Need something to do tomorrow?

If you’re free, I’ve got just the thing.



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10 responses to “Need something to do tomorrow?

  1. Ray Goff

    Can’t even spell September correctly on the 14th. You can tell Kirby ain’t running the Art Department.


  2. Richard Iwezulu

    I find it completely asinine that UGA does not claim it’s championships in 1927, 1946 and 1968


  3. Mayor

    I hope they add 1959 to that exhibit.


  4. Russ

    So they’re just writing off the 50’s? He coached until 60, I believe.


    • tmflibrarian

      It has more to do with limited exhibition space. UGAA only recently (last year or two) transferred their archives to Russell, and weren’t part of the original building design. This exhibition is in the rotunda, which is more limited than the Brown Media Archives/Peabody section, Hargrett Rare Books & Manuscripts section, and the Russell Political Research section.

      The rest of the building is classrooms, the reading room, offices and rooms for processing materials for the staff, and the massive storage facility downstairs (they do occasional tours of those, too, for anyone interested).

      That said, they are doing a great job of organizing what has never been formally cared for by professional archivists; they are also doing outreach with temporary travelling exhibits to area libraries.


      • Ricky McDurden

        I’d heard rumor at one point that the UGAA was looking to involve a museum space in it’s next expansion or to at least build a whole seprate museum somewhere around BM. Not sure how valid or if still under consideration but man would they have plenty to display.


    • He coached, if you mean Butts, a lot longer than he should. He ran off a great many Georgia recruits, didn’t recruit the state very well, seemed to prefer the Pennsylvania region more. His staff, with Trippi as an exception, was a group of ass holes…Quintin Lumpkin had us, the freshmen in those days were separate, and he was a great coach, along with Sam Mrvos. But, Butts? No, he was expendable..took Georgia too long to realize it.


      • Russ

        Not arguing anything, especially since you were personally there. The recent Tarkenton SEC Greats episode essentially said the same thing.

        I contacted the library and they told me the 1950 date was intentional since they wanted to focus on him building the program and guiding it through WW2. They consider the 50’s a different era, rightfully so.