

Making an Auburn offense with a creaky line work its way down the field for every point it gets seems like a wise strategy.


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18 responses to “Some random Georgia-Auburn stats

  1. Derek

    This would be a good week to take some early shots. Their front seven is much better than their backend and they should struggle to put a lot of points up. Last week was RTDB. This week should be about opening the playbook a little and getting sharper/more confident in the passing game. Especially the deep passing game where Fromm has struggled a bit. With 4, 5, 8, and 9 and a few more we really should be able to chuck it around better than we’ve shown the last few weeks. There’s been spurts here and there but far too many overthrows and underthrows.

    Like to see Justin get a chance to throw it around a bit too.

    You gotta throw to run against Alabama. No time like the present to get comfortable in that reality.


    • The other Doug

      I don’t think Georgia’s passing game is good enough to be a pass first team. They need to commit to running it between the tackles and force Auburn to play the run.

      I agree that we need Fromm to have some success on the deep(er) throws when we play Bama, but I’m not sure that his problem is simply not enough tries. There is something wrong with his deep throws.

      The key to beating Bama is to force them to play run first and then take some shots in the air. If we come out throwing they will rush 3 and drop 8 into coverage. Fromm won’t find enough success, so drives stall when we get behind the chains.


      • Macallanlover

        Not good enough to be a pass first team? Let’s see, the QB throws for a 70% completions rate, the receivers are probably the best group we have ever had on campus, the OL has been excellent against the pass rush, there are 2-3 backs with great speed capable of catching the ball out of the backfield, and the QB knows the offense backwards and forwards, and known for his pre-snap reads. Yep, no wonder Chaney won’t cut dem boys’ ass loose!

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      • Greg

        Not if that is all you can do. We have a helluva QB & recievers, but you got to be able to run the ball for them both to work…as with any team.


      • Derek

        Literally no one has been able to be run first and succeed against Bama.

        Can’t be done. Have to throw to run.


        • The other Doug

          I get what you are saying, but I think a team has to commit to running between the tackles so Bama respects it.


  2. Will Trane

    Never heard of Chad Peltier until today.
    So, anything he says has no meaning for us.
    Just words.
    Speed kills. “great speed” re backs out of backfield to catch the ball. Passing game. Oline great re pass rush.
    So what set does Chaney use for that?
    The speed we like and thought we would see against an aggressive UK defense was the Oline running lanes created for the speed out of the backfield. Is speed just something noticed once they clear the line of scrimmage or taking the hand off on a read by QB. Some of like those first speed steps to the gaps and clearing the line. Why Gilliard is important at center. High snaps break down that speed and timing.
    Biggest fear d’s have about Dawgs is those two RB’s coming thru a gap at max RPMs…because reaching out with an arm to bring those two down will not cut it.


  3. stoopnagle

    Stat of the day: one team in this rivalry hasn’t won on the road in the series in 13 years.


  4. Part of me thinks we play should just play Bama no different than we play anyone else. Yes, I know it appears they may be the GOAT, but everybody else seems to scheme their way into a corner, assuming that they can’t do X or Y without ever really putting pressure on a particular unit or player for Alabama to execute when they’re getting punched in the mouth for once.

    Remember the leadup to 2004 LSU…….their all-world DBs were the toast of defensive backfields (webster, daniels–coached by Kirby oddly enough), they called our receivers soft and we went right after their asses and David Greene, Fred Gibson & Co. kicked their ass.


  5. Dawgy1

    Gus just said that Auburn was gonna beat the dogshit out of Georgia!